This is for all the Premium and Starter members here at WA. We are looking for honest reviews of Wealthy Affiliate and what you think of the community here at WA. These are going to be used for both our sales page at as well as the Premium upgrade page. Please elaborate on your thoughts (what you like about WA, how you benefit from it, how long you have been at this, etc) :) We appreciate your help here everyone! :) Please leave your review below..
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phakacha8 Premium
I joined WA on the 06/16/2017 a few months ago. Free Membership, being not available for my country compelled to signed up straight for Premium Membership. Remaining for a month on Premium Membership was awesome. The support I received from senior members was matchless. The training I received from WA was exactly the kind I had been looking for too long.

Fully excited with the stuffs I had found in WA, a whole month's stay with it was like only a week long and so I signed up for the Annual enrollment.

Aloha! listen to what I cannot say. WA is simply amazing. The supportive community, the affordable entry fees and the step by step guide to making you a real online pro are the coat-of-arms of WA.
So guys, if you are looking for a business online, come to Wealthy Affiliate University and be benefited from 850000 strong members who are ever ready to guide you and change your life.
bill808 Premium Plus
I've been with WA for five years. I'm a cautious type. I hung around for 6 months trying to figure out where the scam was. During that time I built my first website (free) and made a post for which I was soundly scolded for spamming. I couldn't figure out why warning someone of the danger of a 9-volt battery starting a fire was spam so I hung around another 6 months trying to figure out what was appropriate. A year in, I finally went premium.

I never found the scam. The help I have gotten here both from members and from the formal training has been superb.

I have built several of my own websites and a bunch of websites for others. I get a retainer for maintaining those sites. I've set up an opt-in list and an autoresponder. Very slowly, I am building my list. I have a lot to do to tweak my sites. Too busy working on other people's sites. Traffic to my site is not as much as I want probably because I have not been consistent at adding content.

I have not figured out how to establish a working relationship with any other WA member. While I have been able to do well building and promoting other people's sites I am yet to make an affiliate sale. I've dabbled with JVzoo and CJ but Amazon and Asana have refused to make me an affiliate. They won't tell me why, but I assume it is due to inadequate traffic.

I have joined a mastermind group that specializes in helping people who are in job transition plan their new careers. I recommend affiliate marketing as the best business model for anyone who wants to start their own business. I help progressive politicians organize the IT side of their campaigns and work with associates who are more familiar with the traditional methods of campaigning.

None of this would have been possible without the basic knowledge I learned here at WA.
Kaiker Premium
I have been in WA since Dec 2016 but I have been procrastinating for several months before I actually really took action this year.

There were tonnes of online courses, community, and platform out there which has caused much distraction. In the end, I had found my clarity and purpose and determined to focus on WA platform to build my business.

Wealthy Affiliate is a place where same minded people gather together, sharing the same goals in helping each other to succeed. I have attended lots of paid courses that cost thousands of dollars just for 3 days course, most were more of fine tuning your mindset and teaching you the basic foundation.

What attracts me to WA is how the learning course has been well sorted out, easy for beginners, as well as the whole integrated platform for people to be able to start an online business right away!

Folks here are really helpful and willing to give professional advice, which is very valuable.

Most important WA made it affordable to people who are unable to pay for a huge amount of cost to join the community.

You won't see any kinds upsell of additional marketing strategy, software or tools from Kyle, Carson or WA, which is very common for other courses.

WA has inspired me a lot and it gives me clarity and understanding on the law of attraction. By continuously giving and helping people/community to be successful in their business, it creates a sense of fulfillment, a meaning in life, and purpose.

For me, I will stay on WA for as long as WA is around.

MDobbs Premium
Well today is my third day. And I have been working very hard. The information that has been made available just with the free training through wealthy affiliate is absolutely priceless. I am amazed at the amount of readily available information here. I know that I will be able to create a lucrative business using the techniques that I am learning with this program. The positivity in the encouragement that you gain from your network here is absolutely contagious. It spills over into every other area of your life. At least it has for me. Thank you wealthy affiliate.
Bibian2 Premium
I am here for barely 7 months. I have learned a lot. Everything here is perfectly kept easy and simple. If I get problem today and ask the community, I will get the answer if I don't I will go to the support team where seams to be my last resort. No matter how long it takes I believe the problem will definitely be solved. What it needs is patience. Problems has grade depending on the gravity of the problem. I so much trust WA for my success in this my online business.