I Choose To Be An Affiliate Marketer

Last Update: April 05, 2019

I am going to be blunt here and tell you what people you need to avoid as an affiliate marketer...

You joined Wealthy Affiliate, and as the name of this site suggests, this place is for affiliate marketers. This is not the place for super idealistic people always thinking of producing their own line of products.

Before we go on hammering here, I'd like to remind everyone what affiliate marketing is. It is a game wherein we get paid promoting other people's stuff online. That's it, and if you're here, you have to conform with this game, or else, LEAVE.

Choosing to stay? I tell you, affiliate marketing is the easier route. Just pay attention to what Kyle is teaching us here.

So, what forced me to tell these ugly but strong words?

As a known online business coach in my own social circle, I always attract people who are looking for sharp minded individuals. You know, those sharp guys out there looking for allies they can chat with online.

I get new friends who are the best in their own right, some are scholars, some are frustrated politicians, while others are plain spammers and scammers who until now haven't struck a gold mine online.

They seem like always looking for allies, always looking for chat buddies to share ideas with. And if they see you as a weak but talented person, they will try sway you on their side by proposing...

"Hey, you look like a very talented person. Maybe we can start a new business with a new product that will change the world."

Although it may sound idealistic, it's not my goal. It is not my goal to become the next super hero of this planet Earth with my name printed on the wall as another person who invented a magical way of producing agri crops.

What I want with my life is simple...

To establish an online business with a website. A website that makes affiliate commissions around the clock so I can spend my life enjoying the things I want.

I've spent half of my life span stressed with building traditional business, I just want to enjoy my life now, enjoy the things I think I was deprived in the past and I can see affiliate marketing as the key for that.

I don't wanna be stressed again formulating business ideas, product ideas, or creating training courses to sell, no way! All I want now is make money without stress as an affiliate marketer.

This may sound weird to you, but it is true...

As you excel in your affiliate marketing business, as you become popular online, people will come to you and will try to use you as a tool for achieving their own fantasies.

Plenty of them out there. They will even discount or stoop down on affiliate marketing as "not a business for great leaders of the world"... because in their own mind great leaders are like Bill Gates having his own product and brand.

Remember... you are an affiliate marketer! We're here to make things, simple things, realistic things, happen!

Let those dreamers get away with their fantasies, don't ever join them.

Be realistic and make things happen.

Take care and be wary of proposals.

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davehayes Premium
Thanks for sharing Gomer
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Thanks for sharing, Gomer.
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You're welcome, Roger. Thanks, too.
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Thanks for the statement of the clear direction.
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You're welcome, Jimmy. It's a nice journey! :)
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I agree.
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I love your honesty!
Thank you for this enlightening post.

Best of luck on your journey to success!
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Thank you. I wish you the same (success) and see you around. :)