Google SERP and Intent Marketing

Last Update: May 21, 2018

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Sometimes we get overly concerned about keywords when developing our website content.

Hopefully, the following information will help put this into perspective.

According to Google,

"Google ranking systems sort through hundreds of billions of webpages in the Search index to give you useful and relevant results in a fraction of a second."

To this end, the Google Search Algorithm looks into the meaning of your search query words (among other things).

In other words, Google is interpreting search queries based on a semantic approach. Their synonym system helps Search know what you mean, even if a word has multiple definitions.

For example, I ran this search to repair my broken washing machine (I actually need a new drain pump). The query shows how Google is interpreting my query.

What does this mean to you?

Google is trying to undertand what you are writing in your posts and articles. Their purpose is to categorize your content to match with the intent of a searcher's Google search query. Is the query a very specific search or a broad query.

From my prior post, we should be considering our visitor's intent.

So back to my washing machine repair.

My query is about finding information about fixing my washing machine. The query is not specific enough to determine that I have transactional intent. Because I am not looking for either repair parts or repair services.

Searching for repair services returns different results which reflect content that has been localized.

TAKEAWAY: Write content that matches the intent of the reader using good keywords. Also identify semantically related words that Google may consider identical to your keywords.

Recent Comments


Very interesting. What I notices as well when you type in your search the word broken. In your results a few came up with the word fix. This is good to know.

So if I do a search for I need money. Most lightly, where I can get a loan may show up in my queries which was a broad one. This brought some new light to my keyword research, Glen, thanks!

Thanks. I am glad it helped.

You are right Glen. It is all about what people want and how Google interprets those needs. We need to think like Google. Great advice.

Thanks, Rika. I appreciate you reading and commenting.

It's amazing how the right words, in the right sequence, can make all the difference in the world!

Good info, good point.


Thanks, Laurel. It goes to show that it takes more than just low competition keywords.

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