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Love the grandchildren and our dog Jake a boxer. We have three grown children..girl and two boys and three grandchildren. My spouse Bob and myself work as a team and are building a second career as affiliate marketers. I'm a licensed professional medical masage therapist and a Licensed physical therapist assistant and own a medical massage therapy business. I have traveled througout the world from the far east to the US and everything in between. The travels were due to my husbands work .. "engineering." The picture was taken in a cafe during our trip to the Netherlands. We wish all newcomers good luck.
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peggyh Premium
Hi and thank you for visiting my space. You joined just a few days before me. How is the 8-week plan going for you? Are you finding your way around and here? There's lots to see and learn here, I think. But it's exciting. Good luck on your journey.
peggyh Premium
Yes! I think I will check out the book The Law of Attraction. Sounds good!
Designation-01 Premium
i do apologize if my Avatar distusts you, my intention was not to offend. im a Christian Bale fan but i guess you are not.

i will change this Avater right away.

virgilio Premium
Hello! Goodfortune,
Nice to hear hopeful wishes from you. I wish I could be as forunate as you are.
I hope we could have some fun and success here in WAU.
Best regards,
pjorrie1 Premium
i saw you mentioned that you wrote a piece for beginners on WA but was unable to find it could you tell me how I would be able to read it?
good fortune Premium
Hello and Welcome Pieter. I have not written a piece for beginner, but what I did mention that you can go to
Travis's bummarketing. Go to this website and you'll find Travis's video explaining in detail how to set up
a free ad. Make sure you do the 8 Week Action Plan step by step since this is the method Carson and Kyle have used. Hope this helps. If I can be of help or you have questions let me know. Good luck with your IM business. Maike
good fortune Premium
Pieter, I forgot to give you the website. Here it is.... http://www.bummarketingmethod.com/usfreeads/usfreeads.html
Just paste into your browser. Have fun! Maike
wealthmastered Premium
Wow, what a great life. My daughter is a massage therapist, does this part time because her wrists can't hold you to the full time pressure. good luck to you in the present moment for that will determine your future. dale/wealthmastered
good fortune Premium
Welcome to WA. I happen to be a fan of Deepak Chopra and he has many quotes. I like this one in particular:
"Human beings are made of body, mind and spirit. Of these, spirit is primary,
for it connects us to the source of everything, the eternal field of consciousness.
This is so..true in every aspect. Anyway I can get carried away with this but we are definitely connected with the universe. I wish you success with your IM business. Oh, one more thing; I'm so sorry to hear about your cat passing away. I lost also a cat to liver disease a couple of years ago.