Your website can't compete with the big boys?

Last Update: June 05, 2014

Optimizing your site or blog is not really that hard. Here a few tips that will help you rank above some of the big brand name sites out there today. How do I know? I've done it myself on my garden niche site!

1. You should always put your main keywords at the beginning of your post title. Example:

"Grow big tomatoes: 5 great tips to growing large tomatoes"

2. When writing a post use outbound links that are in your niche. Never outbound a link that is not related to your niche.

3. Your keyword or phrase should appear in the first paragraph of your post. Perferably the first sentence.

4. Loading time: Your site should load up withing the first 4 seconds...otherwise your potential visitor will look elsewhere. Hosting with WA is a good choice. But, you could use plugins to help make your site load faster. Here is one plugin I use.

Bulk - Google it. It will reduce file size images...thus help with faster site speed. For those who have lots of images.

5. The longer your post content the more likely your site will rank better. Best to go for about 800-1000 words for a niche site. 1200 or more for competitive keywords.

6. Avoid bounce rate. Try and add internal links at the beginning of your post that way if someone clicks on that link you still have them on your site...thus reducing bounce rate.

7. Writing a post in your niche with over 800 words will normally force you to use words that have the same meaning. This is called LSI or latent semantic indexing - It's just fancy wording for "using other keywords that have the same meaning".

There are other factors involved in optimizing your site...but this should give any new or established members some good info.

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Awesome post, Thank you for posting
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Great! Thanks for sharing!
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Good advice! I've never heard of the plugin, but it sounds like a good idea. Thanks for sharing and best wishes :)
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It sure does thank you and I will make use of this advice all the best