Why your site or blog will not become successful

Last Update: January 25, 2015

There are two basic reasons that explain why your blog or site will not become successful.

It’s actually simple.

Are you willing to do what it takes? Do you always find excuses when it comes to writing, posting or finding that technical bug that comes along?

If not you are in big trouble. There are 2 words that come to mind when I see others in the same old rut.

Commitment and Dedication. Yes, those two words are all you need. Are you committed to do the training

here in WA. Are you dedicated to follow through?

The training and courses are not that hard. Like any school or learning institution the actual process of "doing it" is the real challenge.

In order to avoid failure so we can become successful you will have to dedicate and commitment yourself every day or pretty dog-gone close to it.

There are plenty of people on WA who can help you through those ruff spots. Find them ask for advice and follow through.

Not only here on WA but the Internet has tons of pages filled with tutorials on every subject imaginable...find, and research what it is that will help your online success.

Everyone has excuses that interfere with learning and blogging. Here are a few.

  1. Too much housework
  2. Too much homework
  3. Does anyone care
  4. I'll do it tomorrow
  5. I have nothing say
  6. What if no one likes my writing
  7. I hate to do research
  8. My favorite show is on
  9. Writers block
  10. And many more

The real secret to online success is creating content almost on a daily basis.

Successful niche blogging is not that hard – don’t over complicate it.

Generate content and do it as often as possible.

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stn67 Premium
Just do it
Shawn Martin Premium
Action action action!!!
goodsuccess Premium
Exactly. For instance I wrote a post on "Learn how to start a blog with siterubix free". Depending where you are located...it comes up on the first page of google. How did I achieve this? I took action and committed myself to do just that!
Shawn Martin Premium
msmyell2 Premium
Thank you for the encouragement.
rpcissan Premium
Commitment and Dedication? sounds good to me. Thank you goodsuccess for the tips, What about creating a content at least once a week, do you think will help to success as well?
goodsuccess Premium
Creating content as often as possible is the key. Daily is best 2-3 times per week is good. Once a week also works.
NormandyMktg Premium
very true, but perhaps easier said than done ... content writing draws on personal experience and passion ... those need to be constantly renewed to create content, not easy, depending on your niche
goodsuccess Premium
You are right. Some niches are easier than others. But true commitment and dedication will always help.