Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Fun Facts

Last Update: Mar 7, 2019



Around 40% of the world population has an internet connection today.

Google searches performed today: 3.8+ Billion and counting.

According to Wikipedia, Search Engine Marketing is a "form of internet marketing that involves the promotion of websites by increasing their visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) primarily through paid advertising."

Increasing visibility is accomplished through search engine optimization best practices to adjust or rewrite website content and architecture to improve SERPs.

That is what we do at Wealthy Affiliate.

Speaking of SERPs, Rand Fishkin shows that almost 35% of Google search terms are 4 or more words long. Google search query by length:

Using long-tailed keywords is crucial to your marketing success. Long-tailed keywords are less competitive because they are narrowly focused.

According to a May 2018 survey conducted by Adeptmind, 34.6% of U.S. internet users started product searches on Google first.

Bottom line: There are plenty of opportunities to succeed.

Recent Comments


When your mind is right you find opportunities are everywhere.

Exactly. We love to write about our chosen niche. And there are people who love to read about our niche.

Thats a little gem in our everyday task towards a productive and paying website, many thanks for your post.

Thanks, Paul. It shows there is an audience for our websites.

That is a cool post now we all know what we need to do is add those long-tail words. Thank you for such a cool post.


You are welcome, Mary. Kinda puts it all in perspective.

I am happy that you have some perspective on this I am working on that so it gives me some perspective too.


Thanks for commenting, Mary. I think the numbers go hand in hand with the idea that when we develop content we are providing our unique insight into our chosen niche based on our experiences, training, education, etc. There is an audience for each of us.

You are so very welcome it was my pleasure. Yes, I agree with you and we do have an audience for each of us. Each of our niches is unique because we put our own spin on them.


With your great post we can really see that
we can all have our piece of cake.

Have a nice weekend!

Thanks, Ingrid. You have a nice weekend as well.

The numbers show that we don't need a very big piece of the cake to do well.

Compare your search results on Yahoo and Bing. Then check same on Google. I'll bet you Google is lower. Be thorough, don't just run 20 keywords for your posts.

Let's just get to the chase for those of you members who make more than $1K in revenue per month now. BTW, i started here at WA with Nooooo knowledge, I just followed the training 3 years ago. Finish your WA traing classes!

Google is DEAD. Do not concern yourself with Google slams - for those of you who have largely lost their revenue. If you have lost the majority of your traffic since last August. Let me know.

We can start a thread at WA that makes sense to you and me.

My posts definitely rank higher on Bing than they do on Google. I agree that everyone should complete the training. Complete all of it; not just cherry pick topics.

Thanks for sharing the statistics. It shows very encouraging progress in the internet world and the opportunity for success. I totally agreed with your point of view.

Have a great weekend ahead,

Thank you, Agnes. You have a great weekend as well.


Seeing those statistics is awe-inspiring, Glen. The opportunities are out there.
Thanks and have a great weekend coming up!
C & P

You are welcome, C & P. Have a great weekend!

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