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My bad, that feeling of laziness always creeps on me.Just awhile ago, I attended a webinar hosted by Jay on list building and email marketing. And, at the end of the webinar, I asked about email campaign sharing. For those of you who are wondering what the heck is email campaign sharing... Here's how it works...MLM top earner is doing great with his online marketing funnel. To help his downline referrals achieve fast duplication of his success, he allow others to just copy his funnel via a shar
Like I said, I am a procrastinator.While other members are already busy beating the goals they've set in their Site Content dashboards, I'm still here finishing the task given by Kyle about coming up with 50 Low Competition Keywords.Just yesterday, I started the task by searching on Google keyword "home business keywords" (that's how lazy I am! lol)Luckily, I stumbled upon this site containing a "ready list" of home business keywords...To my surprise, almost all the suggested keywords are very
"I thought.. you guys are going to learn something elite?"Well, not yet. Maybe later. For now, we've been introduced back to the basics......the basics of writing content! I got introduced back to this video by Kyle explaining how we can easily create a keyword rich content using our SiteContent platform... lesson that breaks down into 3 simple steps:Tell people what you gonna write about (INTRO).Write it (ARTICLE BODY)Tell them
February 14, 2018
You would not believe this, that amidst all these advancements in technology, there are still parts of the world where quack doctors still roam.While sitting in a local village meeting here in our place, a rural province south of Manila, Philippines... I confided to friends who were seated beside me that I am suffering from severe muscle twitching with my left eye lid.It's already injuring the eye---involuntary movement of the eye lid muscle.A quack doctor overheard our discussion and chipped i
February 02, 2018
Whoever created this comic drawing, thank you so much.Our Site Feedback platform here in Wealthy Affiliate is really helpful in taking the pulse of other people about our sites. But... ...we need to be careful sometimes, to change only what really needs to be change, and not be gullible to follow everything people say., everyone has his or her own tastes or preferences, what might be beautiful for a person might be ugly for the other."Your header looks b
Bad News!I'm no longer interested in the business...Did something like this ever happen to you?Thinking out loud,
You're working out the WA Affiliate Bootcamp.You have identified a few keywords you think are good.Let's say... "Honest Wealthy Affiliate Review"Staring at the Keyword Quality Indicator, you're convinced this would make a good article and would probably land you in the top of the search engine results pages like Google's.Now, here's the reality...If that's your keyword, the only way you can occupy the #1 or #2 spot is by dislodging those already occupying them.To get the #1 spot, you have to ki
...but unfortunately, with TWO HANDS!!?(And that's where the problem lies sometimes) I'm talking about learning attitude.I remember, in the training that I have attended, it was emphasized that a person LEARN MORE by watching and listening, than talking.That probably is the reason why we are endowed with two eyes, two ears, and just one mouth... by our Beloved Creator.Thinking of my membership in Wealthy Affiliate, I still feel overwhelmed by this idea of maintaining my rank as an Ambassador. I
I was supposed to post this in my MMO niche blog but I decided to just post it here so that other members would benefit from this, too.Unless you are a person who ONLY care about how much you can make, we all feel responsible for every person we convince his or her life is going to change with an online income opportunity.I find this true in the fields of network marketing, online work from home programs, and Internet marketing particularly "make money online" niche.Recruiting More StressWhen I
Assuming you've installed Google analytics code in your website, which of these colors is the most important to you?(Organic search is climbing! It used to be ZERO)I'm not really sure if we have the same color coding with our Analytics, so let us just use mine. And forgive me, as my site was just created late October (2017)... so the figures are not that yet high comparing to gurus out there which have numbers running to thousands.These colors, these figures, represent the traffic our sites are