This Made My Day (A Horror Story)

Last Update: February 10, 2019

I just received a notification from WA that one of my comments (submitted via Site Comments) was disapproved.

The reason?

He/she said, I have a HORROR GRAMMAR...

...just like in HORROR MOVIES! lol :)

Now, my score went down from 99% approval rate, to 98%. (With 2% skip rate)

I wonder, how can I make my grammar sounds COMEDY instead of HORROR?

Yes, comedy, so it would be funny. :)

Do you have suggestions?


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ShaunnaLynne Premium
We must stop the Horror of Horror Grammar... afterall it is a fright!
(May I say all I can see is Leatherface, slicing through the Dictionary... between Horror and Horrible....)
Comedy... go with it!!
dchapman3 Premium
This is critique, not a comment. That person needs to review the rules of giving comments here at WA. This is not your issue, but his/hers. I would send a note to Kyle and see if he can get this off your record.
Sftat Premium
Hi Gomer,

Please don't worry about this smug person and their silly criticism.
You could probably catch some of your errors with Grammarly, and that might help avoid a grammar horror show-

I doubt you will transform any new mistakes into comedy, though; obviously, this person can't take a joke.

I often find expressions by others with English as a second language funny, but then I realize that I don't even have enough knowledge of their language to make a mistake in it, and I stop laughing. I respect the effort of others who use English, but didn't grow up with it as I did. Making grammar mistakes in English is evidence of effort to learn and shows respect for my language, so I appreciate those who make them.

My best conversational second language is Japanese, and it is very crude. I know enough Japanese to get on the right train in most of Japan, but I can't read or write at all in that language. While I find some English use by Japanese friends funny, I can't be critical, because they are WAY better with English than I at their language; I'm not a great hypocrite, so I smile, but don't criticize or complain. I welcome comments on my sites from those who show effort to learn English; my language is much richer because of their effort to use it.

Thanks for your contributions to English, Gomer. I'm happy you are sharing this language, and I always enjoy your thoughts and smile as I see your progress at learning to use it better.

accad Premium
Grammar can be tolerated as long as the statements are related to the post.
Ahimbe Premium
I too have gotten my comments disapproved. There is always a reason. That should not put you down though.
You could do some spell checking before posting.