Who Else Wants to Build an eCommerce Store in 2019?

Last Update: Jan 4, 2019

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Who Else Wants to Build an eCommerce Store?

First I want to wish you all a very Happy and Prosperous New Year.

As I had alluded to at the very end of last year I am going to begin a Training Series on building an eCommerce Store.

Together over the upcoming months we will build a complete eCommerce Store together. You will look over my shoulder as I build a complete site from scratch. You will see as I use traffic methods to drive traffic and get your first sale.

What Will I Cover?

In my course I will cover:

  • How to set up Your eCommerce Business
  • How your eCommerce Store can double or triple your WA income
  • How you can have a store full of products and not spend a dime upfront.
  • Installing and setting up the ProShop theme
  • Installing and setting up WooCommerce
  • Installing and setting up AliDrop drop-shipping plugin
  • Installing and setting up Stripe to take payments
  • How to get professional looking Graphics for your Logo and Header
  • How to use WA methods to promote your store products
  • How to create a Facebook Page for Your New Store the Right Way
  • What you need to do to build a massive following on your Facebook page
  • How to monetize your page by selling products to your subscrivers
  • How to create a YouTube Channel
  • The proper way to post your videos on YouTube
  • How to create quick Videos to put on your YouTube Channel
  • How to monetize your YouTube Channel by selling products from your store
  • Tools that I use to help automate process
  • And Much More...

How Much Will This Cost?

The training I'm providing you will cost you nothing. However, this is a business and I am going to ask you to purchase a few items to build this business.

ProShop - $39.00

ProShop is a child theme developed by WooCommerce and sits on top of the Free StoreFront theme they have. ProShop is one of many child themes you could use but is my favorite. You may use any of the eCommerce compatible child themes offered by WooCommerce. The training I will be providing will use ProShop so all settings that teach you how to set will be in this specific theme.

AliDrop - $89.00

AliDrop is a drop shipping plugin that works seamlessly with AliExpress. AliExpress is the place we will be sourcing our products from for this training. The plugin will allow you to choose and instantly add products to your store as well as automate the process of fulfilling orders.

As we progress through the training I may also suggest additional paid programs and tools that will help to automate your traffic generation and allow you to spend less time managing your store and more time doing the things you like.

Why Would You Want to Follow this Training?

The biggest reason you will want to follow this training is it's a natural progression in your Wealthy Affiliate Training.

Most affiliate programs that you use in WA pay very small amounts of money for each sale. When you setup your eCommerce store and use the methods in Wealthy Affiliate to promote it you get 100% of the sale. In most cases this is going to be 3 to 5 times the money you would make on each sale.

You could potentially Double or Triple Your Income

The Teaser

I want to take a moment and put a bit of what I call a teaser. I'm going to share one of the methods I use to drive traffic to my eCommerce stores. I will be covering this method in great detail in the training. As I said this is just a teaser.

The Facebook Page Method

Everybody who has followed any eCommerce training will know that they teach Facebook ads to drive traffic. Facebook Ads can be very frustrating cost you a lot of money and until you find the hidden formula you spend way more than you make. Once you master how to do it you can scale to massive amounts of income. The majority run out of money first.

My Facebook method is not a paid method.

Let me ask you a Question, Which is better to build a Facebook page around You or around a Brand or specific niche?

The correct answer is Brand! Why do people come to Facebook? To be entertained. That is the short and simple answer. So if you build a simple Facebook page around your niche and you post to it often with pictures and content and other things you will build a big following.

Because this page is built around the Store Niche you will be able to occasionally do posts about products in your store.

So let's expand on this a bit.

This is the Facebook Page called Crazy Cats

As you will see in the red box above Crazy Cats has 38,000 people who follow the page.

I urge you to take a look at the page here:

Crazy Cats Facebook Page

When you look at the page you are going to find lots of pictures of cute cats some with little sayings that make people laugh.

Why do all these people follow this page?

  1. They Like Cats
  2. They Get Enjoyment from the Posts and Pictures

So if you have a store that sells things for cats. What do you think would happen if you put up a picture of some cat product and you said something like:

"I bought this for my cat and she loves it"

Do you think people might go to your store to look at it.

