This is for all the Premium and Starter members here at WA. We are looking for honest reviews of Wealthy Affiliate and what you think of the community here at WA. These are going to be used for both our sales page at as well as the Premium upgrade page. Please elaborate on your thoughts (what you like about WA, how you benefit from it, how long you have been at this, etc) :) We appreciate your help here everyone! :) Please leave your review below..
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Ropesa Premium
I joined Wealthy Affiliate on December 2018, when I joined I was very skeptical because I had tried a few programs in the past and I didn’t learn much because there were too many upgrades and my financial situation won’t allow.

Then I found some websites that promised me that I can make money online so I decided to try those websites so I can raise funds and support my training.

Then I quickly found out that in order for me to make money on those websites, I had to pay money first that didn’t make sense to me.

Then I found some survey sites that promised me that I could make money by offering my opinion, after sharing so much personal information My submission would be rejected but they would flood my inbox with spam to a point where I had to delete my email account.

I am sharing this so you can see my point when I say I was skeptical when I joined Wealthy Affiliate.

After joining I took advantage of the 7 day trial and I checked out the program including the support and the customer service, and after a few days I decided to upgrade to premium.

And before the first month was over, I decided to become an annual member because I could see this program was not like any I had tried before.

Wealthy Affiliate has taught me everything about online business the guidance and the support is like no other and I am glad I found Wealthy Affiliate when I did.

I like the community and I like the step by step training offered, I also like that its pocket friendly and beginner friendly.

I like the fact that the owners are involved in the daily activities of the platform and they are accessible.

I like that the site support acts very quickly when I contact them with a problem with my site.

I could go on but I will leave it there for now.

Eyasu5 Premium
I have completed phase two. It's astonishing that all my fears were disappeared. I have got to the training system slowly But WA is wonderful place to get knowledge.
My dream to learn Digital marketing has got the right place to proceed.
I appreciate your step by step approach.

Thanks, Kyle
AmazeCPS Premium
According to my understanding,
When I joined with WA, I had not anything about online, But joining with WA, I learned more about online, affiliate marketing, social media marketing, SEO, content marketing, so many things.

And WA community supports should highly appreciate them and the development team.
There are a lot of leanings materials, for anyone can learn, that much more support to WA members.

There are many supportive tools such as Jaaxy, content, and image support tools.

Earning support blog, tutorials, questions too.

Web site support tools are more help us to get comments, quality check, frequently update check, etc.
many more tools we use for our support.

And I like to suggest if you can consider, some of other SEO management tools, social media management tools, a plagiarism tool, graphics, and video editing tools. That will be more good enough support for members. I don't know it can be possible, only my suggestion.

Thanks so much to check our reviews.

CandP Premium
We knew very little about working online when we decided to start a business, let alone affiliate marketing.
After much research, we realized that internet marketing held the greatest appeal for us.
After careful consideration, we chose Wealthy Affiliate and have never looked back.
The free starter membership is a great way to come on in and check out the program and once you do, you will see the value here.
The owners are real and authentic, the training is in-depth, detailed and fun!
The community at WA is very supportive and there is always somebody who can answer a question for you.
We now have two websites up and running and are working on our third.
We have been here at WA for almost 18 months and have no intention of going anywhere else.
Value, transparency, support, and authenticity are rare qualities to find in an online platform today.
We are here to stay.

Colette and Philip
MikeAdkins Premium
I have been using WA since Jan 2019. I joined in 2017 but never got going until this year.

Yearly membership makes WA an amazing deal.

Having my own website which was my 1st Goal. I am really happy with my site and would not have been able to do it myself without WA.

The community is an amazing attribute that I think needs to be publicised more, the learning program is great BUT I have learnt so much from other more experienced people who really know what they are doing.

Criticism's = Only one. I follow the learning program slowly and step by step, I follow the course to the letter. I have on a few occasions found that the training provides links that are out of date and have changed since the training was 1st written, I have always found a way around these minor issues but being a careful and slow learner I have found these occasions to be a bit disconcerting.

Overall I am VERY happy and feel like I have made a great choice.

PastorDre Premium
Now that I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate all I can say is my knowledge about online business, Search Engine Optimization, Keyword Research and content writing has gone to new levels. Wealthy Affiliate has over 1.2 million members and is growing daily. It is the only online platform for affiliate marketing that let's you have a FREE membership at no cost.

If you have thought about starting an online business, getting into online marketing, learning more about SEO, or just want to take your knowledge of affiliate marketing to another level, then Wealthy Affiliate is the place to be.
OrgainITGuy Premium
Wealthy Affiliate has become much more that just a place to learn about affiliate marketing. Its a home away from home where all the people are full of genuine caring and help. From my 11 years experience of being part of this immaculate conception I have never been more excited than NOW! What I am and have been witnessing from the benefits of belonging and engaging in the community with question's and personal blogs, I get the passionate feeling that stuffs about to go boomb!

Wealthy Affiliate has taught me to build a website that can stand the test of time and stay well ahead of much of the competition. The ever changing ways that you can expect from search engines are continually taken care of and added into what we learn to ensure we have the opportunity to stay up with the play.

When I think deeply about WA and the concept here. I close my eyes I can picture it to be a perfect place of people Living, Giving and Loving what they do.
JAngele Premium
Could you please reword your phrase "immaculate conception" For us as Catholics this term is reserved for our most Holy Mother of God, Mary Immaculate. Why Immaculate, because being the exception to man(woman) kind, she was preserved from Original Sin because she was to bear and become the Holy Mother of Jesus, the Son of God, our Redeemer.

I hope you will understand our sensitivity for this matter. Wishing you all the best.

J. Angele
KayKeene1 Premium
My WA Journey
I have been looking into affiliate marketing for quite sometime. As a newbie I knew nothing about SEO, keywords or anything of the sort. In February, I signed up to another program which I thought was great. I just felt completely lost and overwhelmed with everything I felt this way because I knew nothing or how any of this online STUFF worked so I canceled my membership. Feeling disheartened I continued to search, I wanted to find something that would actually guide me, teach me from the basics on what I need to do. I came across WA.

I had seen WA before and honesty did not realize that it was free to begin with. Wish I had signed up sooner. So I signed up and started with the training. I was absolutely amazed at how much I had learn't and actually managed to put into action. I wanted to know more. I had to wait until I could afford to upgrade although that took me over a month to do I still continued to run active posts on my free WA sites.

I was over the moon when my site had been indexed on Google that was like a PRAISING moment. I had been telling my husband about WA and he too is just as excited as I am. I was thrilled when I could upgrade and continue training at the beginning of July 2019.

The community have been so helpful. I like that we can help each other with site comments and so much more. At night in bed I actually process what I have done and achieved for the day. Yeah!! Pat yourself on the back. I have not made my first $1 online yet (besides from teaching English) but I won't give up. I will be sure to share my first post when I do make that first $.

I look forward to accomplishing even more in the months ahead! I am so grateful to have found such a great team that can help a complete clueless newbie like myself who knew absolutely nothing. I look forward to the rest of the training and growing.

Thank you WA founders for all your hard work and effort you have put into the training helping others become successful online.
pieleo Premium
You made the right decision. WA is much more than a community. It is truly a FUNCTIONAL FAMILY. Keep working steady and hard. Ask for help when you need it and offer help to your new brothers and sisters when you can.
Friday evenings, Magistudios (aka Jay Neill) does a live training webinar [8.00pm New York time]. You should look into joining us. The past webinars can be found under LIVE EVENTS. You can subscribe and Jay will send you a reminder. You can also, learn a lot from Jay's previous webinars.
Good Luck and
EdwinBernard Premium
I had given up on creating an online money making business because every training company I checked out ended up being too expensive. I did join a few that were at the low end of my budget but they were still a strain. I am retired and live on a fixed modest income.

Then I found Wealthy Affiliate about five months ago. I am so grateful for finding this awesome place. I have learned so much about building websites and setting them up for high rankings in the search engines I have to pinch myself to feel that this is real!

Having a One Stop Shop that provides all the tools and education to build a successful business online gives me a great sense of security. And the cost is ridiculously low. That is great for the members!

The community is amazing. I know why so many quality people join and stay on. It is the founders Kyle and Carson who lead by example.

I look forward to accomplishing even more in the months ahead!

May Wealthy Affiliate continue to provide a ray of hope for individuals who are seeking to become financially independent, for a very long time!


AlfredDvorak Premium
Ich bin erst seit heute vormittag bei Wealthy Affiliate.
Ich möchte alles lernen, was Sie hier anbieten. Mein Nachteil - ist mein Englisch - ich werde mich bemühen, mein Englisch zu verbessern. Ich habe gesehen, dass Sie oft Video-Vorträge umstellen.
Eine Frage: Kann ich die Video-Vortäge auch schriftlich bekommen . wenn möglich übersetzt auf deutsch?
merlynmac Premium
Während der meisten Schulungen werden in den Videos nur die bereits im Text des Kurses enthaltenen Informationen behandelt. Und Sie können den Text einfach lesen, ohne das Video anschauen zu müssen. Sie können sich auch das Video ansehen und das Audio ignorieren, um zu sehen, welche Schritte ausgeführt werden, und einfach das anwenden, was Sie gelesen haben.

Mit Google Translate können Sie den Text vom Englischen ins Deutsche übersetzen. Das ist es, was ich jetzt benutze, um dir zu antworten.

Einige Schulungen sind nur Video. Leider weiß ich nicht, ob es eine Art Audio-Übersetzungsprogramm gibt, das Sie verwenden können.

Ich hoffe, Sie fanden das nützlich,
LethaK1 Premium
Wealthy Affiliate is a great learning environment with lots of support and tools. Since I've been a member, I've had no problems and if I do, I get quick answers right away. You have everything needed in one place and that's why i'm still here because WA is #1 and that's how I see it.
Mvernier1 Premium
I've been w/WA a month; here are a few of my thoughts:
I think WA is a worthwhile enterprise that offers a wide range of services.

From what I've experienced to date, everything one needs is there under one umbrella: education, domain purchasing, support from community members and founders, website construction via WordPress (which may be one of the best, but isn't always intuitive--one should be prepared for at least a slight learning curve).

Second, the community and Kyle and Carson are quite responsive to any questions or comments one may have.

Third, I sense absolute integrity and flexibility from WA (something I did not feel with previous experiences with "Brand X"s).
Example: my payment had a problem after my first month in that I had to replace my credit card, therefore billing info (not) changed.

