7 SEO tips that have nothing to do with SEO!

Last Update: September 22, 2014

First what is SEO - It an acronym for search engine optimization. Marketing folks have been trying their best to trick, over-optimize and beat the search engines at their own game.

Many people still use black-hat techniques to get their website rank well. In my opinion it's a dead end. However, I am no fool ...black-hat SEO does work but it is always temporary. Their are hundreds of forums and sites that do well teaching these techniques. Been there done that!

It's kind of a cat and mouse game. Google's changes their algorithm and the black-hatters find loopholes, it's an on going game!

The real purpose of this post is to let you (all WA members) that white hat SEO works and should be done in accordance to Google's ever changing algorithm.

I have 7 tips that really don't have much to do with SEO.

  1. Don't do SEO. Yes...SEO is overly-hyped. It does not mean not to do any SEO. If you are just starting I would not worry about this...just give your potential readers and visitors the best content you can muster up. Eventually follow-up with SEO. Yes, it takes time.
  2. Write for people NOT the search engines. Be yourself and if possible use your own images. But don't over do it!
  3. Be clear about what your visitors want and need to know. Don't be wishy wasy give them what they are looking for. If you know how to fix bicycle brakes...give it to them in your own words.
  4. There is the likelyhood that Bicycle Joe may have written a similar post or article. That is ok...read his and make yours better, and or more detailed.
  5. Make sure your site loads quick, easy to read and not too many graphics. If you have a Google Webmaster account use it to further develop your site.
  6. Remember nothing online is written in stone...Things change constantly. Take Google's authorship search page - Here today gone tomorrow. Research and keep abreast of the latest white hat techniques.
  7. Finally Social Media. This too has been over-hyped and marketed. I would only worry about Facebook, Google+ and linkedin. Maybe pinterest...just my opinion.

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donco6 Premium
I agree - personally, I've had the best luck with my Facebook account.
Shawn Martin Premium
All good points! I use Tumblr and reddit also.
malric Premium
thank you very much
JSakanee Premium
Thanks for the tips! :)
CarlaIves Premium
Sounds like good advice. Being new to SEO, I don't know what "black-hat SEO" is. Thanks for sharing!
goodsuccess Premium
Thanks Carlalves. Black hat SEO is a way to deceive the search engines through by making their sites increase page rank. Here is a small list.
Link Schemes
Automated Content
Doorway Pages
Sneaky Re-Directs
Scraped Content
Hidden links
And a slew of others.
CarlaIves Premium
Aha! Thanks for letting me know that. Sounds quite "black hat" or underhanded. The search engines can spot these tactics, right?
goodsuccess Premium
Yes they can. They update their algorithm to fight off these tactics. The black-hatters start to develop new tools and programs to counter these updates. I don't think it will ever end?
CarlaIves Premium
Probably not. As new detection methods are developed, the SEO scammers will be perfecting new techniques, as well. Thanks for the explanation!