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January 20, 2019
I decided to take a short vacation at the last moment. It is easy to do when you work for yourself.Now I am sitting poolside using my little iPad writing this post. I can’t do much with it. And that is the whole point. I have thought about buying a laptop and joining the road warrior crowd. But then bringing a laptop along defeats the purpose of getting away from it all (most everything).Bottom line:I love affiliate marketing!Sweet! Checking email, I see deposits from sales being deposite
I had a recent website comment disapproved for a lame excuse.But first, I failed to understand that not everyone is concerned about user experience. They focus on sales or whatever the current Call to Action flavor is.Here is the reason:Disapproval Reason: leading people away from my call to action to find hotels using my website not helpful for my websiteSeriously, Dude!?The website is promoting hotel AND airfare deals to Tokyo, Japan. Not everyone can afford a good hotel and airfare to Japan
I am confused.I throw this out to the people of this community for comment and discussion. Because I can't imagine I am the only one.I am not complaining. I just want to understand the numbers and associated impact.The following images visually represent the disconnect I am seeing between SiteHealth and PageSpeed Insights.My SiteHealth shows 30% for Plugins because I have 8 active plugins.Yet, the PageSpeed Insights shows good scores for the homepage and posts/pages.It seems to me that if the P
December 01, 2018
I decided to pull the plug on a website this evening.It had crashed 7 times in 14 days. And by crashed, I mean I could not log into the WordPress Admin area, or there was a database error message, or if I got in, I couldn't do anything except move the mouse around the screen.My site had been hacked according to Site Support. Some of the .php files were rewritten and malware added to the site.The source of the hack may have been an older plug-in. My guess it was a redirection plugin.I copied som
November 15, 2018
Since September 21st, I have had one of my websites go down 5 times. Instead of displaying my home page, all I see is a big error message saying:Error establishing a database connectionTechnical support again tells me it was a temporary issue.A seemingly weekly event does not appear to be a temporay issue. This is frustrating and annoying. Especially, when trying to call it a day and wanting to do something else like eating dinner.While techical support response is quick, it is also reactive to
November 10, 2018
I frequently use the phrase "onward and upward" as do other members here at Wealthy Affiliate.To me, it is an encouragement to continue to achieve, to continue getting better because the future will be better.The phrase "onward and upward" is attributed to George Washington Doane, Bishop of New Jersey, from his poem, "What Is That, Mother" (1825) when describing the flight of an eagle.The "Dictionary of Cliches" by James Rogers credits "The Present Crisis" poem by James Russell Lowell for this
I have neglected my Twitter account for way too long. I imagine many others have ignored theirs as well.I recently found an old article I published in my newsletter years ago. I have dusted it off and updated it in the form of a list. Good Twitter Hashtag HabitsMake your hashtags easy to spell and remember. Add only 2 hashtags to your tweets. Remember the children's story, Goldilocks? One is too few and more than 2 is too many. But 2 is just right as statistics show us.Research your hashtags. S
I have been building my online business for 20+ years. And I am still learning.To succeed, we all need to continually learn. Whether it is SEO or content marketing skills, it does not matter.I was thinking about a discussion I had with one of the grand kids while attending high school graduation for one of the other grand kids. I made the comment that high school graduation is a big deal and celebrated by many. Because for too many of the graduates, this event will be the highlight of their liv
September 25, 2018
Finally!I finished a blog post about making homemade dog food for my rescue dog.I don't know why it took several weeks to put this together.It is only about 1,000 words.I cannot say:life got in the wayI was on vacationI was distractedI am a newbie doing this.I use an outline to draft posts and articles.This article took extra research because nutrition can be complex with terms like macro- and micro-nutrients, etc.But it tooks hours and hours over a 3 week period to put it all together.So, yes
September 19, 2018
What is Click to Tweet?and...Why you should Click to Tweet.What is Click to Tweet?Click to Tweet is a plugin or application that enables you to share your website content on the social media site, Twitter.But instead of sharing the entire content, page or blog post, Click to Tweet shares a quote or a piece of content. Or even a picture.I have added to following Click to Tweet box to one of my blog posts.How to Share Content via Click to TweetWordPress Plugins - Either stand alone Click to Tweet