Beware the one time offer (OTO)

Last Update: January 29, 2014

Beware of the One Time Offer

Normally the offer is a free product. You enter your name and email address to get the freebie.

The one time offer is also called an upsell.

Typically you will get a message saying “Your report or product is in your email box” but before you go click here to find out how you can generate tons of traffic, visitors, cash etc…

Of course they want you to purchase the product before proceeding.

Many times you will get an additional pop-up if you decide to close it. The message via video or visual telling you to stay on this page or leave this page. You can click on the leave page button but you won’t be able to leave.

Why? because you will get another popup describing another offer.

As a test I once clicked on the leave button 7 times before I was able to exit out!

Normally the free products are worthless E-books or some type of program designed to give you an easy way to mass produce articles, auto submission software or the classic "Discover how I made $39,292.52 in two weeks time"!

Sometimes it's just a signup form to join another Guru's subscribers list....via another free offer.

Occasionally you will find decent information or an ebook that really does help with what it says it will do.

Studying the psychological triggers that make people want to buy is a viable solution to online marketing.

According to many marketers the “Would you like fries with that” tactic is what makes the economy and online/offline businesses grow and prosper.

I think it is a cheap tactic.

After all - if I went to Mcdonalds and ordered a Big Mac. I would not mind a one time "would you like fries with that sir" by the cashier.

However, anything over twice is overkill! I would think that someone must have slipped something into the cashiers coffee!

Would you like fries with that!

Would you like fries with that!

Would you like fries with that!

Would you like fries with that!

Pretty annoying...don't you think?

What is amazing is that this type of marketing is being taught by thousands of so called "Legitimate marketing Guru's".

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LilButterfly Premium
Great post! I hate those pop ups...I always close the browser page when they pop up! Would love to be able to blast them with a virtual paint gun!
Mark Tait Premium
Ha ha - 7 times? I would have got bored - but well done Paul for "taking one for the team" just to find out :)

But good warning - they make it progressively more attractive to just sign-up or pay the $99, no wait $49, no wait $19, no wait - today only $7!!!

Who could resist getting something that should cost (ahem) $99, and you can get it here and now for only $7???? You can see why the scammers preach this. $7 is better than nothing - and a lot of people will get taken in by the ever decreasing price - which just makes the "shiny object" so more attractive.

All the best, Mark
goodsuccess Premium
You are right Mark. There is also the $7.00 offer...that comes with the downsell guessed it "the $99 product".
JamelM Premium
Lol I just got an email like this earlier today.
Isimaus Premium
Great post ! I fell for those OTO more than once, and i was always annoyed, that obviously someone´s thinking i´m THAT stupid ! Now i´m wiser and not a complete newbie anymore, but you´re absolutely right, it´s amazing. No one wants to get those stuff, but so many "gurus" teach it. It´s a very bright red flag, when s.o. tries to upsell
several times, or even worse, lowers the price several times!...:-)...thanks for that post !
goodsuccess Premium
I too fell for them...numerous times. I finally wised up and decided to post my findings here.
bothewebguy Premium
There is a lot of scams out there. Keep watching and don't be fooled for these schemes and rackets