They didn't curb my account; they didn't give me a harsh verbal warning. They gave me a friendly "heads up!", and a grace period in which I could resolve the payment issue. Turned out to be the new card had to be corrected; Fixed.

Fourth, I can leave, without hassle, anytime I choose. Also, because I own the domain and website(s), I'm free to let the door hit me on the backside--no hard feelings. My creations are mine to transfer wherever, and as I understand, accessible through WA for 30 days.

Have I been "successful" yet with this? No...
I am very skeptical of get-rich in week schemes--they have never worked out for me...this is not a get rich quick thing.

This is a business, our conviction that we can do, given resources and a committed work ethic. We get the resources and support to do so. The rest, we own. Win, lose or draw.

Cynical me, with the previously mentioned, ahem... untoward experiences in this long endeavor in mind:

Consider the enormous cost of a college education to even get a clue. Consider the tools and resources WA provide, as well as support. Consider access to a like-minded community that seems to care...

I am nobody's shill (other than mine-;)

To me, they have been delivering. And with the tools and resource they have provided, my success is my responsibility.
I have to do the work, they do their best to provide tools, support, and resources.

Having said that, WA educated me and helped me get my first website up (link in my profile/bio)--a non-profit, altruistic site for my people. It is always evolving.

I have a belief that if I'm going to start a business, I must start with altruism (hey, just me). It is still evolving, but I am optimistic.

Will I make money with my starter site? I have no expectation of that; it's not (in this case) my goal. Hopefully, the site will drive traffic to worthy organizations--they can take it from there.

Also, I get to (hopefully) hone my site building skills for good causes and my future endeavors.

Yes, I desire and need money. However, as they say, "Money isn't everything."

Will I make money from these endeavors in the future?

Time will tell. However, the education alone is worth the reasonable price of admission (go yearly when you can, save a bunch. I'll be paying off student loans for far less education at several colleges for the rest of my life).

Also, life stress aside, it's interesting and fun, unlike the job I have to return to next week.

In summation, I'm impressed and pleasantly surprised. So far, I feel it an investment well spent.

Bear in mind the following, however; you will not get rich overnight. Heck, like any business, it has to be born, nurtured, and attended to...and a few (and I do mean a fairly reasonable amount of ) $ along the way.

All visions and versions (business models) require dedication, constant learning, faith, research, and action...

Do you want this? In whatever form, Get busy. Be prepared and Be patient (it's gonna take at least a year to my estimates). Be organized (a weak point of mine). Be realistic. Learn. Optimism helps, too.

I believe. Thanks, WA.*

*I am not associated with WA beyond having an account and domains from them. I am merely expressing my personal opinion of my experience to date. 6/7/19.

WA - i just joined and i count myself lucky to be given some training to help me along the way and know the 'how' of earning online,Thank you Kyle and Carson to everyone out there who will assist and help me along the way.

How long does it take for someone to begin earning online?
feigner Premium
it takes between 3 months and a year - depending on niche, work, and mindset.
this is not a guarantee that within that time you will definitely start earning, but following the training here over that period will give you a good chance.
but it is impossible for anyone to say definitely how long till you are earning.
good luck with your online journey
JosieAlison Premium
I signed up for premium at the start of this month.

I've loved the journey so far, but did find that some of the videos have been old and a little harder to follow, because of the change in systems as things have grown and improved - it was occasionally hard to work out where the new 'buttons' were because they are now different to what was shown on screen.

Also there are a few minor things here and there that have been missed in the training - like what things we have to do to manage to get into the affiliate programs - such as are we advertisers/publishers?

Or even before this stage of training - understanding that being indexed on google is about the one thing in this age of technology that doesn't happen immediately. A friend of mine was indexed immediately for his very first post... and it took me over a week to get indexed for my first 7 posts - I nearly gave up because I thought I'd done something wrong, but didn't understand the time frame that it can take (I did eventually get indexed and there was nothing to worry about, but for those moments...…)

But the community here is fantastic! Everyone is genuinely helpful and amazing!
YumaBloggers Premium
Indexing can be worrisome in the beginning but Google is good at getting to us all in their uniques last comes 3rd 40th comes first and first is in a week later. Instead of the Dewey Decimal system, Google uses the Doing What System. LOL
JosieAlison Premium
hahaha it was certainly worrying - and everyone was very reassuring, but because the time frame wasn't brought up in the training, I couldn't help but worry!
Tirolith Premium
Wealthy Affiliate is The only place to learn the internet at a decent price and with honesty all round. Many members tell their story in WA about their losses reinforcing my Opinion I am and you too can be on the right track as a winner in WA. It is your investment in yourself with many WA friends to keep you on track.
Hello everyone, I am just getting started on here. I love the way y'all put the site together! It's easy to search thru the site and definitely easy to get answers. I'm going to try my best to get to the top, but if anyone has any good advice or pointers they could share with me I'm more than just prepared to listen!
Mia-Koda-01 Premium
WA are awesome! I actually have been told my neurologist that I have brain damage due to an illness, yet WA have made learning business building easy. Everything is so in depth and everyone supports each other. That is wonderful to me.
I have been duped and disappointed so many times that I almost gave up and just became depressed so thankyou WA, and all the wonderful people involved here. :D

Much Respect, Peace.
Rich908 Premium
After many unsuccessful attempts to understand the world of Online Marketing, so-called gurus making empty promises of making a fortune was enough to make my head spin. I was about to give up when a member of Wealthy Affiliate respond to my question.

The rest is history. I am in a place where learning about Internet Marketing is so easy to understand and explained. I owe a debt of gratitude to Kyle, Carson and my sponsor (You know who are ) for the support throughout my years with Wealthy Affiliate.

A special thanks to those ambassadors and members of the WA community who have come to my rescue time and time again. I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate it's not only good for your wealth but I assure you Wealthy Affiliate is good for your health.

If you considering signing up - do so now! it would have been the best decision you ever made in your life

lady-luck Premium
What I like about wealthy affiliate is there is actually a console that you log into and everything is right here that you need to succeed. Also other members and help if needed. Not just ok here you go figure this out on your own type of deal that I've been dealing with since I've Ben trying to earn as a affiliate for the last 1yr and 1/2 with no success. I think it's a great program. I think my benefit will be seeing actual progress in starting a niche or niches and seeing actual real life results and actual real life income. I've been with wealthy affiliate for 4 days now.
SildeMarins Premium
I am struggling to understand the process of learning
i started but I am not finished my boot camp lessons yest
i hope to get ahead soon
Thanks you for all the countless lessons !
As soon as i figure it out the learning system will be able to able to review it
Triblu Premium
Thank YOU Kyle & Carson!

The Wealthy Affiliate community reminds me of how it was with a small group of us who back in the early 90s were learning on our own to create websites when there were no instructions to be found anywhere on or offline.

Each of us would share with the group anything newly discovered, and I counted myself very fortunate to have been included as part of that small group.

What Wealthy Affiliate has done for me is to provide me with quality training so that I can increase my income to whatever level I wish, along with making a very large group of knowledgeable people available that help to keep me advised of any major changes that are happening online.

In this way, I can make the necessary changes to my website, making it possible to maintain a highly ranking website.

The one main thing that I have learned in my few years of being a member at Wealthy Affiliate is that the only thing holding any member of Wealthy Affiliate from being successful is their self.
pieleo Premium
For over 10 years I wanted to get into Affiliate Marketing. In the summer of 2018, I took the plunge. Signed up with one organization. ('only $99'). Shortly after, they were asking for $15,000 to get access to their 'totally fabulous program' and more $$$ for seminars at faraway places. My response was NOT.
Then He helped me by guiding me to another AM program site. It was weird - the Patriarchs seemed to really care. The others in the program acted like a family (concerned about their brothers and sisters in the program).
The teaching was thorough, easy to follow, but the cost was ridiculous. Having wasted $99 on the other program I decided to try the new one. What could I lose? It was FREE to start and only $19 for the first month. Then came the asking for more $$$ - the massive amount of $49/month. Easy decision - Bailout and run? NOT!!!
In Sept 2018 I gave my card info and became Premium. BEST DECISION I HAVE MADE IN A LONG TIME.
As a former educator I can say that the training, website building format, and everything at Wealthy Affiliate is by far the best. It is truly a Family. The Patriarchs Kyle and Carson really care about the Family and the brothers and sisters are always ready to help.
Premium Member (and LOVING it)
Ragman1 Premium
I totally agree with everything you said
pieleo Premium
Thanks, Robert,
I had some medical challenges that hindered my working on my farm and could not devote the needed time to WA. My ranking went from less than 2700 to nearly 49,000 in 4 months. Now I'm back and have gained back much of my former ranking. Shows the importance of staying consistent.
Ragman1 Premium
I know what you mean My ranking has slipped from 275 to 3000 but I'll be back.
pieleo Premium
Love that Positive Mental Attitude. You WILL be back and soon.
Amesters1216 Premium
As far as I can tell so far its been a GREAT experience... Granted this is my third day. so it might be too early to tell but people are honest and helpful. and really I am truly hopeful to get us out of debt.... yes it admit it me and my husband were totally stupid when we were younger. we just keep on going. granted I by no means am saying that im perfect cause no one is. but I learned my lessons and moved on. I really want this to work. its all about DETERMINATION...
Amesters1216 Premium
and I am bound and determined
Ragman1 Premium
Sounds to me like you've got it. Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate and nice to meet you.Wish you the best of luck.
Ragman1 Premium
I just wrote a long reply and accidentally hit the mouse pad with my thumb and erased it all so I will try again.
I started here at wealthy affiliate as a complete beginner and have learned a ton of information. I'm only having one problem I don't find the tags that Kevin is showing in the demonstration they have all changed and they are really hard to find. It seems to me like you had a lot more choices and control boxes in the old style you were using.
I spend most of my time trying to find the same choices Kevin is demonstrating. They are not under the same tags.
DaveF1 Premium
I had joined WA couple years ago as I had joined many other online ventures until I gained more knowledge on use of computer. Sitting at a table for even 15 minutes was real feat for me, as I'd been sole owner house painting business for over 35 yrs. and very active physically.
I am a physical wreck from work as well as car an motorcycle accidents and falling from ladder. I had to really work hard to be at peace with self and comfortable enough to write whats on my mind to express myself. Do to my injures I've had to seek Chiropractic help and message. My chiropractor of 25 yrs. is my chirrodaddy that has brought me through many difficult and painful times as well as get me interested in using computer.
When I joined WA 2 yrs past I had filed for bankruptcy and was awaiting foreclosure of the home I had build up through years and it was very nerve wrecking times and very hard to settle down and take time to learn to expand from there.
I was never quick at learning nor good at reading, but I knew I had to make a change or fall behind and fade away. I have watched WA videos over and over and am fascinated by means of which to implicate an affiliate business through the simplicity portrayed.
I am so enthusiastic I want to get on with it and invite as many as I can to this wonderful business.
Many thanks to Kyle And Carson for bringing to play
gbmarketing Premium
I love your dedication to this business and I can see with your dedication you will succeed. Just take your time and implement what you learn and you will make it. Good luck in your future.
Ragman1 Premium
I can relate. Sounds to me like you have it whipped good luck.
pieleo Premium
For over 10 years I wanted to get into Affiliate Marketing. Recently I took the plunge. Signed up with one organization ('only $99'). Shortly after, they were asking for $15,000 to get access to their 'totally fabulous program' and more $$$ for seminars at faraway places. My response was: NOT!
Then I was guided to another affiliate marketing program’s website. It was weird - the Patriarchs, Kyle and Carson, seemed to really care. The others in the program acted like a family (concerned about their brothers and sisters in the program). Having wasted $99 on the other program I decided to try the new one. What could I lose? $19.
I found the teaching was thorough, easy to follow, but the cost was ridiculous $19. Then came the asking for more $$$ - the massive amount of $49/month. Easy decision - Bailout and run. NOT!!! I had seen the quality and thoroughness of the teaching and help provided by members. I may be a little ‘crazy’ but not stupid.
I gave my card info and became Premium. BEST DECISION I HAVE MADE IN A LONG TIME. I’ve been with WA since October 2018, my first website is built and expanding, I’ve bettered my ranking rapidly by following what they have taught, and have enjoyed every minute with this Family.
As a former educator I can say that the training, website building format, help from others, and everything at Wealthy Affiliate is truly the best.
Many here refer to WA as a community. To me it is more of a true functional family. A frequently seen statement to new ‘family’ members goes something like this; “If I can be of assistance, Private Message (PM) me or contact any of the community.” You will be amazed at the help you will receive from this Family. They really mean it.
Premium Member (and LOVING it)
bethekoch Premium
I really appreciate an opinion of a fellow educator! Thanks for sharing.
gbmarketing Premium
A very good description for WA and a good review. Yes the "Family " can be very helpful. Like you I joined many programs and courses over the years but nothing compared to WA. Just remember for the $49 you also get 50 websites and free hosting plus the support 24/7 and the very helpful "Family" where else can you get all that. Elsewhere you could be paying up to $249 month and I do know of some that charge that much. One program I belonged to was $97 month and got nowhere as much as I get here so easy to see which one I took. Best decison I made!!! No question !!!
Rich908 Premium
All I ever wanted was to design my own website and earn a passive income. After many years of false starts and empty promises, I am pleased to announce that I have achieved both.

