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Good news in a row! :)But wait.... Don't wish.Make it happen.
Some of the words you write here become keywords that get indexed and ranked by search engines like Google. So be careful on what you write here in Wealthy Affiliate.Whether it be in your profile blog here, or in a question asked for the community to answer, choose what you write carefully.That's the lesson I learned from a recent experience here.Here's what happened...I was so excited seeing referrals coming in, people joining Wealthy Affiliate through me. In some days, four. Some, three. In l
I just came from the blog posts of Kyle and other money makers here in Wealthy Affiliate. Kyle just posted something about cryptocurrencies and he shed some light.With lessons that I learned from reading their posts fresh in my head, I decided to do a blog post here so that it won't be forgotten.I noticed a pattern in how this battle in "make money online" niche is being won, especially with our top affiliates doing WA Bootcamp:"They are positioning themselves in a higher ground." For a better
When you're serious about something, you will think of the best username to use. Like for example, if you're a lady and you're name is Angela, you'll probably choose "SweetAngel" as your username here.If you're serious, you won't use "krakatongkratong666", right?As beautiful as possible, as sweet as possible, and as helpful-sounding as possible.The proper choice of username is the first criteria that a person is serious in joining Wealthy Affiliate. So, if the system here detects that a person
I haven't received yet the official email coming from the company, but this news is already circulating across Facebook...Reading the news, I realized how correct my earlier decision was---of putting Wealthy Affiliate as my primary online business opportunity in all of my funnels.It used to be USI-Tech.Today, you can see angry posts of people on Facebook.Some, blaming fellow members for not adhering to the company's promotional policies.(For example, it prohibited members from showing screensho
I was watching a lyric video of Michael Bolton's song, "How Am I Supposed to Live Without You", when I remember that former member of WA who's now blogging on his own.(Just search this in Youtube, if you wanna watch or sing along)The GuyHe used to be a top member here, probably an Ambassador, until he decided to leave WA and do things on his own. (I will not mention his name, he's been banned from here)I landed in his blog after searching for a negative review about WA. Yes, I searched for a ne
Some of you may already knew me. I'm that MLM guy who transferred all my energies to here (even encouraged my MLM friends to transfer theirs to here).In times of troubles, I was one of the persons here who like encouraging others to go on, have patience, and keep moving. even shared my joy about receiving commissions from other companies for a site that is hosted here... a good recruiter for ML
Several hours have passed, the comments that I have submitted are still pending uniqueness verification. Then I looked in the Live Chat, some members are beginning to mention it.When I was just new here and encountered this problem the first time, I immediately contacted support and even asked other members what's happening. I inquired if there's something wrong with the system or am I the only one experiencing it?I was getting upset then, but after noticing that it coincides with other develop
"I hope this post rise up in ranking... Oh, God.. please..."Honestly, that's what I'm reciting whenever I request and receive comments for my blog posts (via Site Comments).Then followed by a rank check the following days."More referrals please...""More sales..."We believe in God, and the power of FAITH.Trust that good things will happen to you... But the in the same time, you must couple it with action because, faith without action is dead!Good formula, isn't it?Continue doing what works, and
I still can't forget that feeling of withdrawing online earnings in an ATM yesterday. It's not about the amount, but the reality of making things work.When you're working out an online program, you have the tendency to doubt if the system will work. And when we say "system", it includes not only the product or the compensation plan, but also the issue of whether the company's payment system will work or not. In the Live Chat, we often see new members having the same doubt."Does this business re