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June 19, 2018
This is a surprise!I received an invitation to join the Quora Partner Program. So I did.The Quora Partner Program is designed to strengthen the Quora community by ensuring there are always good questions on subjects of interest to people around the world.The Partner Program is simple. Add interesting questions.Help them get good answers.Get paid as questions and answers become useful to others.I have been providing answers to questions for awhile now. I am not sure when I started. But my answer
June 15, 2018
I took a few days off from business building and away from the house. We drove to Fort Jackson, South Carolina to attend a grandson's graduation from Army Basic Combat Training (bootcamp).It was a great couple of days visiting on Family Day and watching the graduation ceremony with the training brigade passing in review.Now, he is headed to individual training school at Fort Eustis, Virginia to become a helicopter mechanic. And I am headed back to my home office to sort through a ton of email a
What's wrong with kids these days? And, by kids, I mean anyone born after 1980.But saying "no problem" seems to be a generational thing.When I say, "thank you," I don't want to hear "no problem." I am of an older generation.I say "thank you" to acknowledge something done for me. If it is a problem for someone to do something, they should say so up front.Saying "no problem" afterwards implies it may have been a problem. Or the task could have been or may be a problem in the future.Putting togeth
June 08, 2018
Like many others, I occasionally struggle to come up with new blog post ideas.So I go back and look at my older blog posts to see if I should update them.Reasons to update old content include:adding new content (new videos, for example)learning new techniques to addrevising or updating keywords to stay currentreaching a new audienceeliminating strategies that don't work (anymore)If you have not seen Brian Dean's blog, it is a worthwhile read. He does not have many posts on his blog, But they ar
This blog post walks you through setting your website to show either a static page or blog roll on your home page.There are two ways to set this up in WordPress as follows:Using the WordPress navigation menu orUsing the Theme Appearance customization menuRemember to SAVE all changes.Using the WordPress Navigation MenuIn the left hand column WordPress Navigation menu, scroll to the Settings selection and select "Reading" to open the Reading settings.Once the Reading settings are displayed, choos
Favorite Professional Reading ListI have been told so many times...Earners are learners!Staying current with website development, marketing, etc., etc., is difficult to do when there are so many pressing issues.But it is important to set aside some time every week for personal and professional development.Or else you will be left behind. So in the spirit of sharing, this is my list of favorite Reads:CopybloggerNeil Patel's Quick Sprout newsletterBrian Dean's Backlinko Blog newsletterSmart Passi
Sometimes we get overly concerned about keywords when developing our website content.Hopefully, the following information will help put this into perspective.According to Google,"Google ranking systems sort through hundreds of billions of webpages in the Search index to give you useful and relevant results in a fraction of a second."To this end, the Google Search Algorithm looks into the meaning of your search query words (among other things).In other words, Google is interpreting search querie
Yay!!It is Monday May 21st, my 2nd year anniversary at Wealthy Affiliate.Thanks a million to the Wealthy Affiliate community.I am thankful to have found Wealthy Affiliate. I was very reluctant to join since I had been marketing online for so many years already. But I did not know what I did not know. Wealthy Affiliate training filled in the gaps and taught me some new skills. Consequently, my websites are far better than what they used to be.
D'oh!I just had a "D'oh" moment (in reference to Homer Simpson).I just realized that I never set up my blog page on my website. Consequently, my blog posts were only showing up in the right hand column under "Recent Posts."I had forgotten to choose a Post Page in my WordPress administrative menu when I set up my website 2 years ago!So I updated the Settings/Reading by adding the Posts page "Blog" and updating my website navigation menu to include the Blog page.Success!What a simple, but profoun
May 18, 2018
When the going gets tough and you need an attitude adjustment, try these 7 Easy Steps to Improve Your Attitude.Enjoy your weekend!