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Last Update: April 09, 2019

Just recently, we have seen posts here about technical problems arising from our version of PHP in WA which they said requires updating by the technical people here ASAP. I am not a techie person so I only understand half of it.

I also saw comments saying they're receiving a white blank page after submitting a comment in a blog post, and some suspect it to be related to the PHP problem.

Since I don't fully understand the matter, I try myself to refrain from posting or commenting. In my mind, let the experts in the WA management team handle it. Soon, the problem will be sorted out for us.

But just this morning, while trying to change my profile's publicly displayed name from "admin" to "Gomer" (my first name), I was shocked getting this error.

This is my first time to encounter this error while doing a simple task like this one...

Weird, right?

I repeated my login, but the error persists.

I am puzzled by this because, in our profiles inside our Wordpress, there's no field for password. If you're not convinced, try see it for yourself.

Is this some kind of a bug?

That made me wonder if this is part of the problem in PHP they are discussing in another thread?

Quite disappointing, as this hampers growth. But I understand, these are temporary problems that will be sorted out soon.

Thinking further, I realized I should be thankful this is the only problem I got. Because, others here are having problems that are much worse than this.

Thankfully, my sites aren't that complicated yet, with just a handful of plugins and running on simple premium theme, Divi.

I call this, "lightweight blogging".

(as opposed to heavyweight blogging that's heavy on plugins and designs)

How about you guys? How are your sites doing lately?


Yours in progress,

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marmar463 Premium
I haven't noticed except there was one thing though and maybe this is nothing but when I wanted to put a link on my site I was having a hard time but when site support did it they didn't have a problem so I don't know if this is connected or not I am not sure.
But that is the only problem that I have encountered.

accad Premium
I haven't noticed some technical issue on my sites maybe because I'm not so concerned about it or I cannot see the difference. This is the second post I've read regarding the issue of PHP.
GomMagtibay Premium
I have good news for you guys as I successfully edited the said profile this morning without error. Maybe the tech people here at WA has successfully updated the PHP, maybe, I don't know or I'm not sure. One thing is for sure, you will no longer experience the same error I have posted here.
accad Premium
I hope I will not. Thanks.
Fleeky Premium
Hi Gomer... actually you can not chnge tht name within WA.
It is standard. If you want to change it, ask sitesuport...

What you can do instead is change your nichname and the name that appears on your blog... good luck
GomMagtibay Premium
Thanks for the comment. Actually, what I was trying to change is the displayed name in my Wordpress blog, the one that appears in our comments. I wanted it to be Gomer instead of the usual Admin.
derekmarshal Premium
I have noticed the scheduled posting feature is not working
GomMagtibay Premium
That's another thing our technical people including Kyle and Carson need to know. Plenty of bugs lately.