What you are seeing now is my very own creation of a website. I am so proud that I can actually design a sleek looking website and so can You.

All this would not have been possible without the co-founders Kyle and Carson. Our Master Coach Jay. I love their work ethic, their honesty and their integrity.

I give special credit to our amazing members who have been so supportive. I most certainly would recommend Wealthy Affiliate to anyone seeking to build an online presence
silverwings Premium
My favorite thing about WA is that you are never alone. I'm not at all techie and there is so much to learn but what WA gives us has it all. There is always and answer and there is always someone there to help you find it! I've accomplished more here in the four months I've been at it than in the last 15 years with other platforms. I don't feel I could find a better place to start!
gbmarketing Premium
Glad you have found your "Home" As always if if you ever get stuck just ask. There is always someone here to help. Good luck with you future.
silverwings Premium
appreciate that!
MLorenz1 Premium
This training is more intense than any other I have tried. Because I am not very knowledgeable with computers, it is taking a little longer to accomplish each lesson. But, I think you are doing an excellent job with the program and having every member help each other is a plus.

It's always good to hear from your peers with suggestions/advise.

JAngele Premium
Hi Kyle,

I had been with 4%, where the training is excellent, but takes much more time to get into it than here. The cost is the same, but your platform offers all that is needed. For example, the training, the classrooms, getting started, wordpress, websites, how to develop them and so much more..

It is also fun, to interact with so many people all over the world, to get to know them, their friendliness.... They are of such a variety. I love variety; in people, product, experiences, and more.

I appreciate the 12 years you have taken to develop your own skills, and now share with us the best of everything.

If you would like me to add more to this review, just let me know.
JAngele Premium
PS I just joined WA this year in September.
gbmarketing Premium
You journey has ust begun. Dont rush and take everything in and you will be successful. Do the tasks as set in the lessons and you wont go wrong.There is always help at hand . you only have to ask.
Vickic3 Premium
Hi Kyle

I joined Wealthy Affiliate on June 12, 2018, and I am so impressed with everything offered her for people to create and build an online future.
The training is exceptional and the extra pieces of training, tutorials and advice from members who have knowledge is incredible
The only thing I find a little frustrating is the blog posts that have nothing to do with WA in any way as I love helping people and commenting with answers and words of encouragement plus of course celebrations of success and I feel this should be what blogging here is for

I intend to keep building my businesses here and also helping people to learn and utilize the amazing tools WA provide

Thanks to you Carson and the tech team, you have made this possible for anyone who has determination, focus and is open to learning a true opportunity to be successful
Thank you
Ragman1 Premium
I agree except I've been using my blog ,I guess you could say to vent or let someone know when I'm having a hard time.
HenricoEllis Premium
I must say... here is what impressed my. The fact that went a member messages me or leaves a comment. I usually look at the date they joined.

From the dates and years members have been here proves that platform works. Everyone reaches out to help.

In my experience people don't stick around if they are not making any money...

With that said I'm encourages all new premium and starter members to follow may leads and eat, drink and sleep Wealthy Affiliates and stick with it.

The golden nuggets I've receive from the training is well worth it.

Talk Soon
Hello Kyle and Carson, Just a thought if you guys can just let the machine program it all and organized it itself and let the machine do all the work, like the funnels, just feed with emails, names, and phone numbers and products and set to go to funnels, I think that's best instead of you all waste time constant searching for more solutions and ideas, plus you get more people lure into the program to join, its a slow process and I think complicated old ways, My be 75% from 4th training class let the funnels do it, then your minds more peaceful and you can get more and more advance style or ideas to get your system farther vivid scenario to create more in short cut ways, the shorter formula the faster solutions gets answer and solve, I think simple and quick jobs saves time for everyone and jobs gets done and you will have more time with family, what do you guys think ????
Triblu Premium
Your comment is too difficult to read printed in all CAPS like that Fe.
Jim-Bo Premium
gbmarketing Premium
Dont shout
Ragman1 Premium
I kinda like the way they have it set up now, more personal. I like that hands on approach.
EKaye1 Premium
I have been on Wealthy Affiliate for 4 months and began life as a premium member in my first week. I knew very quickly that this is the real deal. A wonderful community spirit where you get so much help and pick up more knowledge. The training is second to none and is like going to university, but better.

At the moment I have a fully working website that I am proud of. Because of WA, it has been so much easier to be able to get connected up with people on social media and get feedback and comments on my website, these people are members on here. Google loves to see interaction on your blog posts.

The founders Kyle and Carson are always about to welcome new members and answer any questions, which is great. They have created a truly amazing platform that not only helps you to start your own website on any chosen subject but goes deeper into how to advertise, create affiliate links to be able to earn a commission when someone buys the product you have reviewed and connect up with people.

With hard work and in time, I believe I will make a success from my website and be able to make a continuous income with the help from Wealthy Affiliate in the future.

So I really recommend you join up and experience the fantastic help and support, the powerful training and to be able to use the popular wordpress platform to create a website. Going premium has a lot of benefits and is great value for money.
gbmarketing Premium
Very well written . post it to your blog as a review and add some your WA links to monetize it. You could even get some sign ups from it.
Glad you are enjoying your stay here and carrying on with the training. Keep it up .
EKaye1 Premium
Thank you Gary, that is a good idea. I can add it onto my Wealthy Affiliate review on my website.
gbmarketing Premium
Now you are learning to take action on what you have learnt. Good luck.
I haven't done much with my sites . I have been too busy with training and helping out here where I can. You have given me a renewed vision so you have helped me in return Thanks and carry on with what you are doing.
Ragman1 Premium
All I can say is totally.
Ragman1 Premium
I've been here a while but I just started taking it seriously.
JohnsonSam Premium
I have been here a few weeks but from time to time become stuck in one place unable to move forward. I am getting better at navigating since the site is developed to take you forward from multiple number of places.
I am very happy with what's on offer here and will be sticking around till I conquer.
MelaniLukito Premium
Consistency and persistence are the keys. You have the great attitude. What part are you stuck on?
Ragman1 Premium
You and me both.
JohnsonSam Premium
Hi Ragman,
There is something that I learned a long time ago which helps me deal with challenges and I am going to share it with you.

People often think having great knowledge and skills will set them apart and keep them ahead of the rat race. The reality is very different from the blinded belief.
What set's people apart is often down to attitude in abundance before knowledge and skills.

Stay on track and I am sure your destination will become clearer by the day.
Best wishes.
Ragman1 Premium
Hey thanks those are words of wisdom.I'm giving it hell!
Chaelia Premium
This is my first week, I'm a starter member trying to follow the steps and find my way around. I like that questions are answered, no matter how silly I may think I am for asking a particular one. There's a warm and open community here and I wanna be part of it to learn and to get all the help I need and return that help along the way. I just need to dedicate the time to reap the benefits as time goes by, as there's a plethora of knowledge here relating to earning online and being my own boss and potentially "setting up shop".
Ragman1 Premium
I know isn't it amazing.
Igor13 Premium
Been a premium member for six months now in a consecutive way, as well as a member before already, but in a way and matter as now.

Now, I decided to become and stay a premium member for as long as I can!

Why did I decide so?

Simple said, because, finally I recognized the value of WA!

WA offers many benefits. The founders Kyle and Carson built up the comprehensive online system and the platform easy to use and to implement in daily online marketing activities. Engagement is of big importance within WA as well!

