Work Like A Horse In Your Niche

Last Update: January 30, 2019

I write as I experience things. And today, let me share to you one of my experiences working with the WA platform, titled "Work Like A Horse In Your Niche".

What do I mean by this?

Working like a horse means two things:

First, working hard like a horse. A horse is one of the hard-working animals, right? One of the secrets to success is "working hard". I have never seen a successful lazy person in all of my life.

Another meaning to working like a horse is...

"Focus ahead. Don't get distracted."

Go Get Some Blinders

Have you ever seen a horse pulling a carriage? Did you notice the flaps that almost cover the horse' eyes?

They are called blinders.

This does not mean you will put literal blinders on your eyes.

What I mean is, when you've found your niche, focus on working in that niche. Build a website in that niche and don't get distracted.

Beware, some distractions are from outside, while others are from within.

Let me share to you my story...

My Story

There are two groups of people here...

First, the complete beginners who do not know anything about online business.

Second, the experienced online entrepreneurs who got some setbacks and landed here looking for new ways to build their businesses.

I belong to the second group.

Prior to joining WA, I already have a niche. I just didn't know then that it is called a "niche". All I know then was, my experience in network marketing has put me in a position where I can now help struggling marketers get results online.

So, originally, my coming to here is, I'll get some website hosting to host my website that's being used for attraction marketing online.

My Niche

My niche is, "offering pain-relievers to a market in pain". My market is, struggling marketers. Fellow network marketers who are hungry to learn online marketing and are looking for a system to use.

Then I started building my website.

In my website, I review online network marketing companies, and at the end of the posts, I offer them a solution for struggling marketers---training and a marketing system.

I signed up as an affiliate for a company that offers this solution.

So, my chosen niche is very specific: Struggling network marketers looking for a training on how to generate more leads and cash for their existing businesses.

(A niche is a group of people online looking for specific stuff, right?)

Here Comes The Detractors

I was busy building on my niche when suddenly, I noticed there's a problem.

While using Site Comments, I discovered myself required to always edit comments given by fellow WA members...

...for the comments are either negative and will affect the purpose of the blog post, or simply shows the commenters do not understand the purpose of the post.

"Oh, sounds MLM. My view of MLM is, all MLM are scams."

"This sounds great, but how do you explain this to newbies?"

Comments that are naive to what really the website is made for. Could they see the website is made for helping "existing marketers, struggling marketers, and not for newbies or beginners"?

My Mistake

Poor me, I was carried away by the comments.

I edited the posts, included information that I think will help the newbies, until I did not notice there's now a disconnect between my content and site's purpose.

Then, up and away, I got carried and later found myself abandoning the niche and trying to work on a new niche teaching newbies how to make money online.

There's nothing with that, right?


There is.

My experience with online marketing tells me that...

It is easier to sell to opportunity buyers than to opportunity seekers.

What do I mean by this?

Opportunity Buyers vs. Opportunity Seekers

There's a long ebook on this, but let me summarize for you.

When you're working in the MMO or Make Money Online niche, you deal a lot with people who are looking for an opportunity to earn money online.

Two groups on this:

Those who are already spending money, and those who are sometimes broke but willing to join every opportunity they see to improve their lives.

If you want quicker results, which one will you cater?

Here's mine:

I'd rather sell to people who are proven to have credit cards or any means to pay online, than to people who are just fond of joining "free programs".

Truth is, Wealthy Affiliate attracts a lot of these opportunity seekers...

This might be the reason why they shut off their "free membership" to third world countries.

They don't want the influx of sign-ups who just join but never pay.

I Was Promoting To Opportunity Buyers

With the comments that I received via Site Comments, obviously, they were not aware of it.

"My question for you Gomer is, how do you plan to explain this with beginners?"

My content is not for beginners!

They are not for opportunity seekers. They are for "opportunity buyers".

Take note...


The Lesson I Learned

Yes, I am a part of the WA Affiliate Bootcamp, and I also want to promote WA to people out there. Amazing platform, right?

In fact, in my site for "struggling network marketers", I promote WA as a recommended website hosting platform.

And Jaaxy?

I recommend it for researching keywords.

So, I am not a traitor of this platform. I am one of you, guys.

My request is, can we respect each other's niche here and not bash others' just to elevate yours?

Back On Track

I'm back to my first and original niche. The reason is, it's the one that I find myself really good at. So, I demand respect.

Work on my niche with my site, and tell people how amazing WA is in terms of hosting, training how to get to the top of Google.

Then, get people to join WA either through the "recommended host" link, or through WA blogging as taught by Jay in the webinars.

I should have done this earlier.

Work like a horse (with blinders).

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SondraM Premium
I missed this post when it first came out.

The work horse analogy is GREAT. At times, I need to do a better job of keeping my blinders on.

This post is packed with many important reminders.

I am nearing the end of my planning stage for a website promoting WA. I have spend a lot of time thinking about who my audience will be.

I probably will not use WA site comment feature for similar reasons to what you experienced. The average WA member is not really my target market. So, I can't expect them to be able to provide a good comment.

I too am after buyers. Not people looking for the best free opportunities.

I hope that the rest of April turns out to be amazing for you.
GomMagtibay Premium
Have you been selected by Kyle to participate in his Super Affiliate Challenge 2020? Or, did you apply for the challenge?
SondraM Premium
I am one of the participants this year. I am excited.. I started a new website just for it.

GomMagtibay Premium
Yes. I am also participating in the challenge. I'll see you in the associated threads. (threads started by Kyle in association with each training in SAC2020)
jellybean50 Premium
Oh my God! Someone finally hit it on the nose. Thanks my friend. Well put on buyers verses seekers. Hard workers verses laziness or couch potatoes as I call them.
My first niche starting is about hats. But I did figure out that what I liked the most about this site WA was what I’m learning from it. Yes, I searched for years for a site I could trust to really educate me on how to help myself and others.

Thank you WA

Have a great I gotta go my 18 wheeler driver I’m escorting says it’s time to go!
Tune in, between runs I speak into a microphone and record all my thoughts and tell stories that’s are being saved.
About to start posting 1 week maybe 2 at least. 😊
DDarragh Premium
awesome Coach. There is definately a problem with the newbies in the comment area for several reasons. Including site feedback is always a problem and then not following up when you answer a question they had. In the WA comment area everyone gets a notification that their comment has been answered!

And negativity toward your content is just RUDE from members here as they know you are trying to market, I just skip by the sites I don't think I can have a good comment for.

You explained the difference between buyers and seekers very well, good point!
I want buyers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

onward n upward
GomMagtibay Premium
Thanks for your comment, Capt Dennis. (I love the emoticons)