How To Get Your Blog On Google First Page

Last Update: February 18, 2019

I had to share this. Thought I would do a little checking on how some of my Wealthy Affiliate blogs are ranking.

One thing we learn here and from other sources around the interweb is that having good quality content that helps people and a trusted website that has been around for years will get your blog on Google first page.

So I pulled up one of my old blogs to see where it is at.

Wow! Number one on Bing and Yahoo. Ok, not Google, I know.

I was completely surprised though, that it actually ranked because it wasn't even a very good blog.

The other part that I was most excited about was the fact that this blog post is ranking higher than Neil Patel for that long tail keyword, Neil is everywhere, all the time!

How can we out rank him?

So I decided to take a little break and have a little fun searching how some of my other Wealthy Affiliate blog posts are ranking.

So here is one I wrote about 9 days ago. Already ranked #3 on Yahoo! Again, not Google, I know, patience, it is coming.

I've shown you a couple of blog posts that ranked on the first page for Bing and Yahoo but what about ranking on first page of Google.

How bout we look at this one.

Yes, success!

A blog that was written 14 days ago is rank #4 on Google. Of course, it is a blog post about Google so they naturally will bring near the top lol. Looks like Bing and Yahoo don't want any part of anything stating Google.

Now it's time that I do a little marketing trick just like I saw on a Wix commercial that keeps showing on YouTube.

There is this actor showing how easy it is to build his website on Wix. He goes through a few clicks, here there and with professional pictures of himself and in under 30-seconds he has website published with pages and pages of content.

Ok, I know it is possible if he already had all of his portfolio pictures already uploaded to the library and all of his written content ready to be uploaded it can be pretty quick with Wix or any other website builder.

That part I am OK with as they do have to keep the commercial short and still get the message across that it's easy.

The part that caught my attention is when he stated that by using WIx his site is already ranking on the first page.

While he explained his website first page ranking thing, he showed an example where he entered his website's name into Google search and it was right there on the first page.

Hmmm, I thought.

What a great marketing line! I almost got caught up in the hipe when he mentioned that his site is on the first page of Google.

Of course his website will be on the first page if he is searching the domain name of his website.

Look at Wealthy Affiliate, #1 across the board.

On top of that, his website name was actually his own name being that he is actor and needs to be recognized.

What will happen when I search my username, Googlmans?

Yup, there it is, #4 on the first page of Google. Along with some other areas that I use that same username.

I published that blog only 5 days ago!


So those are just a few examples how blog posts that your write here at Wealthy Affiliate get ranked really quickly because of the huge amount of helpful quality information and the fact it's been around for some 12-13+ years.

Have you checked the ranking on any of your blog posts here at Wealthy Affiliate?

Let me know where you rank by placing it in the comment section below, I would love to hear about it?

If you have any questions or comments I would love to hear them, I always reply.

And if you haven't already...hit that green like button below!



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Congratulations on your achievements!

Keep it up!

To your tremendous success!

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Thanks Bob :)
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Thank you for sharing. It has engaged me.
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You're welcome :)
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Great Post, very informative thanks. Great to know about the ranking power of WA!!
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Powerful stuff!