I need to transer a html website on yahoo to wa hosting?

I need to transer a html website on yahoo to wa hosting?

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Where are step by step instructions on how to transfer an HTML website hosted on yahoo to WA hosting?

I think this training will help you

Transfer a site hosted on yahoo?

Transfer a site hosted on yahoo?

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I need to transfer a site hosted at yahoo to WA hosting. It is NOT a WordPress platform site. It was built with straight HTML. ?

Where can I find step by step instruc

Thanks Loes.

This is exactly what I was looking for.

I don't know if this is the correct answer for you, but it could work this way.

Membership sites? are they allowed at wa?

Membership sites? are they allowed at wa?

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Does WA allow any type of membership plugin? If so, are they any that are recommend by WA hosting?

Not sure I understand your question as far as a membership plugin

Anyone having trouble viewing their websites via wifi?

Anyone having trouble viewing their websites via wifi?

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Tried to view my sites at local coffe shop...but keep getting site having problems with server?

I work predominantly on wifi and I haven't had any problems. Did you try rebooting your wifi? Sometimes, that solves the problem Good Luck!

I'm on WiFi all the time ... never a problem. I would do as John suggests below ... put in a ticket to the Support Team. Good luck!
Cheers, Joe

Yeah, put in a ticket. J

Thanks TJ. I have several sites hosted on WA..but when I try to view them at our local coffee shop via wifi I get a server problem. However I have other sites that are NOT hosted with WA and no problem.

Wealthyaffiliate.com site has the same issue....Server not responding?

Just a suggestion as I was reading earlier are you logged to WA at time of viewing your website if so try logging out then try to view it :)

Then put in a ticket! J

Thanks TJ will do exactly that. Hopefully tech will find the answer?

Thanks Loretta. I should have done that. Tomorrow I'll be there again. This time I won't forget!

Your welcome :) It should work all the best have a blessed day!

never, and it shouldn't be any different from a wired connection.
did you try to reset the modem?

Don't think it's the modem. I can view everything online. But nothing on WA servers. Could be a local problem but how would someone go about figuring this out?

Ah, I had that a couple of weeks ago. apparently the WA server was overloaded. after about an hour all was back to normal.
I hope this is the case for you as well.

Sounds like the local server like TJ mentioned as well.

It is a local problem most likely. I have had no such problems ever. John

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How to upload squeeze page to wordpress

How to upload squeeze page to wordpress

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Is there a way to upload a premade squeeze page template to our WA blog.

Hi - there are also plugins to create these - for example: http://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-lead-plus-free-squeeze-pages-creator/

I haven't used that, but it was the first that came up in a search for WP Squeeze Page

I hope this helps?

All the best, Mark

Yeah, it has good references and rates.

I think I got it Paul. In other words use siterubix as the squeeze page site...then connect it to my wordpress site.

If so... that is a good idea but I would rather have my own domain name and host it here. What I want is the full process to stay on one site. Could I not just create a page and use it as a squeeze page or possibly the entire site?

Yes, it's much better to have your own domain. Once you go to "build my website", you have 2 options in step 1.

1. create your siterubix or 2. your own domain name.

Then I would just create a page for your squeeze page.
In the link below, here is what I'm doing for now. Going to be changing it but does the job for now.
Just put your name with 'test' or something for your last name and you'll see after entering your information it takes you to WA.

Thanks PaulB46 but I am not following you on point 1. Why would I use siterubix? Might you have an example?

If one doesn't want to pay for a custom domain, WA allows you to create your own website through siterubix. Of course it's always better to have your own custom domain name though but WA does give the option. If you go to "build a website" it gives you 2 options and it will install WordPress Express on your website. You can then place your squeeze page on the website and your landing page would be WA.

Did that help? Hope I answered it correctly.

goodsuccess, thank you for such a thorough explanation.

Question from a newbie here.... what in the heck is a "squeeze page"???

A squeeze page is a webpage (could be a post) where you have a free offer - usually an ebook in exchange for this persons email.

Most foks use it to buld a list of subscribers. Why should we build a list? Because the person who has given their email in exchange for YOUR free gift is now a warm lead.

You now have the opportunity to promote WA to this person without fear of being labeled a spammer or unethical advertiser.

Sometimes these squeeze pages are saturarted with upsells, popups and downsells before you can get the freebie. I personally do not like that tactic.

Internet marketers call this email marketing.

Why would you do that? Why not upload one to your website instead. Not sure you can market like that inside WA.

This is why I need one... The squeeze page will help me get more subscribers to my list. Once I have a sizeable list. I can now promote WA to them.

I do not like one time offers, upsells or downsells. And that is what many marketing guru's do. That is not my intent.

Not sure what you meant by "Upload one to your website instead?"

@goodsuccess 1. You can either put your squeeze page on your website (you can get your siterubix website here at WA or use your own) and once they enter there name and email just have your "landing" page be here at WA with your affiliate ID.

2. Another option would to be to create a campaign in the "my stats" on left sidebar and use the campaign "URL Link" to use in your email marketing or social marketing.
Hope this helps and I understood what you're asking. :)

Great question….I also have that one! Let's see the advice…..

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