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July 09, 2019
I love affiliate marketing and the passive income it generates!My wife and I took a long weekend over the Fourth of July and headed into forests of Connecticut for a little rest and relaxation. Mostly to get away from the house and daily routine.It was a few days of no email, content research or development, and the other odds and ends associated with an affiliate marketing business.Now, I am back at it.Going through the thousands of emails that accumulated while gone.It is nice, to say the lea
As we approach the end of the Super Affiliate Challenge Month 2, I took a look back at my progress.Yikes!The good news is I surpassed my content writing goals of number of articles and words. I wrote 13 articles totally 20,720 words for an average of 1,594 words per article. While I exceeded the SAC average word count, I fell short of my personal goal of 1,900 words per article.The focus of this month has been adding posts related to my first pillar article. I have also been working on my secon
June 28, 2019
I made significant improvements in my pagespeed times.I have been using a new Chrome browser web app from GoogleChromeLabs called "Squoosh" to quickly and easily squoosh image file sizes before I upload them.It is an easy app to use. I either drag and drop or select an image. Users can choose from a variety of compression standards including MozJPEG, OptiPNG, and Google’s WebP. A small slider quickly adjusts the level of compression and shows the amount of compression.A second vertical s
Several days ago, I posted an article about a YouTube member copying content from other sites and creating videos to post on YouTube. the time, the content thief's YouTube channel looked like this:The IM Review Central included a number of Wealthy Affiliate members' content.The purloined content video now looks like this:One down and probably more to come.The guy behind this YouTube channel developed a markting tra
Unfortunately, Wealthy Affiliate members' website content is being converted into videos and posted on YouTube.Blog posts are being copied word-for-word by a video software application and converted into a video with a voice over (text to speech). You may want to visit this YouTube site to see if any of your content has been copied. From what I can tell the Blog titles are also copied. The link is are several Wealthy Affiliate reviews
I received my three-year dedication badge this morning.This anniversary snuck up on me. I never expected to stay this long. I joined Wealthy Affiliate in 2016 to validate my accumulated training over the years. At the time, I did not know what I didn't know about website development and online marketing. I started my internet marketing adventure in the last century. I developed my websites using an HTML editor like Kompozer. They were very rudimentary compared to what we can do now. Also, I wro
May 18, 2019
Rank Math is a new SEO plugin for 2019.I have been using the Rank Math SEO plugin on my new site for almost a month now.I will be replacing All In One as well as Yoast on my other sites. I found the Rank Math plugin easy to set up. It imported my AIO settings without problem. Also, it was easy to integrate with Google Search Console.The following screenshots highlight some features I like.This screenshot is the Rank Math plugin page showing the modules available. Rank Math users can choose whic
May 12, 2019
The end of the first SAC month is rapidly approaching.It is both challenging and exciting. I ramped up my content development thanks to Kaju's inspiration in one of his recent posts. was slow getting content development ramped up because of the time I took to develop my website framework. Plus it took longer than expected to complete my 7,000 word pillar page.Current statistics:Post count: 8Word Coun
The Palo Alto Networks® global threat intelligence team reported on a multi-year affiliate marketing spam campaigns designed to deceive individuals, scam, and profit off of people’s desire to change their lives.The initial focus was on the "snake oil" products that were clearly fake such as weight loss and brain enhancement pills. The research looked at “pre-sell” deceptive celebrity endorsement pages. Celebrities like Gwen Stefani, Jennifer Lopez, Stephen Hawking, and oth
I am currently on a constant bearing, decreasing range as I continue to progress towards a collision with success (goals).It took me a bit longer to complete my list of 50 low competition keywords than originally planned. I spent extra time checking competition.Regarding content, I have published 2 posts of approximately 1500 words each. Also, I am working on a pillar article, which is currently 6,600+ words long. My goal is 5,000 words. So some of the content will become sub-topics.I spent som