The knowledge and support you get in WA is outstanding, always up-to-date, accurate, straight to the point, fast,
Ragman1 Premium
I agree.
RAFStuart Premium
Been a premium member for just over three months. Having over the years tried a number of get rich quick schemes, let us teach you to sell, high quality training promised. All of which were nothing short of give us your cash.

I found WA by chance, as it was free, no credit card up front, I gave it a try. So very glad that I did, appreciate that this is what I need to get me back on track after being scammed of all our cash. It will take time, but the support from my fellow WA members, or the family as I call them has been nothing short of awesome.

Have one web site up and running with others in the pipeline, all thanks to this site. There is so much training offered that I doubt if I have scratched the surface.

I am so impressed that I actually speak to people that I know are interested in the inter net, and suggest that they give it a try. This is not something that I do lightly.

Best wishes

RAFStuart Premium
You are so right.
Ragman1 Premium
I do the same.
phakacha8 Premium
I've been here for a YEAR PLUS now and what impress me so much as I learn Affiliate Marketing from this platform are:

1. The Incredible 24/7 Live Chat FREE access given to all members for clearing their confusion is the Top-Notch advantage not found anywhere or the RAREST if any.

2. The Training Courses - Certification & Bootcamp are made so easy that even my Granny can follow with ease.

3. Technically speaking, I mean in the Internet of Things(IoT), we're ahead and our founders leave no stone unturned to keep themselves updated through Research and an 'extra eye' for not being left behind their counterparts.

4. There's a sense of Unprecedented Support Attitude in every member of the community irrespective of old or new here, and this attitude makes the old members coming back after they left. Supportive Attitude of WA, in my opinion, had been founded, pruned and moulded in such a way that no one can actually stand before THIS without giving back for what had been received. Wola! This is freaking awesome! This makes even the hardest heart melt- this makes Wealthy Affiliate an Internet Giant with the Good Samaritan's attitude. CONGRATULATIONS Wealthy Affiliate!!

The rest attributes are found elsewhere too.

Thanks for sparing your valuable time.

DianeWehi Premium
I have been in WA for a month.
I have experienced great learnings. The training is easy to follow. The community is supportive. Answers to questions are quick. Welcoming is so caring. A diverse lot of people, with very different ways and opinions, coming together as one to create their dreams. To uplift each other. WA community are my kind of people.
I have grown as a person. Belief in myself is getting stronger.
Believing in my dreams are possible.
Thank you Kyle, Carson and the WA community.
You Rock!!!

Di :)
Ragman1 Premium
Yes and you ROCK too.
Winedot Premium
I have own an Office Furniture Dealership for 38 years and have watch it slowly crumble from a Million Dollar Company to barely feeding the family any longer. Far too many changes in the Office Furniture World to continue fighting the good fight, therefore I must find another slower, and less straining business. I have built three websites over the years and have always liked doing it, so I thought I would investigate Affiliate Marketing. I want to congratulate you two young men for your foresight, and your ability as well as knowledge of the online sales. I have spent the last four months trying to find a way to get into the affiliate market to no avail. I have spent a lot of money for nothing and today I fine you, so perhaps god decided he needed to step in and help me. I have 7 days a week to dedicate to learning your program and after I learn, I will help others to learn. I fought in Vietnam, lost my hearing to a Mortar, and am fully handicapped with the VA paying me for 100 percent damage to my body and hearing, but I see good, and my mind is still sharp, so I feel that this time, I will be operational by the end of next weekend if not sooner. Thank you for this opportunity and God Bless you, America and Semper Fi.
jtriola69 Premium
So far I am hopeful this is something real. I'm still in the infancy of all this and that skeptical part of me is still hanging on, but I've researched this a lot before I came to WA and all roads lead to the fact that it's a totally doable and legit way to, at the very least, make a good income working from home. I am not afraid of hard work by any means, so I know I have that going for me, and all the keyword research for all the topics I want to cover are all in the perfect range for competitiveness. Would I also be able to post a review to my site? It's in the personal finance niche but I plan on reviewing some making money on line ideas also, so it would fit.
gestracker16 Premium
Joining WA is probably the best decision I have ever made. I have only been here less than a week and had absolutely no prior experience with any of these programs. Going through the training programs and just listening to everyone's knowledge on different subjects I have learned a great deal so far. Thank you to everyone for all your help and support I am very grateful to be a part of this community. I only wish the 1st month premium discount offer lasted a little longer I live paycheck to paycheck and those come every two weeks.
jen23 Premium
I decided to try affiliate marketing after watching a childhood friend gain financial independence,travel the word, enjoy amazing beaches while working on his laptop.every time I saw his Instagram page I would think to myself:what if i can do it too?
I've spent months researching affiliate websites never finding the level to support and information that i needed,most of them were incredibly expensive and expected me to already have a successful website. Wealthy Affiliate was exactly what I was looking for,support,step by step explanation and a platform with all the tools an online entrepreneur needs.
It's great!
Vanesa82 Premium
Hello everyone, my name is Vanessa, I'll be in WA for a week, I'm new, in a week I've been here, and I've learned a lot, things I had no idea that existed, so I decided to make myself premium ... now I hope to learn much more, I can only say that I have loved everything I see here and everything I am learning ... thanks
PinkCreative Premium
So far I have really enjoyed it!!

my life seems to be if fighting my success and so each day. I have been watching motivational speakers and it has been changing my thought process in my perception. I am in such a place in my life right now, that I've got to believe the good things in life and iv got to speak them out loud. So that I can change my mind and I my thinking especially, my subconscious to believe that I would deserve to have my heart's desire, and my dreams. And that there's a possibility even,. To believe that they have showed up in my life, in such a way that I have had a hard time believing it. Or even believing that something so good, like my dreams or my heart's desire, that they could even be a possibility. And that I would even deserve them. For I am a very hard worker and I have raised 4 of the most amazing young men in the world. And I've been told, that because of these amazing four young men that I am amongst the wealthiest women of the world. Because in some parts of the world I've been told that to have a male child is everything in that Society and to have four of them is absolutely astonishing. And I have been stopped it out in the community that I live in, on many occasions and been told this buy a different person every time.
I have enjoyed the website from the aspect of the interaction amongst other people that are doing the same thing. And perhaps from all over the world. but that we share a common Bond here and as we learn and by encouraging one another and helping one another we intern are helping ourselves.
So I have found that the website is refreshing and the idea is fantastic. The first hour that I was a member the members on this dashboard, did absolutely nothing but welcome me with open arms and welcome me with information and tips and resources and encouragement. And I love the fact that they have that to give away and to share with me because they've experienced it here.

So this week I had become determined to not allow my life to interfere with my studies and my work, I must get done.
And I am starting out with nothing. I even had to borrow the $20 that it took to renew for another 30 days. I have zero income and I have not worked in two years. Or I should say at least I have not worked for someone else in 2 years.

I want to say thank you and I am looking forward to the challenge of success. And thank you for even making that a possibility! My heart's desire and my dreams are possibility and they are attainable and most importantly I am worth it!
Rich908 Premium
Make one decision today and become a Premium Member. You have the most amazing training at your finger tips. I have learnt so much since I became a premium member.

You will never believe the confidence and competence you develop and you make progresss with your website daily basis.

The Founders are hands on guys and it goes without saying, You are never going to find such a strong supportive community online.

If you are willing to put in the hard work, do the training.have faith in your ability, have patience . You can and will earn a great passive income
TamiG1 Premium
There is good value in WA.

The things I like best are the website building platform (Site Rubix) is set up nicely. Jaaxy is a great idea and I am glad there is a good option that comes with the membership. Also being able to host 25 websites (+25) is one reason I feel good about this program.


The first lessons are great but as you get further into the training there are fewer tasks and it seems like a lot of filler. Nowhere I have heard "take the time to write good content and then continue to the next task". I feel rushed to write posts.

My biggest problem is finding the answers if I ask a question. The questions get pushed along and if they are answered I don't see the answers.

I also get discouraged because I was hoping this would all go faster for me. The content I write is not as good as I want it to be. With 2 jobs time is limited and it takes time to write.


One thing I would like to see is telling people as soon as possible that this is a lot of work, and there is no way around it. It is job training and they need to go through the training to get to the job. Warn newbies that they need to practice writing with keywords, and every lesson needs a new post. Content takes time and practice, and writing content can cause a bottleneck.

A place to find successful sites build through WA would be encouraging. Knowing that a certain percentage of members succeed in their goals. How much time it takes for that to happen.

I have been at WA for a few weeks. It will take me at least 2 more months to set up my websites as I want them. Instead of starting with one website I have 4 which is good practice but slows down the process. My advice is to start with one until you finish the training.
My nature tends to be negative and I have that to fight with too. There are a lot of helpers here that are positive, which make the difference on a bad day.
I am not a geek so often have problems with computers in general but most days WA is easy to navigate.

The End.

Thank you for all the effort you put into this Kyle and crew. I am working as hard as I can to be one of the success stories.
I appreciate your candidness. Thank you :)
Pio Premium
WA is really a "one-stop shop" for any online business builder or entrepreneur whether you are novice, newbie, or someone with advanced knowledge in online business building. You'll get everything needed to build a successful online business; the tools, the resources; the support, the visible and responsive owner and community members, the training, the domain registration, the website builder and hosting services, the keyword tools, the affiliate program, SiteContent, SiteSupport, SiteDomain, SiteComments features, the trainings on social media, Google analytics, Google alerts, how to make money and many more that can help you along the way in building your online business..

It's a very affordable program with no upsells (WA is the only program that has no upsells..others all have upsells which are their downfalls). Language used in the training all across the WA site can be understood by any one regardless of level of computer knowledge or online marketing, with step by step instructions that are simple and easier for people to build what they have learned along. The useful information available on WA is mindblowing!

Overall, what comes across in all of the WA site is the willingness of the owners to make all the WA members successful by constantly updating the trainings etc and by constantly helping out through updated trainings and help available throughout. Same as most members of WA who always help through their comments and training/blogs etc.

I feel like I am part of the whole WA family as I always get help whenever I need and ask. There is a real and strong sense of community within WA that no other similar program has, where everyone is encouraged to succeed in their business endeavors!
JillAlexaVA Premium
Joining Wealthy Affiliate has been a huge and welcome step for me. I have found the people so helpful with all their advice and encouragement. Am still finding my way but am loving learning so many new things. Have always been afraid of using the internet but am slowly but surely losing that fear. Thank you
Dhind1 Premium
Wealthy Affiliate has been compared to a university due to the amount of training that is available and the community that surrounds it.

