Is it legal to covert a blog post to video if it is not your content?

Is it legal to covert a blog post to video if it is not your content?

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Is it a copyright violation to repurpose a blog post into a YouTube video if you are not the orginal content creator?

I have seen video software that takes a blog RSS and

Talk about cheesy cringe worthy methods of trying to get someone else to do your work.

Sounds like a copyright violation to me. The software seems pretty cool if you're using your own original content to create videos.

I have read more about this in the last hour.

This is copyright infringement by repurposing original, creative content without a license.

Some unethical marketers call this aggregating website content by capturing info via RSS feeds. Unfortunately, they are wrong about calling this aggregation as if they were a news outlet. A detailed study is here for more info about how news organizations aggregate news stories. (I had to use a link shortener because the paper had a parameter added to the URL)

There is no problem with a person repurposing their own content. There is software available that will convert blog post content into video.

I just tested Lumen5 to covert a blog post into a short video as a test. Some WA members have commented on my blog post. The video is:

I also looked at another video software app that is currently being promoted as a way to generate hundreds of YT videos a MONTH! I am going to write a blog post about this one.

Absolutely - there's nothing wrong with repurposing your own content. You've created it and it's sensible to present it on multiple platforms.

I'm just sick and tired of certain groups of people thinking it's okay to steal the work of others for their own monetary gain.

Hey Glen, nice video!
So did you use Lumen5 to create that video from your own blog post AND did it provide the images and permitted use of background music too (I've heard you need to be very careful about using any music in background that can be unintended copyright of the music).
Also I'll eagerly await your review of other video software app and how it compares to Lumen5, as I want to get into YouTube this year but haven't yet.
Much appreciated :)

I think, regardless of the copyright violation aspect, if someone takes content that someone else has created without their consent, to create something for their own gain, they're the worst kind of scumbag.

Stealing the content that other people have worked so hard to produce is what puts a lot of people off creating in the first place.

I've noticed a trend for blog posts to be converted to videos using text-to-speech software just to garner advertising revenue. That's theft and the people that do it are lazy, immoral, and deserving of every kind of ill-fortune that might find them.

Absolutely don't do that. Use your own content, perhaps write your own version of the video yourself, but creating what you describe would be stealing their content and you wouldn't want someone to do that to you, right? Plus, if that owner reports it, you could get in trouble with YouTube for even more headaches.

It's not me. A marketer is offering a training program that costs $197.

The course teaches how to use video software to convert blog posts into a video with ads to post on YouTube. Their example uses the ClickFunnel blog RSS feed to automatically create and post videos to YT.

Ah, good to know. Acceptable if it's your content being converted, not if it's someone else's content.

so why not start embedding your sitename into your videos - so when translating at least you get a mention.
it is similar when paople copy your posts - there is a plugin to add your site details when info is copied - most who copy it are tool lazy to go through it and just post it.
had this happen and they are beating me in serps!!- complained and they just updated with a few different words - still beating me!!

Which plug in is that that shows you details of who copied your content? And does it show the IP address of them? What about if they do this in Chrome Icognito mode?

its the opposite way around - it adds your site details to the copied post - i think it says something like 'copied from xx . com' and most copiers don't notice it.
there is a plugin to prevent right click copying, but you can still use the F key to open the page source if you really want to- but reduce the casual copier.

Thank you, can you please tell me the name of those plugin(s). I'd like to check them out. Thanks so much

it looks like this one is the most popular for disable right click
WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click
this one appears to cover both
Copyright Proof
or to add a link to your site when copied then try
Add Link to Copied Text

note i don't use any of these, they are just form the bit of research i have done
good luck using them - try them out on a test site first.

Thanks so much for your kindness :)

YouTube has a Creative Common filter that allows owners of videos to grant reuse to everyone else including editing the videos. The copyright still belongs to the original owner but he or she has granted reuse.

To find it, search for a keyword, then on the upper left of the screen you should see a FILTER option.

There are still some restrictions with Creative Commons and you should explore it more to see if they satisfy your goals. Also, I am not a lawyer so cannot offer any legal advice and this should not be misconstrued as any such advice.

Best Regards,

I realize now that my answer isn't exactly what you were asking, but the method could be used when looking for relevant videos to repurpose.

I do agree with the others to generally stay away from outright copying peoples' blog posts for any reason. That's looking for trouble. It's a good idea to get permission from site owners before doing this and to credit them with the content. Make sure you have their agreement in an email or writing as they may forget they made verbal agreements.

I have used YT videos on my websites when the owner has allowed reuse.

This issue involves converting written blog content into video.

Hi Glen, another member has had someone do this to her without permission. Personally I think it's morally reprehensible. As for legally...I'm not a lawyer, but I simply wouldn't do it because it's another form of plagiarism.

😱 Yikes! I checked it out and commented on her post.

