Can't Blog Because English is not Your Native Language? Here's The Solution!

Last Update: July 28, 2016

Did you know that my fear of writing articles in English have hold me back "not to blog" for about 6 years?

Yes, that's right. Six wasted years!

Deep inside me I knew that writing and blogging is the way to go if you want to get good results in online marketing.

But the fear of making mistakes, with grammar and diction, have prevented me from pursuing blogging. I thought I wasn't good enough to write particularly in English.

I was afraid I may be ridiculed, or get kicked out of discussions.

Some People Like Affiliate Marketing But Hates Blogging in English

I find this a common problem among marketers living outside the English-speaking regions of the world, Africa, Asia, and the middle East. When invited to blog, they usually shy away. They like affiliate marketing, what they don't like, is blogging.

I even see Asians stick to blogging in their native language out of that fear!

Blogging in English gives you a big advantage over those who don't.

When asked by a fellow Filipino how did I came up with my blog posts, I proudly told him that I wrote them all by myself. And he can't believe how improved I have become since the last time we were together.

It's quite flattering to know this, that after all those years of holding back, I finally have overcome my greatest fear...

How I Was Able To Overcome The Fear

For those who are hesitant to blog for same reasons (or should I say "excuses"?) that I used to have, here's what I did:

  • I decided to deal with the fear (Face your fear, live your dreams)
  • I honed my writing skill by reading (reading enhances vocabulary)
  • I improved my "English writing skill" by participating in online forums
  • When I write, I first check the questionable phrases with free online grammar checkers before I hit "publish".

Those were my simple solutions for overcoming my biggest fear - writing/blogging in English.

If you're facing the same challenge, why not try my solutions? If they have helped me, chances are, they can work for you, too.

Helpful link:

There are still improvements needed, but compared to 6 years ago, I am more confident now expressing my thoughts online, in English.

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joyweb Premium
Do you write in your native language and then use translate into Engish?
GomMagtibay Premium
No. I write directly. One thing I learned from a mentor, that I shouldn't write or speak in my native language to translate to English. If you I do, it could be a slow process. One should practice to write or speak in English as if you are an American or English man! LOL
Marlon92 Premium
Thanks I'm going to write in English as well! In time it can only get better!
stevecox Premium
Geat motivational piece Coach !
GomMagtibay Premium
Thanks, Steve. May this inspire not only the members here, but also the onlookers who are hesitant to jump in for the fear they can't write.
stevecox Premium
I am sure that it will. You have shown people that you are doing it !

Thanks again for the inspiration to the entire community.
SueC22 Premium
I love the Nike slogan at the end! Thank you for sharing and don't forget, people within the English speaking region have blog fear as well.... especially those who have yet to "Just Do It". Again, you reminded me that nothing is impossible!
GomMagtibay Premium
You're welcome. Oh, yes. I've met one lady online, from Texas, with that problem.She got over her fear, by following what Nike has said, "Just do it".
theresroth Premium
This is very excellent, the progress you have made!

Thank you for sharing......
GomMagtibay Premium
You're welcome. And thanks too. I hope this can inspire others who are hesitant to blog because they're intimidated with English.