Just make my first $183 online today. Specifically at WA

Last Update: October 25, 2016

Hello every one .

all this payments from one referral with a conversion rate of 35% one of the highest conversion rates of referrals in Wealthy Affiliates :-)

The milky journey

i just thought of blogging about my little success today since i am very happy .

I joined WA about a month ago and its not even being long and things are already happening guys.

As soon as i joint Wealthy affiliates i was so so amaze by the wonderful training and support the community gave me and promise my self that i was gonna spread the news to the ends of the world to help some one who has being struggling to make money online too.

I shared my link in social medial and some other site and and luckily enough some people picked up the link and my first and second referral to Wealthy affiliate sign up and completed their profiles and i ended some cash equivalent credit.

But this new referrals didn't upgrade but that was just a more reason for me to try harder and just a week after that my third life saving referrals sign up and in a couple of an hour or less upgraded to premium at one. Guys that day I blogged about it and celebrated as some one who has won a $50 million lottery. From there i became so tied up with some off line jobs and behold when i log in yesterday to continue my online journey, that same yesterday that my same life saving referral upgraded to a yearly premium member. Guys i saw a cool $175 amount in my account and as i saw the private message from Kyle notifying me that i have just made another sale i ignored it because i knew i had only 3 referrals and the most promising referrals already paid. But as i log into my email i saw the same message and decided to check it out and to my greatest surprise i had just gone up to an earning of $183 in less than a month.

No website yet, No worry!!!

All this is happening when i am still working on my website and just imaging what will happen and how many people I will be able to spread the news to once my site is up and running. This is just the tips of the beginning as more is on the way to come.

A little of motivation

Guys no matter how hard you try to make money online , i have come to discover that making money online requires this 3 key canonical points

1. Hard work

2. Persistence and

3. Determination(never giving up )

I have always keep my self motivated and every time i always thing of giving up I print a lot of motivational stuffs and put on my table which always help arose back my conqueror spirit.

Feel free to drop any question or suggestion below and I will be well happy to joint you in the discussion .


The more you Learn the more you Earn" Ndemazeah Godlove

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bbqfirepit Premium
I am so happy for you! I know you worked hard! And there comes the payoff! Well done! Keep going!
Godlove-N Premium
thank you so much. all thanks to the WA community too for their support
Bigky Premium
Congratulation !:)
Godlove-N Premium
Thank you my friend . I look forward to hearing a success story from you . let me know if there is any thing i can help at any time
eagleswealth Premium
Congratulations on your achievement . I'm happy for you. Inspired me to continue.
Godlove-N Premium
Thank you so much . I can tell you that I am already reading you own success story. In no time you will start seeing the results
dino1982 Premium
Great Job man!! Keep going on! You are a motivation for me!
Godlove-N Premium
thank you bro. i look forward to hearing you own success story
HarveyBrown Premium
Congratulations Ndemazeah, proof that the system works and you do not have a website yet. Imagine if you did.
Godlove-N Premium
Thank you for stopping by sir. The system works and there is not doubt about that because i can proof it and more is on the way to come when my website will be up and running.