Let's source our cat related product

Here we have a Cat Rolling Pin on AliExpress for $6.92. What do you think people would be willing to purchase this for?

Do you think if your store sold this for $13.95 people would buy it?

Look at what these rolling pins are selling for. $14.84 to $37.95 is what I found with a quick Google Search above.

So Yes, People will spend $13.95 and you will have almost doubled your profit.

If you posted a picture on your Cat Page on Facebook of this rolling pin and said "This is really cute". Do you think people would click through to your store. Would they buy when the see you have a really good price?

You bet they will. Plus you will make $7.03 in profit for each sale.

This is a great method and in the actual training I will teach you how to build the page correctly, how to get followers, and how to monitize the correct way. Addtionally I'm going to point you to tools to automate this.

In Closing

I hope you see the power in having your own eCommerce store. As you see above I'm going to be teaching you how to enhance your Wealthy Affiliate Business by showing you how to use your eCommerce store to sell products and offer you a larger profit per sale.

This could double or triple your income for 2019.

I'm going to be teaching you other methods to drive traffic as well. These methods can be used for other sites or products you promote as well.

Who Else Wants to Build an eCommerce Store?

Leave me a comment and click the like button so other can join the fun when we start our training.

- Glen B

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Recent Comments


Hi Glen,
Whilst I'm not sure that I'm ready to build an eCommerce store yet, I do want to learn so that when I am ready I'm in a better position to do it.
I'm really looking forward to this training and I thank you for creating it.

Glad to do it Mia!

- Glen B

Sounds great! I need this! Thank you so much for your willingness to put the time into doing this to help others! Looking forward to it and if I can master it, I will gladly help others do the same :)

Thank you!


My Pleasure Fae!

- Glen B

Awesome Glen, I'm already making attempts at drawing up the schematics for my store and trying to really get some perspective on the items I want to sell in my store, I got ideas indeed.

Sounds Good Rodney!

- Glen B

I decided to start here at WA learning the amazing affiliate program that is offered here. I would be interested in starting the training for the eCommerce site as a second avenue to help expand my future in online marketing. Thanks for the offer.

Ever Forward,
Joe Maggio Jr

Glad to Help Joe!

- Glen B

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and skill, Glen! I couldn’t hold on to my dropshipping and stopped it :o)

This one can be done for zero cost but will require a bit more work Terand.

- Glen B

Thank you, Glen! Now, I just focus on one WA. When I’m ok, I’ll add on :o)

Perfect Terand. When your ready to expand your WA using your eCommerce Store as your products to promote you will be able to increase your profit per sale.

- Glen B

Yes, definitely! I’ll get it done when my WA is going smoothly and doing well :o)

I love this, sounds like fun too!
Thank you!!
Kind regards,
Nurse Becca

Glad You Like it Nurse Becca!

My Girlfriend is an RN.

- Glen B

Hi Glen,

This is very generous of you to offer this training.
I am very interested and anxious to get involved with it.

Have a great day.


Happy to offer the training Jules!

- Glen B

Much appreciated Glen,
Thanks again and enjoy your day.


I've been really interested in learning about this for a while now, so this would be great!!! :)

Awesome Janis, Stay Tuned in!!

- Glen B

Will do! Thank you!

How far into the training will my referrals have to pay the $89.? I know they will ask that. Can they get started on the training with the $39 Pro Shop? Then pay the $89 a little down the road. I know a few that will ask me that as they are barely able to do the Premium right now.

Hi Mark,

Thanks for the feedback and very good questions.

Anyone can follow along the training without purchasing anything. You can do everything manually but that would certainly not be ideal.

On the theme you can go with just the Woo Storefront theme and add the child theme later. On the AliDrop it just makes thing so much easier.

So I will include in my training how to do it without the plugin and then with the plugin.

This way anyone can follow the training with no out of pocket then when they make a few bucks automate.

- Glen B

Great Glen. Looking forward to the training. Have watched all the tutorials and looking forward to adding this to my website as a sub-domain to my Personal Training site. Will work great together.

Hope you had a good holiday season and as fired up as I am for 2019! 5 figure month or BUST!


Now that is even better..i just might have an ecoomerce before the end of yr if i could do that i am a liltle familiar with ali think my account is still active to

Sounds interesting...would like to know more.

See more comments

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