For me, I feel it is more like an apprenticeship. You are actually building a product while you are learning.

Even after the free level you have already created your first website and graduated to a level, one apprentice.

Every apprentice wants to progress and perfect their craft. The opportunity is there simply by going Premium - the first month is an incredible $19.00. You can take that month and progress as far as you want to.

Each level that you progress through is building your skills until you eventually become a master at your craft.

What you choose to do as you are learning to become a master craftsman is up to you, but the tools are presented for you to earn while you learn and make money from the beginning of level 3.

Wealthy Affiliate is an incredible opportunity just waiting for you to make it happen.
JillAlexaVA Premium
Hi, I loved your comments and agree, it is really like having an apprenticeship. The bonus is having so many people learning and growing and sharing at the same time.
beachwood Premium
Wealthy Affiliate is a "breath of fresh air" so to speak, in a world of scams and slick marketing copy, Wealthy Affiliate is in a league all it's own! I call it the " shiny object free zone" where I can pay one price for a Premium membership and get everything I will absolutely ever need to build a legitimate and scalable business online! There are tons of people from all walks of life at different stages in their online business journey that freely share their experience without hesitation! This in itself is a rarity these days and it is quite refreshing. I especially like the personal attention the owners Kyle & Carson give to everyone and anyone who needs it! Again, very refreshing! I knew after a day or two that Wealthy Affiliate was the place for me and that it was definitely the "real deal" and I upgraded to Premium without hesitation! An absolute NO BRAINER!

I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate to anyone that is looking to build a real business online who wants everything they need in one place for one low price. The training is next level and on point! I have learned more in less than two weeks than I learned in years blindly fumbling, trying to build a business on my own!

My recommendation? Go for it! You will not regret it!

Onward & Upward!

Chris Caldon
JillAlexaVA Premium
Hi Chris, I feel that you have summed up what many of us feel
about Wealthy Affiliate. Thank you for that. Wishing you all success. Regards, Jill
LJacob Premium
Wealthy Affiliate is the place to be anytime anywhere. I would have wanted everyone around me to be a part of this organization but unfortunately some countries are not included in its registration plan.
I want to state that although I am yet to complete my courses, Wealthy Affiliate is my Number One Bet for Online Marketing. What I like most here, the systematic arrangements of lessons, follow up tasks, the vibrant community and the support from the owners - Kyle and Carson are tremendous.
More grease Wealthy Affiliate.
JillAlexaVA Premium
Hi, This is such an exciting journey to be on and I wish you well for your learning and growing. Kind regards, Jill
LJacob Premium
Thanks for your prayers am wishing you all the best of luck here too
TopAchiever Premium
Wealthy Affiliate - Is It Worth It?

After joining Wealthy Affiliate in October 2013, I hadn't realized the immensity of what was being offered and the ever evolving improvements on the platform - and so I missed out on about a year's benefit as a member.

It wasn't until I really started following the training closely and succintly that I suddenly realized that this was a safe place to be in order to create a successful online business.

At first I struggled along because I tried to do things on my own. I clearly remember how I stumbled upon my first theme and struggled for a long time with the menu because unbeknowns to me it had a double menu and I was becoming exasperated as one moment I would have two menus and then I had the one I didn't want... long story short, Kyle came to the rescue and pointed out that it had a double menu and how to go about setting it out.

Many things were not clear to me at first because I didn't follow the training closely and didn't finish each section completely. I discovered why just recently, how it is that I struggled - I had skipped a few steps! If only I had stuck to the course!

It is now 4 years along and after a personal tragedy, I'm back again and making a concerted effort as I know WA works!

How do I know this? I have proven that creating training that is beneficial for internet marketing business online is rewarded and if you create training that people will use on an ongoing basis, you WILL begin to earn a residual income.

I look forward to my websites earning income for me too, as I progress through the training. It has been a long and hard process for me, but I will succeed and you can read of many successes in my blogs and training here at Wealthy Affiliate.

Kyle and Carson are amazing people and they WILL support and encourage you to create a successful online business. I can vouch for their responsiveness to any query I have and they have been fair and honest in all their dealings with me.

One of the most amazing concepts at Wealthy Affiliate is the Pay It Forward mentality that is seen throughout the training and interactions with fellow members and it rubs off very quickly onto new members and I remember how I created a website to help all those whose mother tongue is not English so that they can better understand Wealthy Affiliate!

We aim to Pay It Forward With An Attitude Of Gratitude!

I HIGHLY recommend Wealthy Affiliate and if you have any further questions or comments, I'll be glad to attend to them.

Top Achiever / aka Edu

PS Answer: Most Definitely! It's Worth Every Effort!
jjwilson Premium
I have just joined and it is the best thing I ever did, I was sucked in to all this make money online crap with fancy sales page, mostly with videos forcing you to watch the whole thing before you even got a glimpse of a link or price. I ended up with information overload not knowing where to start, but always seem to know where I want to end up (I suppose this is Dreaming) When I joined here, the penny dropped as all the information and guidance I needed was all in one place, Excellent platform and I have not even done anything yet, I feel accepted and welcome - Thank you

Jonathan Wilson
The concept of WA is brilliant. I mean how many of us spend countless hours on the internet anyway with absolutely no quantifiable return on the amount of time we've exhausted. Well this community has managed to take something so mindless and random and turn it into a real opportunity that people can actually benefit from financially. I am a newborn to all of this as I happily put a close to day one. But even being a first time user I still cannot remember ever working for a company that empowered people the way WA does for its members. I am astonished by the amount of resources and the support network made available to members as early as day one. It has been phenomenal process so far. I feel inspired and excited to see how far I can take this opportunity. Sincerely, a skeptic turned optimist.
Sailorblue Premium
If you had asked me yesterday, I would have said that this is a great site. I have told many people about it. I love the classrooms and the video tutorials. I love that everything is easy to find and you can go back later for a refresher.
The only problem that I have with Wealthy Affiliate is that your customer service sucks! You do not host .ca sites which I did not know until today. You are Canadian and yet you do not share this vital information until a person goes to move their site.
When I contacted support staff they were anything but. 0/5 for customer service! I love the site but am now googling other hosting sites that use word press and I am very upset about having to leave this community.
I asked for help with a work around, maybe forwarding from .ca to a new domain. Support refused to help me with that. Today I feel very ripped off!
ownonlboss Premium
forwarding is an option and can definitely be easily achieved. All you need is to register a .com .net or .org here at WA and register your .ca elsewhere and forward it to your new domain here.

I do believe that WA should look into hosting different extensions here too, have the same problem with some of my domains (got .nl .eu .no etc) The alternative I have for that is called own hosting, not the best solution as I wanted to host the WordPress stuff solely here at WA, but it works out too. Got more .com's then other extensions luckely.

If you need help, I can help you out with the best solution for you. You choose the solution you want for it. I'm sure we will find a solution.
Sailorblue Premium
Hi Steven,
Thanks for that info. I did figure that out eventually, my other site host was not helpful in helping me move on, go figure. It is going to cost me about 20$ more a month but I can live with that.
My husband thought I should choose to give up my wealthy affiliate if I could not host here and that freaked me out for a bit.

Finally, I just put my foot down and decided that I deserved both. I can't give up my .ca and wealthy affiliate is not much more expensive than a magazine subscription or a new book each month. I know it is more useful.

I do appreciate the response to my question though. Hopefully it helps others to.
TCUK Premium
Why the extra $20 per month (I guess from the .ca host ? ) can't you park the .ca at the registrar and redirect here?
Sailorblue Premium
I am not sure what you are asking? I thought I needed to host the site with another company and have them redirect from it. Am I missing something?
TCUK Premium
What I mean, if your domain is at any registrar, just the domain not the site, you can Forward the domain to https:// YourNewName .com hosted here. You simply setup a Forwarding Redirect at the domain registrar.

If for some reason you actually need a website live on .ca than you want to link to a .com version is a different story

but if you want to build the site on a .com here you can buy the .ca elsewhere, don't pay for hosting... just the domain name renewal fee. In the domain settings at the registrar set up the Forward to the URL of your .com site hosted here

in this way you do not need to also pay web hosting elsewhere just to redirect
Sailorblue Premium
I will look into that, Thank you so much!
TCUK Premium
just make sure you really need to do it that way, if a .com works you could prefer to keep it simple and just use the .com without worrying about the .ca and redirect
BRawiri Premium
Hi WA,
I think it's my 5th day? I joined to learn about making money online. I love that training is easy to follow and action-centered, you have to action tasks which facilitate learning and that's the best kind!
The focus on paying forward creates a positive and engaged community. As a newbie I am encouraged to ask questions, I realise that giving the community an opportunity to help me, helps the community too- very cool.
You say you are invested in your community, I see proof of that every time I log in, especially when I look at the airplane button. That you would reward affiliates in this manner is mind-boggling. And speaks volumes.
Working through the program, task by task. I'm going to smash it!
emerald860 Premium
Hi Kyle. I've been here over 5 years now. I actively looked for a place where I could learn how to build websites and make my own money so I could leave my a job I hated. That's how I found WA. I stayed at the Starter level for quite some time before becoming a Premium member.

The skills I learned here gave me the skills and confidence to apply for a web administration job in my area. I was offered that job and was elated until the company ran into problems and laid me off. But I still work for that company as an outside contractor.

I now find it very easy to converse with people about hosting, domains, niche markets, building Wordpress sites, creating content, SEO, etc. All of which I learned right here.

I've enjoyed getting to know people in live chat, following people, and asking and answering questions. There's so many people here with different skill sets. And they are all willing to share their knowledge which is a big plus. So I have to say, I've been very happy here and plan to continue my membership for the foreseeable future.

I've proved to myself that I can make money with a niche site. I've had some Amazon sales so I know the system works. I just need to focus more on the "rinse and repeat" part! ;)

What I like most about being here is that the skills I've learned are transferable skills. I can use them to build my own business or to get a bricks and mortar job. I've proved to myself that I can do both!

LKerkhove Premium
I am still building on my foundation to start.Klickfunnels so fantastic but to work with these different of them, it's now a days more useful in the affiliate marketing (more than a website)after all , still you have also working on this to stay up to date
JanoH Premium
Useful, thank you Alanna! :)
phakacha8 Premium
I joined WA on the 06/16/2017 a few months ago. Free Membership, being not available for my country compelled to signed up straight for Premium Membership. Remaining for a month on Premium Membership was awesome. The support I received from senior members was matchless. The training I received from WA was exactly the kind I had been looking for too long.

