Facebook is not acting on reported hacked accounts

Last Update: April 02, 2019

I can't believe this is happening. It seems like Facebook isn't acting on reported hacked accounts. Their system is broken and you can't depend on them anymore.

You may beg to disagree, but it happened to a friend.

I have this female friend and business associate in the Philippines whose account has been hacked by an unknown user from South Korea.

How did I know?

With my Kaspersky Internet Security turned on, I followed the links posted on her account. Then, I copied the URL of the landing page and looked who's controlling the site using Whois Domain Tools.

The address showed they're based in South Korea.

It's been more than a week now since we reported to Facebook that the account was hacked, and also we reported every nudity posts by the hacker, still nothing happened.

Facebook says...

Can you imagine that? The giant site is helpless in dealing with the problem!

The Best Thing To Do

It is said, prevention is better than cure.

I read from somewhere else that users browsing Facebook on mobile devices are the ones prone to hacking. That is made possible by hackers using a software that works primarily on mobiles but not powerful against desktops.

With that said, I only use my mobile phone for replying to Messenger messages, and never for links. I am not sure if such hacking can take place once you click a link posted on Facebook with a malicious app being installed on phone without the user's knowledge.

With a desktop PC, it's easy to spot if someone is attempting something bad, but with a mobile phone, they can work through background apps discretely.

So, the best thing to do, prevent hacking. Because, once hacked, there's very little you can do to recover your account.

And it is very unfortunate that my female friend signed up in Facebook using a mobile phone number and not with an email address. Now that the old phone is gone, how can she recover the account?

The nudity posting goes on and on, despite her appeal to friends and Facebook to disregard the hacked account.

Again, prevention is better than cure.

Facebook. Gone big, but broken.

It's so disappointing this giant site is fast in rejecting ads or affiliate links but can't do something to nudity posts.

Has the hacker got control over Facebook's security checking facilities that he can easily get away with this?

It's been a week and nothing changed, there's still this ugly pop-up whenever we try to report the profile or the nudity posts.

"Something went wrong... We're sorry there's a technical problem with this feature. We're working on getting it fixed."

How about you guys, do you know of other way, better way, to deal with this?

Help me help this poor female friend.

[Link removed]

Take care my friends.

The world is going mobile, including us online entrepreneurs. But we should proceed with caution. There's a lot of risks in using mobile devices in browsing the web.

Take care.


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GomMagtibay Premium
I consulted with the best IT people I know here in my country and also with some of the law enforcement agents working in the anti-cybercrime division of our police force, all of them raised their hands up in surrender. So, there's nothing we can do with this, except to wait for Facebook to take action.
LisaBrack Premium
Yes... NOT VERY NICE. An expensive lesson. I NEVER USE MY PHONE TO CHECK FACEBOOK. I only reply to messenger on it.

Sorry for her but I wouldn't add to her troubles by putting up her link and her name either. That's not helping her but advertising the problem further.

I'd take it down if I were you.

GomMagtibay Premium
Oh, sorry if that sounds differently to you, I will take the link out. But before that, can you guys help me/us report the account further? Maybe if we can "mass report" the account, it will shake the sleeping staffs tasked on policing Facebook.
LisaBrack Premium
It won't, they might get to it eventually, but that is all. Sorry to say.
accad Premium
If possible a Facebook account should have a user name than a cp number and a password not so related to your identity.
GomMagtibay Premium
Unfortunately, these young people don't realize how important it is to link the account with an active mobile phone number or email address. It is too late for the girl to realize that.

I find it weird, this practice of Facebook of allowing people to use their platform with only a phone number and not with an email address. It is the only site that I see which doesn't require a mandatory email address linked to the account. In other sites like WA, you have to provide a valid email address first before you can continue using the site.
accad Premium
That's true. One thing which leads anyone of their account to be hacked is using the automatic login by having your profile. When you leave the computer shop and somebody clicks your profile they can open your account and change the passwords easily if you did not provide your CP number for Facebook to verify if it's you who is changing it.
lakbar12 Premium
Im sorry to hear that hapened to your friend. Facebook been broken and they never cared. I have had problems with them ever since they existed. I do not like that platform and I try to avoid it at all cost.
davehayes Premium
It's one reason I don't like Facebook