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When I first started bloggingI had no idea what these terms meant, I had to literally "search" each term and research what is one does and how they could help my blogging endeavor. As a non geeky technical person I had a hard time understanding (and sometimes still do) what each one does and how they interact with each other I tried to write these helpful terms from a layman’s perspective. CMS - Content Management System. Is used to manage sites without knowing HTML and other geeky programmi
What is the shiny object syndrome. A shiny object is something that glitters like gold or diamonds when the sun shines on them. You might exclaim? Oh my I’ve found gold, a diamond, or something that might be worth millions. But when you pick it up it’s only fools gold or a cubic zicorina. Here are some tips on avoiding these shiny objects. 1.Does it sound like hype? An ebook or sales page about getting 10 thousands visitors for $8.99 is pure hype. 2.What is your GUT feeling? If it is telli
Screen and video capture are great tools for those who do any type of online marketing. Whether it's for promotiong WA or your own products it helps us with our marketing. Many screen and video capture programs are expensive, so I've made a small list of FREE ones to use. is a great tool that makes it easy for a blogger or anyone for that matter to capture your screen images. Google Chrome has an "awesomescreenshot" capture image addon – You can get it at awesomescreenshot