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April 05, 2018
"I'm working full-time on my job and part-time on my fortune. But it won't be long before I'm working full-time on my fortune. . . can you imagine what my life will look like?"- Jim RohnThat's my new profile description now. Check it out.View my profile.No more long descriptions. lolHere's what happened...I was thinking of changing my bio, what to put on my profile, something that's short and simple but very profound.You know, like many others here, I have changed or edited my profile here mayb
Yes, it's true. The speed of the leader, is also the speed of the followers. It's true with the make money online niche like Wealthy Affiliate's affiliate program. And it starts with your blogging frequency!How often do you blog here? How often do you blog in your wordpress site?When you're too passive with your blogging, when you're not making enough noise, your followers, your prospects will get a wrong cue that you're not that active.Worst, they'll get attracted like pieces of metals to the
While responding to a member's problem posted in our Live Chat here, I got conscious of my site's own status with regard to Error 404 problems.So, I headed to my Google Webmasters Tool (Search Console), and checked mine.Alas, there were 12 "not found" errors!(Broken Link)At first, I wondered how I am going to fix them. I even posted questions in the Live Chat asking others, as even though I have done it before (last year here), I forgot what I did. lolUnfortunately, nobody seems to be helping..
While using our SiteComments, I was met again by this dreaded "Pending Uniqueness Verification" notice or PUV.So, what I did next was, I gave a very long comment that looks like a short blog post. It was probably longer than this post that you're reading right now. I was thinking, "Let's see if this will make a difference". OMG, there it goes again. The PUV!Crazy me. lolThank God I didn't write 1,000 words in a comment.I thought the length of the comment will help me get rid of that PUV, but it
Patience is a virtue.After publishing a new blog post in my wordpress blog this morning, I noticed there are no broadcasts coming in from AWeber and I wondered what went wrong.I remember following all the steps taught by Jay in his webinar on how to set up blog broadcasts using RSS-Email system in AWeber, so I wondered why it won't work.I checked on all the dummy emails I have, total of 6 email addresses, all confirmed opt-ins. None of the expected broadcasts ever arrive. Even the blog post I p
Here's what happened...From a review site discussing about Simple Money Report, I was led to reading more about MOBE. Then, I checked on Ethan Vanderbuilt's blog about MOBE, and found a video where Matt Lloyd lectured about what he think is the ideal funnel.While watching the video, this was this little girl eating a snack with a brand name Moby, that lured me into buying my own Moby snack! Wow!! I love the chocolate taste and I think I'll buy again tomorrow. Thanks to this daughter of our maid
In line with our List Building month here in Wealthy Affiliate (March, 2018), I'd like to share my experience with GetResponse and AWeber. My purpose for this is, to give beginners a hint of what they'd get once they're inside either of this two services.There are other autoresponder services out there, but these two are the most popular.I used to be with AWeber, until I tried GetResponse a month ago with their free 30-day trial. Barely a week have passed after paying my first subscription, I s
As usual, I need to post this thing that's in my mind while the thought is still fresh.One of the discussions here about Facebook has triggered this. And I have to come out and tell the world what I know about these new users Facebook is bragging they have recently gained.In one of the TV news here, I learned that the Philippines is in the top of countries high in Facebook usage. While I agree with that, there's something that online entrepreneurs should know.Yes, there can be a lot of potentia
I was notified recently that one of my contributed comments via our Site Comments was disapproved...I recall, it was on a blog post with a title that's related to "buying a domain" but when I actually read the article, he's talking about "registering a new domain".So, in the comments section, like I used to do, I genuinely contributed my thoughts.I said, "I thought buying a domain name is different from registering a new domain name. Is that correct?"But it seems like the author of the article
No, it's not GOOGLE DANCE.It's my ranking as a member here in Wealthy Affiliate!Monday, I was in Rank 38. Tuesdasy, 42.Wednesday, 38.Thursday, 43.Friday, 38.Saturday, 43.Monday, 37.Amusing, isn't it?