Fully excited with the stuffs I had found in WA, a whole month's stay with it was like only a week long and so I signed up for the Annual enrollment.

Aloha! listen to what I cannot say. WA is simply amazing. The supportive community, the affordable entry fees and the step by step guide to making you a real online pro are the coat-of-arms of WA.
So guys, if you are looking for a business online, come to Wealthy Affiliate University and be benefited from 850000 strong members who are ever ready to guide you and change your life.
bill808 Premium
I've been with WA for five years. I'm a cautious type. I hung around for 6 months trying to figure out where the scam was. During that time I built my first website (free) and made a post for which I was soundly scolded for spamming. I couldn't figure out why warning someone of the danger of a 9-volt battery starting a fire was spam so I hung around another 6 months trying to figure out what was appropriate. A year in, I finally went premium.

I never found the scam. The help I have gotten here both from members and from the formal training has been superb.

I have built several of my own websites and a bunch of websites for others. I get a retainer for maintaining those sites. I've set up an opt-in list and an autoresponder. Very slowly, I am building my list. I have a lot to do to tweak my sites. Too busy working on other people's sites. Traffic to my site is not as much as I want probably because I have not been consistent at adding content.

I have not figured out how to establish a working relationship with any other WA member. While I have been able to do well building and promoting other people's sites I am yet to make an affiliate sale. I've dabbled with JVzoo and CJ but Amazon and Asana have refused to make me an affiliate. They won't tell me why, but I assume it is due to inadequate traffic.

I have joined a mastermind group that specializes in helping people who are in job transition plan their new careers. I recommend affiliate marketing as the best business model for anyone who wants to start their own business. I help progressive politicians organize the IT side of their campaigns and work with associates who are more familiar with the traditional methods of campaigning.

None of this would have been possible without the basic knowledge I learned here at WA.
Kaiker Premium
I have been in WA since Dec 2016 but I have been procrastinating for several months before I actually really took action this year.

There were tonnes of online courses, community, and platform out there which has caused much distraction. In the end, I had found my clarity and purpose and determined to focus on WA platform to build my business.

Wealthy Affiliate is a place where same minded people gather together, sharing the same goals in helping each other to succeed. I have attended lots of paid courses that cost thousands of dollars just for 3 days course, most were more of fine tuning your mindset and teaching you the basic foundation.

What attracts me to WA is how the learning course has been well sorted out, easy for beginners, as well as the whole integrated platform for people to be able to start an online business right away!

Folks here are really helpful and willing to give professional advice, which is very valuable.

Most important WA made it affordable to people who are unable to pay for a huge amount of cost to join the community.

You won't see any kinds upsell of additional marketing strategy, software or tools from Kyle, Carson or WA, which is very common for other courses.

WA has inspired me a lot and it gives me clarity and understanding on the law of attraction. By continuously giving and helping people/community to be successful in their business, it creates a sense of fulfillment, a meaning in life, and purpose.

For me, I will stay on WA for as long as WA is around.

MDobbs Premium
Well today is my third day. And I have been working very hard. The information that has been made available just with the free training through wealthy affiliate is absolutely priceless. I am amazed at the amount of readily available information here. I know that I will be able to create a lucrative business using the techniques that I am learning with this program. The positivity in the encouragement that you gain from your network here is absolutely contagious. It spills over into every other area of your life. At least it has for me. Thank you wealthy affiliate.
Bibian2 Premium
I am here for barely 7 months. I have learned a lot. Everything here is perfectly kept easy and simple. If I get problem today and ask the community, I will get the answer if I don't I will go to the support team where seams to be my last resort. No matter how long it takes I believe the problem will definitely be solved. What it needs is patience. Problems has grade depending on the gravity of the problem. I so much trust WA for my success in this my online business.
DShensky Premium
I've been here a little over 6 months. I've had my own business for 30+ years and used online marketing for as long as I've had a computer(11 years) and I've still learned new things here. It's also given me the opportunity to test training programs and get feedback from current members. Technology changes so fast there's always new things to learn. I have multiple websites and can dock them from 1 location
Skizix Premium
I've only been a part of Wealthy Affiliate (WA for short) for about 4 days and I immediately saw the benefit of going premium. I also got involved in WA based on the straight-forward, honest approach and the ability to start for FREE! Who does THAT?! Needless to say, once you "test-drive" WA for at least a day and see all the training, coaching and caring community of like minded people that are eager and willing to assist you, it becomes a no-brainer.

The only part that I was leery about at all, was why would a successful duo create a website and community that will teach you exactly what they did to become successful? That was until I read their posts on why they did it and saw how generous they are. Oh and the fact that there are over 2 + billion (with a B) people online everyday, and with almost 1,000,000 members to this community, there is plenty of pie left for everyone to benefit from and get a piece.

Thank you Kyle and Carson for being who you are and doing what you've done.

SEE YOU in VEGAS 2018!!!!

"Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars."
-Norman Vincent Peale
Skydancer1 Premium
I Joined Wealthy Affiliate Dec 2016 Having had a bit of success previously with other forms of online commerce, However I spent years looking in several places for different information like web development or Keyword research or how to get ranked organically rather than just doing Pay Per Click. Having done that I can say that there is nothing else like this program anywhere.

The training here at Wealthy Affiliate is Truly World Class,and all under one roof you get web development, niche marketing , keyword research and step by step training to show you how it all comes together to make a sustainable online business. The Video Webinars are Amazing and Spot On, So much more as well since members create training to share their skills and experience as well, so literally any question you have is answered by searching for it in the portal or posting a question to community.

Wow What a community, with a pay it forward approach the community helps each other and always has your back, You wont find this large of a community with this much help available anywhere else. We all benefit from each others experiences to create our own destiny online. Direct access to the Company founders is a huge plus as well.

It even gets better. The Information here is updated frequently to help members succeed and not just take their money. For example the new Site Content tool is revolutionary within the industry as it will be updated with even more benefits, Just Launched last month(6/17) it is another example of how Wealthy Affiliate is Leading the way in the industry and remains the Gold Standard of All things Online Marketing
AdaU Premium
Wealthy Affiliate is like home based for me, l feel quite comfortable here learning what l don't know about.
The Training and Tools are quite great to follow through.

Its really amazing how one can acquire knowledge over certain things through learning and practice.

Frankly, l got to learn words like SEO, KEYWORDS, RANKING, CONVERSIONS, DOMAINS, NICHE, just to mention few here in WA.

The step by step courses remind me of my college days, l feel my brain refreshed going through the courses here.

Well l must say that information is success, what you know and how to do what you know leads to a lifetime success.

Welcome on board Successful people and l wish you all the best in life.
eternalstar1 Premium
Your videos are insightful and helpful. This isn't my first wordpress site; however, this is my first time venturing into monetizing a blog and affiliate marketing and WA makes it so easy.

The step by step tutorials have been paced nicely and don't feel overwhelming. I'm also so excited that once the foundation is built, that the learning and growth continue.

Knowing that I can connect to someone in the community for help or guidance was worth the premium upgrade right there. The site support and SEO tools are a huge weight off my shoulders.
dawache Premium
Starting out as a complete newbie in any field ain't easy. The layout and content of the courses here at WA have taken all the guess work and trial and error out of making an online business a reality. What's more is the community is incredibly supportive and there is absolutely no shortage of resources on this platform to figure out the prickliest of problems.

My heartfelt thanks to Kyle and Carson for this wonderful creation.
I like WA, there I get a lot of help. I can see how trustworthy you are, I am very sorry, but I doubt a little bit of WA. When I see a good results, I'll give an extremely good twstimonial.
Also I can suggest to give a testimonial in Russian language, so that people from post-soviet countries could see how cool it is
Mikey1SDF Premium
As a "newbie", it would be great if I could ask a limited number of questions in the classrooms (or elsewhere), just to get a feel of the helpfulness of the group. I wanted to ask about the Flatsome of Kingdom themes, but don't see that I can even ask to see if there is a forum to learn more.

Loving what I see so far though!

Gunnertwist Premium
U can ask as many questions as u like in the chatroom and get instant answers if u are still in your 7 day trial. If not u can ask any question here that u want or u can ask me by going to my profile page and leave me a question there or u can use the search bar above and find training or blogs on your question. Just type in the words that u are looking for and it will display a list of training and blogs related to your question. So ask away my man. :)
Hope this helps :)

Gunnertwist Premium
I joined Wealthy Affiliate in Aug 2016 but due to some medical issues I actually only started 2 months ago in Mar 2017. I came here with no knowledge of marketing, let alone the internet. I knew how to search the web and play some games. I now have my own website and it is already earning me a small income. Plus all the knowledge that I have gained and it is quite a bit.

Wealthy Affiliate is an awesome learning platform that to me is second to none. There is a vast amount of training and information here to draw upon. The community here is very lively (live chat room), and is incredibly supportive and there is a whole sharing of knowledge and information going on 24/7. The training is current and on point and easy to follow. Kyle takes u step-by-step through each lesson and before u know it u are up and running.

The 24/7 Support Team are my heroes, that is for sure. They have fixed all my problems (my mess ups), in no time at all.

Wealthy Affiliate is a complete package, an all-in-one, so to speak. There is everything you will need to be successful in Affiliate Marketing, here. They offer super high speed hosting with SSL security, anti-spam and a whole bunch of other services as well as the all the training that you will require. You get all the tools and support u will need to be successful in your own business.

I think that there is no another platform out there that can compare to everything u get here plus the family like environment u get from the community for the actual low cost of Wealthy Affiliate. You cannot go wrong here.
JeanieScott Premium
Hello! My name is Jeanie and I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate. What WA has done for me has added value to my life. In the past When someone would start talking a bunch of computer jargon I checked out of the conversation. It was Greek to me, and now people are coming to me asking questions. I mean I seriously couldn't even send an email with an attachment. I was always so frustrated when on the computer.

Now! thanks to WA, I have my own website "" with 2 more sites in the works, and I'm doing video tutorials on youtube! Who new I had this in me.The training WA provides has helped me become a computer genius, at least that's what others think mostly because of the community within WA, even if I get stuck I can always lean on them to bail me out. It's nice to be able to ask a question and get 50+ answers in return from others that have been there and give me expert guidance on what to do next. Thanks WA for helping me reach my goals and grow my potential!!!