Also what about the other way around, can you legally and ethically repurpose a YouTube video into a blog post IF you are not the original content creator?
I have seen video software that takes a YouTube. and converts the blog post into text for posting on a blog.
Advice and comments please

You can always repurpose your own content.

As I now understand it, they cannot take or your content without your permission except for some limited situations.

It's not a good thing definitely, unless you have the blessings of the author.

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Is anyone available at jaaxy support?

Is anyone available at jaaxy support?

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Getting Started

The Jaaxy Contact Support form is not working!

Featured Comment

Yes, you have direct access to the owners of Jaaxy here at Wealthy Affiliate (Carson and myself). I would say that is your best route.

We will look to see why that form is not working though and get it fixed right away. Should be fixed by tomorrow at latest.

Thanks, Kyle.

I sent you a PM early this morning (EDT).

Everyone is having this problem. It is frustrating I hope someone fixes this soon; It has been going on for about 2 weeks. I think they are updating the program.

We apologize for this, if you ever have any issues with any platform that we run here, please bring it to our attention right away. ;)

I hope you get this sorted out soon, Glen.


Yes, it most definitely will.

Thank you, Kyle.


I'm sorry you had to face that Glen! As Andre and Mary have already stated, support is your best bet. I hope it gets sorted speedily.

WA site support should be able to handle it....just submit a ticket.

Send a ticket to Site support they can handle it from there.

I think there should be a distinction between technical and customer support. The site support ticket system is set up for tech support.

Yes as I have seen with Kyle's response. At least we now know who to contact that is the main thing. I hope the issue gets resolved quickly.

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How does jaaxy search analysis determine # of backlinks?

How does jaaxy search analysis determine # of backlinks?

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Keyword, Niche and Market Research

How does Jaaxy Search Analysis determine number of backlinks?

The Jaaxy search analysis data details shows my blog post with 8,800 backlinks.

That is a great question Glen, I bet Google Webmaster tools has a different number.

I'm curious too. Squinting at your graphic, I figured out the url and went there. You certainly have a lot (to me a gargantuan) number of visitors today, so you should be able to track where they are coming from in Google Analytics.

it may come from the alexa site - but it would be good to hear it from Carson.

How do we submit recommended changes to the comment system?

How do we submit recommended changes to the comment system?

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The Wealthy Affiliate Platform

I set up my personal interests to comment on appropriate pages and posts. I received a comment request for a woman's beauty product. The interests checkoff list does not includ

Sound like a winning idea, Glen.

Thanks, Maxine. I do wish the interests were defined a little better. For example, the business category because it is so big. Many of the business category comment requests I see belong in shopping or shopping and product reviews. I don't have either of these two checked as an interest.

Hey Glen, I think that is a great idea. A product like lipstick is probably something many males have no interest in reading or commenting about. :)

I could have probably used the information in the base foundation stick product review comment request. :)

I have a dermatologist appointment coming up. And I am expecting the worse as the dermatologist suggested postponing the appointment after I returned from vacation.

OMG Glen, foundation does hide those blemishes you guys just don't know what you are missing out on. :)

I wish it were just blemishes. But the sins of my youth have caught up to me. I told my dermatologist that if I knew that I would be laying on my stomach shirtless on the medical table, I would have not laid on the beach shirtless and without a hat during my early years.

Yeah, when you are young, you tend to not listen and just do it even if you are warned. You live and you learn. Best of luck!

Good idea.

One way is to go to help center, select Carson in the premium coaches and send him your suggestion that way. This way adds your suggestion as a comment on Carson's profile which other people can see. He may reply there to your suggestion.

As far as I know there is not a general "suggestions box". I would assume that it would be hard to manage because I am sure that a lot of WA members have great ideas and a lot of them on reflection may be duplicates.

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Why isnt there a language filter on comment offers?

Why isnt there a language filter on comment offers?

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The Wealthy Affiliate Platform

I wanted to offer comments in response to requests. based on my interests. However, I only want to offer responses on a specific language. Language choice should be one of the

That's right we cannot comment on a site if we cannot understand the language. So I barely ask for a comment on what I've written in my own language unless WA will intend to bring it to those who can understand.

That is a good suggestion. I don't know, though, if many people write responses in anything but English. I can see that a filter that includes language choice would make things easier for lots of folks.

It is difficult to read, review, and comment on a page/post that is in a language I don’t understand.

I can certainly understand that.

I agree it would be a great feature to have. I had to use google translate to help, but it's not quite the same as typing in your normal language.

I agree with you Glen, there should be a filter on comment languages.

That is a great idea Glen,

Carson is in Los Vegas right now, but you could send him a private message with this suggestion (Carson is the coding guru) and I'm sure he will agree with you... and even set the "wheels in motion" to add this filter.

The only language option that I'm aware of, is the ability to report a site if it isn't English.

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