This is for all the Premium and Starter members here at WA. We are looking for honest reviews of Wealthy Affiliate and what you think of the community here at WA. These are going to be used for both our sales page at as well as the Premium upgrade page. Please elaborate on your thoughts (what you like about WA, how you benefit from it, how long you have been at this, etc) :) We appreciate your help here everyone! :) Please leave your review below..
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Doublehaul Premium
Hi jack here founder of my website "I want to work form home full time" and member of Wealthy Affiliate. I am going to tell you my honest opinion of Wealthy Affiliate. what I love most about Wealthy Affiliate is that it allows me to make money from doing what I enjoy and am passionate about.The training videos and content that they provide me with gives me all the knowledge needed to do this .

I am gaining a great understanding of online marketing and how to promote products and services on my websites and other online places i am able to promote them on. i am paid commissions for referrals that I make online. there is so many affiliate programs that i can get involved in to make money online its great. I have gained the knowledge to build websites that i run the affiliate programs through.

what wealthy affiliate allows me personally to do, build up enough money to start my ecommerce business. Gain a good understanding of how to do online marketing. learn how to drive traffic to my websites. connect with people better online and much more.

support and help that i receive and also give to the Wealthy
Affiliate community makes sure that when I am stuck or in need of help, there is always someone willing to help me.

I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate to anyone wanting to make a full time income online.
Chukwunonso1 Premium
looking at wa, it is a good community to join but I am still confused as well. I have built my website so what next? I was assured that I would be carried along all the way but I still don't get some things and would really appreciate it if I'm being clarified.

ericcantu Premium
Don't worry. All you have to do is stick with the training. How far along are you with the Get Started training? That's the green tab on the left. Stick with that, lesson for lesson and you're walked through building your website all the way to content creation and social media marketing and everything else you could think of.
Chukwunonso1 Premium
Thanks Eric. I will do as said. All the best
ericcantu Premium
You too :)
AdaU Premium
good to have you here Chukwunonso, l just started too, but with the help of the Training and Tools am making good progress, just follow through and am positive that you will definitely succeed in this.
all the best.
SylviaMG Premium
I just started with Wealthy Affiliate not too long ago. It seems to be everything that I expected in a business building program and more!

I upgraded to get all the benefits and information on learning so that I may build my business to the best of my ability!

It's nice to have help when you need it! It's always available if you get stuck on something. :D
Olexsandr Premium
Look at my profile if you can tell me what needs to be changed in order to continue working with a rich affiliate
Olexsandr Premium
Many thanks for the help offered.
mbouteiller Premium
I joined with Wealthy Affiliate in December 2015 and it's been a wonderful journey! I had absolutely no knowledge of online business and how to setup a website. I spent couple of years prior searching on the internet looking for ideas on how to make income online and pretty much the ones I had seen offered very little or they were just pure scams.

Today, I'm very proud of my accomplishments of my online business... yes, I have a website!! So much I learned... SEO, how to write content, reviews, understanding customer needs, images, alt text, how to setup menus, how to find quality keywords, etc.

Thanks to Kyle, Carson, Jay and all the members here.. I would not have done this without you! Your tutorials are amazing and very helpful!

As it's been taught here... you need to work hard at it. This is very true. You get out of it what you put into it. I believe in hard work... I've asked lots of questions (68) and had immediate responses back. The nice part, is seeing the successes of others because they're great incentives.

I like how the lessons are all kept up to date with technology constantly changing.

Annual membership fee is very reasonable... I have learned a lot more here than the price I pay annually!

I have absolutely no regrets and look forward to a long relationship with Wealthy Affiliate and the members here!!
OwainCouch Premium
That's great to hear and very inspiring. Something I need right now.
ownonlboss Premium
I won't write my review just yet. I have not either started on my nr #1 recommendation page on any of my sites as of yet.. and that's for one reason: I want to first see the formulae working.. I need to see a 'success' that I can be proud about and can blog about here.

After that I will start promoting WA fully. And sofar I can blame myself for not having achieved that yet. Absolutely not blaming you guys.

But as far as reviewing negatives goes... I'd like to point out that saying in the comparisons that it has 50 websites is a little faulty.. its 25 siterubix subdomains and 25 own registered domains.

Doesn't stop one from running a VPS next to WA though and running another 50 domains ;-) Nor does it stop us from owning two WA accounts to have the double.

But as far as misleading marketing goes, that is one of them. I didn't figure that one out until after I joined WA premium.

Other than that I believe that WA promotion shouldn't go into the direction of overpromising or blacking everyone else. I am sure there are a lot of scammers but we cannot compare apples with pears and I have seen a lot of that happening on Bootcamp related affiliate sites.

Other than these two things.. I am completely happy with WA! Yes! Really! Awesome hosting, awesome courses, awesome positive community, awesome services, awesome live sessions with Jay, awesome sitesupport. Awesome sitemail. Awesome owners! Awesome key members!

Okay.. perhaps 59 USD per month is a bit steep for most people though. I am a happy black friday WA premium, but that isn't everybody.

And while we are at it: Jaaxy is also steep at Enterprise level. But I will do Jaaxy Enterprise as soon as I make money with my blogs.

As for steep prices: when you make money, it's a no-brainer. At the beginning however, you are not yet most likely.