Grasping the Concept of Text Links

Last Update: July 19, 2018

I have seen some questions surrounding the topic of linking keywords or text to your affiliate link. So I thought I would give a quick overview. More detailed instructions can be found in the training see the link at the bottom of this post.

What is a HyperLink or Link?

A text link is no more than the HTML (WebPage Code Or Language) way to link text so that when it is clicked on it will go to the specified link or URL. The URL is the web address you would type in the browser to get to a specific page.

How to Create a HyperLink

The icon that usually represents a hyperlink or link for short is two chainlinks together. Like this example of our Wealthy Affiliate Post toolbar:

When you click on the link you will be shown a screen similar to this:

As specified in the image above the area that says URL is where you place the browser URL to your affiliate link or any website location you wish people to end up on.

The Text section is what you want the link to say in your text. An example below.

You then click on the insert button and the link will be created at the location of your cursor when you started the process.

What does a correct HyperLink Look Like?

A text link looks like this when it's been applied properly:

My Keyword Linked to Wealthy Affiliate

It will almost always be represented by a different color text underlined as above. Different WordPress themes often adjust the color but they will be similar maybe just a different color. Sometimes they don't have an underline and sometimes they will change color when the cursor goes over them.

When you click on the hyperlink it will take you to the URL that you specified.

Where to get your WA Affiliate Link

Since members were asking this question because they wanted to link keywords or text to the wealthy affiliate link I thought that I would explain where these links are within WA.

While I'm not sure that linking keywords directly to your affiliate link is a good idea, again I refer you to the training, and support here at WA as it is the best source for those kinds of questions.

So let's get to how to get those links.

In the top menu bar you will see a Dollar Sign $ in a white circle. You will click on that and it will bring up the following:

Click on the Links and Tracking to bring up your link screen.

There are different links you can use depending on where you want to send your prospect. The main link is usually used for a first time visitor to your site and you can use any of the other links to get to that part of the WA system. You can see the page by clicking on the link. You would simply copy the link to use it as your URL in the hypelink.

You can also create your own custom links which is really nice as it lets you personalize the look of the landing page and make it more of your own.

There is also excellent training on this in the Training Section here at WA as part of the Online Entrepreneur Certification:

In Conclusion

I hope this has helped you have a little bit of a better understanding of how to create hypelinks, where to get your WA Links, and how to have those hyperlinks go to your affiliate link.

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To Your Success!
- Glen

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