Jeanie Scott
sstewart29 Premium
It was a no brainer to sign up for Premium membership and I can tell you now if more than one person is saying that it is a sure thing. the training, is some of the easiest comprehensive training I have ever followed- which is super excited. I was not at all savy with website stuff, building one- I had no idea how to even find a link let alone post it to a website. I always wondered how people have fun flashing links on their websites. and I have learned all of that plus more- and I am not even close to being done learning.
Buchok121314 Premium
All I can say is that Wealthy Affiliate is an all-in-one package. All can be found under one roof. For beginners like me, this is a good start. It is god also because you can find here business experts who are willing to help you along the way.

Wealthy Affiliate is truly and highly recommendable so far I could not find any good affiliate marketing program that provides thorough training.

More way to go!
Buchok121314 Premium
Hi I created a post about my personal and professional review about Wealthy Affiliate. I would be glad if you can comment after my post to add up some insights/ reviews about WA. Thanks WA. Everyday is a learning process and I am glad for it.
Doublehaul Premium
Hi jack here founder of my website "I want to work form home full time" and member of Wealthy Affiliate. I am going to tell you my honest opinion of Wealthy Affiliate. what I love most about Wealthy Affiliate is that it allows me to make money from doing what I enjoy and am passionate about.The training videos and content that they provide me with gives me all the knowledge needed to do this .

I am gaining a great understanding of online marketing and how to promote products and services on my websites and other online places i am able to promote them on. i am paid commissions for referrals that I make online. there is so many affiliate programs that i can get involved in to make money online its great. I have gained the knowledge to build websites that i run the affiliate programs through.

what wealthy affiliate allows me personally to do, build up enough money to start my ecommerce business. Gain a good understanding of how to do online marketing. learn how to drive traffic to my websites. connect with people better online and much more.

support and help that i receive and also give to the Wealthy
Affiliate community makes sure that when I am stuck or in need of help, there is always someone willing to help me.

I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate to anyone wanting to make a full time income online.
Chukwunonso1 Premium
looking at wa, it is a good community to join but I am still confused as well. I have built my website so what next? I was assured that I would be carried along all the way but I still don't get some things and would really appreciate it if I'm being clarified.

ericcantu Premium
Don't worry. All you have to do is stick with the training. How far along are you with the Get Started training? That's the green tab on the left. Stick with that, lesson for lesson and you're walked through building your website all the way to content creation and social media marketing and everything else you could think of.
Chukwunonso1 Premium
Thanks Eric. I will do as said. All the best
ericcantu Premium
You too :)
AdaU Premium
good to have you here Chukwunonso, l just started too, but with the help of the Training and Tools am making good progress, just follow through and am positive that you will definitely succeed in this.
all the best.
SylviaMG Premium
I just started with Wealthy Affiliate not too long ago. It seems to be everything that I expected in a business building program and more!

I upgraded to get all the benefits and information on learning so that I may build my business to the best of my ability!

It's nice to have help when you need it! It's always available if you get stuck on something. :D
Olexsandr Premium
Look at my profile if you can tell me what needs to be changed in order to continue working with a rich affiliate
Olexsandr Premium
Many thanks for the help offered.
mbouteiller Premium
I joined with Wealthy Affiliate in December 2015 and it's been a wonderful journey! I had absolutely no knowledge of online business and how to setup a website. I spent couple of years prior searching on the internet looking for ideas on how to make income online and pretty much the ones I had seen offered very little or they were just pure scams.

Today, I'm very proud of my accomplishments of my online business... yes, I have a website!! So much I learned... SEO, how to write content, reviews, understanding customer needs, images, alt text, how to setup menus, how to find quality keywords, etc.

Thanks to Kyle, Carson, Jay and all the members here.. I would not have done this without you! Your tutorials are amazing and very helpful!

As it's been taught here... you need to work hard at it. This is very true. You get out of it what you put into it. I believe in hard work... I've asked lots of questions (68) and had immediate responses back. The nice part, is seeing the successes of others because they're great incentives.

I like how the lessons are all kept up to date with technology constantly changing.

Annual membership fee is very reasonable... I have learned a lot more here than the price I pay annually!

I have absolutely no regrets and look forward to a long relationship with Wealthy Affiliate and the members here!!
OwainCouch Premium
That's great to hear and very inspiring. Something I need right now.
ownonlboss Premium
I won't write my review just yet. I have not either started on my nr #1 recommendation page on any of my sites as of yet.. and that's for one reason: I want to first see the formulae working.. I need to see a 'success' that I can be proud about and can blog about here.

After that I will start promoting WA fully. And sofar I can blame myself for not having achieved that yet. Absolutely not blaming you guys.

But as far as reviewing negatives goes... I'd like to point out that saying in the comparisons that it has 50 websites is a little faulty.. its 25 siterubix subdomains and 25 own registered domains.

Doesn't stop one from running a VPS next to WA though and running another 50 domains ;-) Nor does it stop us from owning two WA accounts to have the double.

But as far as misleading marketing goes, that is one of them. I didn't figure that one out until after I joined WA premium.

Other than that I believe that WA promotion shouldn't go into the direction of overpromising or blacking everyone else. I am sure there are a lot of scammers but we cannot compare apples with pears and I have seen a lot of that happening on Bootcamp related affiliate sites.

Other than these two things.. I am completely happy with WA! Yes! Really! Awesome hosting, awesome courses, awesome positive community, awesome services, awesome live sessions with Jay, awesome sitesupport. Awesome sitemail. Awesome owners! Awesome key members!

Okay.. perhaps 59 USD per month is a bit steep for most people though. I am a happy black friday WA premium, but that isn't everybody.

And while we are at it: Jaaxy is also steep at Enterprise level. But I will do Jaaxy Enterprise as soon as I make money with my blogs.

As for steep prices: when you make money, it's a no-brainer. At the beginning however, you are not yet most likely.
My opinion of WA, ...I find being part of WA encouraging from the community and motivating from the owner and the dedicated staff of WA. A cut above the usual fast paced expectancy of other web hosts. I am horrible with tech savvy language and application, At other host I've tried I felt painted into the corner of what to do, here at WA everyone wants for you to succeed;
and why shouldnt we?
Its a BIG world out there. Crazy as it is, its our world and our oyster to find the pearl in.
I myself have not upgraded to premium, but Im looking forward to that day.
Thank you WA Affiliates & Kyle & Carson .
DeanL Premium
I have just joined yesterday and only been scanning the content and never been able to follow the lessons properly due to shift work. The content looks good and even for the subscription for premium I think it looks good and reasonable, not like most sites who want 100s or 1000s dollars to see there content and you know they will be hidden fees.

Just scanning over the lessons I think my problem would be finding a niche/something to write about on a consistent basis, especially something I would enjoy and would also make money, but that's a future problem.

One problem I have been having with the site is it doesn't seem to be mobile compatible. I have been trying to look at the contents during my break at work on my phone but the website doesn't convert to mobile correctly and stays at a PC format. Is it just me who is having this problem or have others experienced the same thing?
RandyL1 Premium
I have accessed my account on my Iphone 6S and it works fine. Not sure what kind of phone you have but you should be able to access the site. It is harder to see on my phone but functional.
DeanL Premium
It is functional but it is in PC format, where you've got to zoom in constantly rather than it altering to size with it being on a phone like most sites do. Bit picking really, good site from what I've seen
ownonlboss Premium
I agree with you that the site isn't mobile friendly. But I manage it with zooming no problem to read stuff.

But to be honest, this platform is to be used on a bigger screen.. when you want to write stuff and research stuff you need to work with mouse, keyboard and big screen.

For the tutorials you can use mobile as well, although you have to zoom in. But most tutorials have video's so that shouldn't be a problem.
WLG Premium
Wealthy Affiliate is the platform that will transform you from a want-to-be to an established OnLine Marketer. I researched and purchased quite a few business offers online and most was CRAP! Nome produced the results promised. One day I received an email from one of my Representatives from my Pet Food Business and he introduced me to Wealthy Affiliate.

At last, I had found exactly what I've been searching for to have a Legitimate Presence on the Internet. Wealthy Affiliate not only gives you the needed tools to succeed, you will not find the training, support, and comradeship that is Wealthy Affiliate anywhere else. This is my link, please tell me what you think.

I Pray that Our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ Continues to Shower His Abundant Blessing UpOn Each and Every One of You and that He Keeps His EverLasting Arms Around You Always!

To God We Give The Glory;
I Always Praise His Holy Name;
Hallelujah and Amen;
Your Brother In Christ;
Very cool website William, how long since u created it? Have u had any success with making money yet? I just signed on tonight & trying to find out the most I can. I'm excited but don't want to be sadly disappointed IF I can't be as successful as I'd like. I'm hoping for the best and wanted to just let u know I checked out the link and thought it was pretty good :) Best of luck to U!
WLG Premium
Hello Karmalou,

My site has been up and running since August and yes I am getting referrals and receiving monthly commissions. Thank you for your warm response; if I can assist you in Any way just let me know; ok?

I Pray that you obtain the success you seek and that Our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ Continue To Shower His Abundant Blessing UpOn You Always. Your days be too numerous to count and your path be both Financially Rewarding and Pleasant!

To Our LORD And Savior, I Praise His Holy Name;
I Give All The Glory To God;
Hallelujah And Amen;
Your Brother In Christ;
JMeiden Premium
I am having a problem in that I can't seem to get anyone to address a problem that I am having with the rubix site domain. Part of the problem here is that calling this a domain is incorrect. It is a subdomain which is under the control of and 'rubix' is the domain.

How can I get someone to address my problem and lead me to a solution which is to change the subdomain (rubix site domain)?
magistudios Premium
Hi John,

For clarification, it's domain and not

I personally think calling it a domain is fine.

If you wish to change the URL of your SUB-domain, then the easiest path would be create a new one and dump the other one.

