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For those of you interested in the history of the British Monarchy, I wrote a post on my personal blog about Elizabeth Woodville and her marriage to King Edward IV. The king's death and taking of the crown by King Richard III brought the beginning of the Tudor Dynasty with the ascension of King Henry VII. is my personal interest and not related to business in any way.Thank you for visiting my blog!Gina Gon
In honor of Wolf Hall which recently aired on Masterpiece on PBS, I wrote a post on my personal blog about the six wives of King Henry VIII. thought I would share it here for any of you that also enjoy Tudor history.Thank you for visiting my blog!Gina Gonzalez
This lady is seriously funny on the subject of social media marketing. Her short Facebook description: "Grandma Mary is a slightly cranky Social Media Edutainer. Learning about social media is wayyy more fun with Grandma Mary."Grandma Mary Says: Don't Be Afraid to Be Different page!
April 27, 2015
Hello my friends! Please give toptoday a warm welcome. Tell them why you like WA or give them a tip. They have a message from me telling them I would introduce them to the WA community so they are expecting to hear from you. Thank you! Gina
April 16, 2015
Do you know when you are going to websites looking for ways to earn money and products to enhance your websites, you are sometimes getting malware installed on your computer without knowing it? Malware is often setup on these websites on purpose to track you, get your personal information, and can damage your computer. Go to and click on the For Home button to download their FREE tool to get this stuff off of your computer and protect it. https://www.malwarebyte
April 14, 2015
Had to report that I just started sharing my website, instead of the referral links, on Facebook about 4 days ago. I looked at my home page today and there have been 50 FB shares and a few twitter shares from readers! Very few clicks on WA from my website, but it is progress and it looks like some people are actually reading the home page at least! It is encouraging. Last week I sent out a question and received feedback from others to promote my website instead of the affiliate links and follow
April 02, 2015
If you are using Google Chrome and have AdBlock, make sure to pause AdBlock when you are editing your blog. I had it on when I was adding banners to my site, I feel so dumb but the thing is some were showing up on my site and some were not so it took me a while to realize what the problem was. Also, you need to turn it off when you are looking at another member's site. So if you have AdBlock, press the little stop sign and hit pause. I use Chrome with the AdBlock extension instead of Inter