Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories! Why It Worth Our Time And Money.

Last Update: Dec 6, 2016


Trust me if you spent your time reading and following 9 successful people's steps in less than a year you will become the number 10 successful person and if you spent your time with 10 mediocre and unsuccessful people in less than a year you will become the number 10 unsuccessful person. Agreed?

one of the main things that use to really keep me going is the wealthy affiliate success stories and I will just beg their permission to be able to bring out some success stories which have been shared in the community and lessons we can learn from your success stories.

Reason why I am sharing this success stories.

1. To tell you that it is possible

2. To you, you can achieve the same success.

3. To bring out lessons we can learn from each success story.

Here is a list of the few successful WA members I could pick out of the hundreds of success stories been shared in the community.

1. DomW's 0$ to $40k per weekend mile stone

Dow has been a member of WA since 2012 and upon joining WA just like any new member of WA set his goal to be able to earn $10 a month and surprisingly he pass the mark in July and he is now earning well above $10k a month.

The craziest of all is that just on one weekend the black Friday weekend, he made $40000. He when from just been an affiliate to creating his own products.

All the success is possible guys.

one great lessons from his story is that "no matter her your dreams are big, never be scared to pursue them as the only limitation to your success is you"

Get more about his success here.https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/domw/blog/0-to-10k...

2. Colton's first $10 000 a month.

Colton is one of the highest WA member's whose success story has really inspired me so much. After making his $5k in November 2015 he understood that December was coming up and it was a festive month so he scale his business and with just one website and with determination and goal setting, he made $10k in december 2015. Who knows how much that has increase now.

He did emphasis so much on the important of content writing together with content engagement. This just go a long way to show me that determination and been able to understand transition in business is the key according to Colton.

He also did mention that your content creation should be greater than your content consumption. I personally love this and have always been trying let my content creation be greater than my content consumption

Check more about His success here https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/coltonjames/blog/m...

3. Dougbeney's $6340.94 November earnings

since December 2015 till date, Dougbeney has been blogging about her success every month to be able to inspire the general community to tell us that WA rocks!.

In an average, she earns $4.7k a month.

One key learning tip from her success is that "As long as you never stop learning, hustle hard, and build a good work ethic, anyone can build an online business around their passions."

check more about her progress herehttps://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/dougbeney/blog/634...

4. Frank made Vegas 3 conservative times.

Frank join WA in 2013 and in his 3 years stay at WA he is making the wealthy affiliate Vegas conference again this year for his 3rd time.

one of the main lessons from his success is not only making it for Vegas for 3 conservative times but that "there will never be or is no rule which states that success in making money online must be achieve after a considerable long period of time" Who says so :-) .

Though it is true that you need to give your self some time to really start seeing some results but we should not take this as an excuse to be lazy.

If we are hard working, determine and never giving up, then we will start to see the results really sooner than expected.

I personally join WA and in my fist month I was able to have 2 premium referrals to WA and one when yearly immediately earning $175 just in one sale. so basically in that short period of time I have members who are paying for my membership now plus some extra cash. you too can do same.

Follow Frank success story here https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/affilicoach/blog/c...

5. Steve 10 million site visitors and 4 times trip to Vegas

Steve is the founder of Ihvtriedthat.com and he recently reported that his site has had more than 10 million visitors since creation.

He has also made it to Vegas for 4 conservative times.

one key lesson from his success is create content create content create content create content..... . Steve does not just sit and wait for google to rank one of his post before he goes on and create another one. "He create content and publish new articles to his site 5x per week".

Now tell me why some one with this amount of hard work will not register that amount of success!! :-) It is evident.

6. Godlove made $199 in his first month online.

Do you know this guy?

That is me lol. I join Wealthy Affilaite and In my fist month I was able to make $199 from the WA Affiliate program, get my website www.fulljobsfromhome.com up and running with content rank on google first page.

Here is the key lessons that you can learn from my small success. Determination, hard work, faith,never giving up and persistence is the key to success.

The list is just so long and I will end it here.

I hope you have really pick up a lesson from each of this success stories including mine :-)

If you have any other review, comment, recommendation or complement then I will love you to join me in the conversation below.

Thanks for your time.

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Very inspiring and insightful post. Thank you for sharing these stories and your own success story. Wishing you continued success.

All the best,

thank you so much Precious and I look forward to reading your own success story too

Thanks for sharing.


you are welcome

Thank you for sharing the success stories. Always great to hear about.


very inspiring! thanks for sharing :)

you are must welcome

Great way to share success stories in one place and you are right follow the top people who are successful and replicate what they do and technically it should work for you too. Thanks for sharing.

you are must welcome.
I look forward to reading your success story soon

Hi Godlove, success stories are great. Irv.

thank you so much, I am glad you liked it

These stories do provide inspiration to us all. It shows what can be done if we work hard and get things done!

Exactly Keith
you have put it all well.

A great inspiration to us all to strive for success.
My success will come early in 2017 once I have everything in place and I have got most of the training under my belt.
Many thanks for the share.
Cheers, a Tosh :)

Hello Tosh.
Wow I am very happy because you have declare it already that we are gonna read your own success story early 2017. I can't wait for that day and I know it will happen.
Our words are so powerful and if properly used, then we wont believe the magic.
thanks for stopping by.

Hi, Ndemazeah,
It will be a prosperous and successful year for us I'm sure of it.
You are welcome my friend anytime.
Cheers and thanks, Tosh :)

It will be a successful year indeed.
I strongly believe so.

Very nice success stories! Some I knew already, but not all of them...
Let's keep going!

Hello Gerlinde.
Hope all is going on well.
I am happy you found some which you haven't seen yet.

Well done, Godlove! Very inspirational!

thank you so much.
I am happy to have you and I am glad it could inspire you.
More success.

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