This is for all the Premium and Starter members here at WA. We are looking for honest reviews of Wealthy Affiliate and what you think of the community here at WA. These are going to be used for both our sales page at as well as the Premium upgrade page. Please elaborate on your thoughts (what you like about WA, how you benefit from it, how long you have been at this, etc) :) We appreciate your help here everyone! :) Please leave your review below..
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Bibian2 Premium
I am here for barely 7 months. I have learned a lot. Everything here is perfectly kept easy and simple. If I get problem today and ask the community, I will get the answer if I don't I will go to the support team where seams to be my last resort. No matter how long it takes I believe the problem will definitely be solved. What it needs is patience. Problems has grade depending on the gravity of the problem. I so much trust WA for my success in this my online business.
DShensky Premium
I've been here a little over 6 months. I've had my own business for 30+ years and used online marketing for as long as I've had a computer(11 years) and I've still learned new things here. It's also given me the opportunity to test training programs and get feedback from current members. Technology changes so fast there's always new things to learn. I have multiple websites and can dock them from 1 location
Skizix Premium
I've only been a part of Wealthy Affiliate (WA for short) for about 4 days and I immediately saw the benefit of going premium. I also got involved in WA based on the straight-forward, honest approach and the ability to start for FREE! Who does THAT?! Needless to say, once you "test-drive" WA for at least a day and see all the training, coaching and caring community of like minded people that are eager and willing to assist you, it becomes a no-brainer.

The only part that I was leery about at all, was why would a successful duo create a website and community that will teach you exactly what they did to become successful? That was until I read their posts on why they did it and saw how generous they are. Oh and the fact that there are over 2 + billion (with a B) people online everyday, and with almost 1,000,000 members to this community, there is plenty of pie left for everyone to benefit from and get a piece.

Thank you Kyle and Carson for being who you are and doing what you've done.

SEE YOU in VEGAS 2018!!!!

"Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars."
-Norman Vincent Peale
Skydancer1 Premium
I Joined Wealthy Affiliate Dec 2016 Having had a bit of success previously with other forms of online commerce, However I spent years looking in several places for different information like web development or Keyword research or how to get ranked organically rather than just doing Pay Per Click. Having done that I can say that there is nothing else like this program anywhere.

The training here at Wealthy Affiliate is Truly World Class,and all under one roof you get web development, niche marketing , keyword research and step by step training to show you how it all comes together to make a sustainable online business. The Video Webinars are Amazing and Spot On, So much more as well since members create training to share their skills and experience as well, so literally any question you have is answered by searching for it in the portal or posting a question to community.

Wow What a community, with a pay it forward approach the community helps each other and always has your back, You wont find this large of a community with this much help available anywhere else. We all benefit from each others experiences to create our own destiny online. Direct access to the Company founders is a huge plus as well.

It even gets better. The Information here is updated frequently to help members succeed and not just take their money. For example the new Site Content tool is revolutionary within the industry as it will be updated with even more benefits, Just Launched last month(6/17) it is another example of how Wealthy Affiliate is Leading the way in the industry and remains the Gold Standard of All things Online Marketing
AdaU Premium
Wealthy Affiliate is like home based for me, l feel quite comfortable here learning what l don't know about.
The Training and Tools are quite great to follow through.

Its really amazing how one can acquire knowledge over certain things through learning and practice.

Frankly, l got to learn words like SEO, KEYWORDS, RANKING, CONVERSIONS, DOMAINS, NICHE, just to mention few here in WA.

The step by step courses remind me of my college days, l feel my brain refreshed going through the courses here.

Well l must say that information is success, what you know and how to do what you know leads to a lifetime success.

Welcome on board Successful people and l wish you all the best in life.