Good News For Hiero Theme Fans

Last Update: April 12, 2019

I have some good news for the fans of this theme, the Hiero theme!

In one of the blog posts here that I no longer remember who wrote it, it was said that this Hiero theme is no longer being updated by its developers. In the blog post, users of this theme is being warned and are encouraged to consider other more updated themes.

(*That's the advantage of being a member of a community like Wealthy Affiliate, fellow members care*)

How many of us here are using this theme?

I guess about 1 in every 5 bootcamp sites use this theme. It's the one being used by Kyle in his examples. Probably the reason why they like it so much is that of its simplicity.

What's the risk of using a theme that's no longer updated?

Not only for months, but for years already.

There will be loopholes in security. When I was blogging outside WA, my site got hacked several times all because I was using a theme that's not updated. Hackers or the bad guys can see loopholes and can take advantage of it.

I'm not a technical person, I'm a pharmacist by profession, but I understand it's not good to use a theme that lacks updating. It's the reason why I dropped Omega by Theme Hall in favor of Divi.

Theme not updated or maybe, abandoned by developers for unknown reason.

And so is your favorite theme then, Hiero.

But not anymore today!

While updating my new theme, Divi, I saw beside it the Hiero theme with a yellow color notice saying "a new version is available".


At last, they updated the theme.

Good news, right?

For fans of this simple theme, Hiero. It seems, its developers are on it now. And you can now continue using the theme without worries! :)

You like it, then make the most out of it.

Yours in progress,

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accad Premium
I like Hiero too. It's the theme of one of my sites.
GlenPalo Premium
Although I am not a Hiero theme user, I am glad to see a popular theme updated. Because I had an awful experience with a theme that was not updated. During one of the frequent WordPress updates, my theme stopped working. Totally. It was difficult finding a suitable replacement that looked like the one that stopped working.
RAFStuart Premium
Thanks for this was thinking of changing themes.
LKick Premium
Great News for many I expect!
mcknisu Premium
Good to know and be aware of, thanks!
Sruffey Premium
I have never used that template, for some reason I didn't like the looks of it. I don't recall what theme I do use. You are right about using any type of anything that is not getting updates. I guess you are glad to hear that the programmers got off their butts and developed a new version of the something that you have success with. Nice chatting with you and please like my comments, thanks Sruffey.
GomMagtibay Premium
Sure, and thanks for commenting. :)
cris1018 Premium
Yea, I think there were quite a few people, including myself, who used to use it but switched because it wasn't being updated and supported. It's actually a really nice simple theme. Good to see that it's got a new version release.
GomMagtibay Premium
When I first applied the lesson taught by Kyle in the WA Affiliate Bootcamp here, I tried that theme and got successful sign-ups with it. I only changed when I read a blog post here that the theme lacks updating. Good to know they got a new version now. New sign of life for that theme.
CassPeter Premium
Thank you for the info. Highly appreciated.
Jenny28 Premium
Thanks for sharing. I don’t use hiero theme myself, but I do like the simplicity of it. I think many people use it, and it’s great that they updated it.
keishalina9 Premium
hey -- that's wonderful! ... appreciate your sharing & posting today ... all the best, cheerio ... :)
GomMagtibay Premium
You're welcome, and cheers to all fans of this theme! :)
rubanzema Premium
Thank you for sharing.