This is for all the Premium and Starter members here at WA. We are looking for honest reviews of Wealthy Affiliate and what you think of the community here at WA. These are going to be used for both our sales page at as well as the Premium upgrade page. Please elaborate on your thoughts (what you like about WA, how you benefit from it, how long you have been at this, etc) :) We appreciate your help here everyone! :) Please leave your review below..
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BonifaceDjou Premium
Hi I am impressed of Wealthy Affiliate. I am here to stay. The community is awesome.
serious business here no jokes
vercmb Premium
I have found WA and all the affiliates extremely helpful. Being retired recently from 40 years in the medical field I was looking for a fun and rewarding adventure, Wealthy Affiliate has given me that. The training is superb, Kyle, Carson and all the affiliates are always there to answer question and give advise to us "green Horns," The training is concise, thorough, well organized and given in a way that is easily understood by a novice, Thank you WA for giving me this opportunity to a challenging and rewarding second career.
angieina Premium
Hello all!
Well, I have been with WA for less than a week but am already very impressed with the site. Having looked at various ways to make money online ...and been extremely disappointed, I feel there may be `a light at the end of the tunnel` ! It is early days yet and I know I am going to have to work at it being a complete novice but I have hope .It is a very friendly community ,at which, I am enlightened.
rorrock Premium
I don't think I have been here long enough to provide you with a review that would be that much help. But being a premium member has helped given me the drive to push forwards on a number of websites and blogs.
AndrewChhour Premium
Wealthy affiliate has 'life changing knowledge' that gives you the opportunity for success. its given me hope and new life. i have been here almost 2 weeks now and its helped me become more happy, and teach me how to connect with others better. i also have been learning to write more because of the content making and it was something i never thought i would do ever again, after leaving school at 15.
Migdawnaw Premium
Thank you for saving my life i was just a member of the SFM but so much money just dont have but iam ready to make money online thank you i am excited
LouisaB Premium Top 50
Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to start at, and with all sorts of possibilities. There is a great and wonderful community here. Everyone at WA is working on their ultimate goal for success! There is no place like this that give you everything in one package.
Continued Success To You!
DanKenneth Premium
Hello dear friends. I am glad to have joined wealthy affiliate. Its close to three weeks since I joined and also upgraded to premium. The experience here is awesome. I love the training and tasks given through each. These have helped me achieve a lot. The community is so helpful and to the founders Kyle and Carson, thanks for the inspiration.
It feels like I have been around for so long because of the much I have learned in so short a time and yet more is ahead.
This surely is the best online business one can do
agnesmarshal Premium
Hello my friends and WA i like to give thanks to the Community support for helping me through my 7 months of determination in moving forward step by step in this awesome Epic journey, the experience is great slow but still moving forward that still count for your effort i'm still excited about WA and this community definitely no excuse not to move forward after all the answers are there we need to read and search for them or ask questions this is so cool ... catch me if you can, come find me
Lbath5 Premium
Wealthy Affiliate is an amazing site to learn about marketing on the internet, even if you are not of the techie generation. The training is easy to follow, but if you do get stuck there is always someone to help you along the way. As a huge bonus you also meet incredible people from all over the world! This is not a get rich quick scam, but an honest classroom you as the student can apply to your very own website.
I am very pleased to have stumbled upon Wealthy Affiliate and believe you will be too.
Thanks for being here
Jbookbinder Premium
Monday Nov 28 I begin to learn as much as. Possible ,in get on the internet but I need to be the one who need to be on other side of internet.yes I know so many ripoff sites ,just trying to get your money,i realize here is a place to learn and get help
JIllW Premium
It feels good to be able to ask all kinds of questions that you do not have the answer to and get the answer really fast. It is a nice feeling to belong here.