Jay (magistudios)
WA Live Training Coach
CraigG1 Premium
This platform provides everything you could possibly need in starting an online business -- especially if you're a newbie. But there's so much more, because seasoned marketing veterans can benefit just as well. For sure, Wealthy Affiliate is a thumbs-up proposition. Glad to be here. Looking forward to earning and learning.
WLG Premium
Amen Brother Craig-William
ALFRED5230 Premium
Honestly speaking, I'm grazy about this community ever since I was exposed to unsuccessful online business and lost a lot money before. Wealthy Affiliate is the number 1 contender for me. I've got a successful website and domain through WA and I'm now only 2 months with the community but its like years now. I love simplicity, love and caring within the platform, more than help as requested and opportunity to explore online adventure.
Thanks to Kyle and Carson
MelaniLukito Premium
I am enjoy learning about online marketing in WA. The advantage are : a lot of information sources not only about make money on line but many topics ( from member website) . I love the interactive communication among community members, the sophisticated system, the expert but humble leader, caring and sharing culture. I had been learning since Januari 2017.
Nicky72 Premium
I am so grateful for finding W A, I've struggled for 2 + years trying to figure out certain things and within days of being on here I've made my own website, understand about simple things like niches that didn't seem at all simple before WA.
I Love the simplicity and how easy things are to understand and how everything is done in steps.
There really is NO way this wont work for you unless you don't do something right yourself.
All the answers and help that I need are here and I will be around for a very long time. I love it.
Thank you Kyle and Carson for such a great site.
iscool78 Premium
You couldn't have more help, training, resources or support anywhere else if you're planning on building your business online. WA is the answer to the question: How do I do what I love and make a living out of it?
Thank you Kyle and Carson for putting this together and be there for us.
Hakinator Premium
WA is the best platform there is, you learn how to make a website /online bussines and everything behind it. Even somewone who has never made a website before and is a complete newbie at it you've made a site in just a few lessons. And if you're struggeling with something you can always ask the community and in a few minutes you have some comments back from them. So a nice and helpfull community too.
Daymo Premium
There is no doubt in my mind. Had I found WA 5 years ago when I started looking into online marketing, I would definitely have a very well established online business by now.

The training is set out in such an easy to follow way that you will not get lost, side tracked or overwhelmed.

In the off chance you did get stuck on something, spending less than a couple of minutes on Live Chat will get you the help you need.

Words can't really explain how Highly I Recommend Wealthy Affiliate. It's perfect to get you going with your online business journey.

Thanks So Much !!
JackieParker Premium
I cannot say enough good things about my experience at W/A. The community is so helpful and kind... Plus I hold Kyle and Carson in high regard because of they way the run the business. Kyle is available and responds personally, which is something that impressed me. The training is top notch and everything I needed to know is right here. I'm always happy when I have a chance to tell someone about Wealthy Affiliate!
vercmb Premium
I have found WA and all the affiliates extremely helpful. Being retired recently from 40 years in the medical field I was looking for a fun and rewarding adventure, Wealthy Affiliate has given me that. The training is superb, Kyle, Carson and all the affiliates are always there to answer question and give advise to us "green Horns," The training is concise, thorough, well organized and given in a way that is easily understood by a novice, Thank you WA for giving me this opportunity to a challenging and rewarding second career.
angieina Premium
Hello all!
Well, I have been with WA for less than a week but am already very impressed with the site. Having looked at various ways to make money online ...and been extremely disappointed, I feel there may be `a light at the end of the tunnel` ! It is early days yet and I know I am going to have to work at it being a complete novice but I have hope .It is a very friendly community ,at which, I am enlightened.
Hi Angie! Did you start working since the beginning of the training or did you wait until you were done? I'm wondering, since I just started...
angieina Premium
Hi Ana , Yes I started at the beginning by following the lessons and gradually built my niche. It does take some understanding but keep at it and eventually things start to make sense. If you get a problem with something ....just ask the community ! no matter how trivial it seems. Always someone will help you or point in the right direction.
I have to leave it for the moment as I have a situation within my family where I need to devote my time but I hope to resume in the future.
best wishes, Angie.
Thanks Angie
AndrewChhour Premium
Wealthy affiliate has 'life changing knowledge' that gives you the opportunity for success. its given me hope and new life. i have been here almost 2 weeks now and its helped me become more happy, and teach me how to connect with others better. i also have been learning to write more because of the content making and it was something i never thought i would do ever again, after leaving school at 15.
LouisaB Premium
Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to start at, and with all sorts of possibilities. There is a great and wonderful community here. Everyone at WA is working on their ultimate goal for success! There is no place like this that give you everything in one package.
Continued Success To You!
DanKenneth Premium
Hello dear friends. I am glad to have joined wealthy affiliate. Its close to three weeks since I joined and also upgraded to premium. The experience here is awesome. I love the training and tasks given through each. These have helped me achieve a lot. The community is so helpful and to the founders Kyle and Carson, thanks for the inspiration.
It feels like I have been around for so long because of the much I have learned in so short a time and yet more is ahead.
This surely is the best online business one can do
agnesmarshal Premium
Hello my friends and WA i like to give thanks to the Community support for helping me through my 7 months of determination in moving forward step by step in this awesome Epic journey, the experience is great slow but still moving forward that still count for your effort i'm still excited about WA and this community definitely no excuse not to move forward after all the answers are there we need to read and search for them or ask questions this is so cool ... catch me if you can, come find me
Lbath5 Premium
Wealthy Affiliate is an amazing site to learn about marketing on the internet, even if you are not of the techie generation. The training is easy to follow, but if you do get stuck there is always someone to help you along the way. As a huge bonus you also meet incredible people from all over the world! This is not a get rich quick scam, but an honest classroom you as the student can apply to your very own website.
I am very pleased to have stumbled upon Wealthy Affiliate and believe you will be too.
Thanks for being here
Jbookbinder Premium
Monday Nov 28 I begin to learn as much as. Possible ,in get on the internet but I need to be the one who need to be on other side of internet.yes I know so many ripoff sites ,just trying to get your money,i realize here is a place to learn and get help
Frenchfries5 Premium
I love my interaction with WA, it has been great value for me. I am able to work at a pace that is comfortable for me, without intrusion and I am able to get help when I need it. The only thing I would like to see is a service that offers one on one consultation when I get really stuck. The list of previous training and the community/support are helpful, but sometimes everyone is busy or no one knows the answer. Question isn't answered promptly. This happens rarely so it is not a show stopper for me. I have created an amazing website. I can see that this can become a real business for me eventually. The training is great and it is so extensive I haven't had time to even begin to tap the full potential - my New Year resolution.
peteredw1 Premium
Nice summery Michelle, totally agree with you points on what would make it better. Sometimes the live chat, the questions disappear before you read them, it would be great for a separate chat box, when you are answering a question.
strongbrezze Premium
WA totally changed my outlook on how to become a successful entrepreneur and telling the truth about the hard work that would be involved. I had a business where not only did you have to pay for the monthly fee (understandable) but also all of the tools that would make you successful (not understandable). WA offers more what seems like for less and anybody will win with that attitude because WA offers what should be offered...the heart first!
ciao molto piacere ho bisogno di aiuto non riesco ad adare avnti non so cosa fare riesci a darmi una mano grazie
shinae1978 Premium
Before i stumbled upon WA, i was on other sites that claimed they would help me get started with the online business but the price was pretty high and just from one link i was hooked on WA. So far i have to say I'm pretty impressed with the support you get from the members as well as the founders. They are all so friendly and caring.

Im excited to see where this takes me!
ArtByHeart Premium
Great! Keep it up :-)
LindaSMcRae Premium
You are among many friends here that share your enthusiasm!
Wishing you much success!
shinae1978 Premium
thank you! Definitely keeping to it!
shinae1978 Premium
Thanks Linda! thats what so great about WA..Everyones enthusiasm and determination to succeed here on WA. It definitely helps to keep it going when you are motivated and inspired by others.wish you the best!
LarryLozada Premium
I found WA to be the most amazing site compared to other affiliate marketing courses online due to the amazing community and lots of tutorials.

The only thing I'm concerned is that people from the Philippines cannot avail the free membership and the first month of $19 discounted price. I hope Philippines will be excluded from the list of countries that cannot get the free membership.

I have more reviews of WA here. Both Positive and Negative reviews about WA:
solidwalnut Premium
I believe that there is something greater at work here at WA than just building websites and friendships. What is also being built here is my courage because I am in complete control of my new online businesses, and I have been given the tools to realize this great personal freedom.

The great mystery of getting your pages ranked by the search engines really isn't a mystery at all: it's just a matter of learning to be helpful, creative and writing relevant content. The search engines want us to be this way, so we're getting the best education on how to do just that!
LindaSMcRae Premium
Wow! So very well said! Wishing you much success!
solidwalnut Premium
Thanks Linda!
EddieSWarner Premium
The most amazing site, the most amazing friends and network. You think you like Facebook...GRANTED...Wealthy Affiliate makes Facebook look mean to people. They are teaching the skills that you need to get a presence online, build out your brand, optimize for traffic using the search engines, and ANYTHING you can think of about creating and building and running your business online. I don't want to sound too flowery, but they are literally the best thing I've EVER had my head in. HANDS DOWN, and aside from world peace, I can't imaging anything cooler. The leaning here is the best way I've ever seen to learn, it's easy, and will get you results today!
Regibiz1965 Premium
Considering how difficult it is to market on the internet, I see WA as a sigh of relief.

What attracted me most is simplicity with which the tutorials and video training have been assembled. In addition to that, the active participation of members makes it all the more easier.

Although some people are more creative than others, WA is so chock full of information, that even the most passive member can reap some financial rewards at the end.

In my opinion, WA is not created for people looking to get rich overnight, but people who are serious about building a solid business that can yield profitable results for years to come.

The structure is one that even if you decide to leave eventually, by the time you arrive at that decision, you would have learned so much, that it wouldn't really matter.

So in conclusion, after having spent so many years on the internet, I believe that WA is certainly one of the best place to be when trying to learn how to build a business on the internet.
HaroldLngfrd Premium
Hey Everybody,

I've always had a fascination for the internet and I'm always on my computer. I have built some websites for a motorcycle club that I was a member of and like many of you, I've been down some bad roads with the so called Internet Marketing GURUS where their only interest was, how much of my money could they swindle from me.

And like many of you, I stumbled across Wealthy Affiliate by happenstance, I was reading up on a scam about some other company when I saw the WA link. I became a member, but suddenly I felt that this was a scam also, causing me to back away.

To be quite frank, I was so skeptical to get the ball rolling here. But after reading numerous positive reviews from so many sources and after procrastinating for 10 months, I decided that this is where I should be. Actually, this is where I needed to be. So here I am......

And during my first month here with Wealthy Affiliate, I have a website which Google has ranked on page 3; a video which is ranked on page 1. All of this is attributed to what I've learned here so far. The sky is the limit. I enjoy all of the efforts and the feedback the WA Community has given me.

A Top Notch bunch of people who care about what it is that
we're all trying to achieve; Successfully Earning a Viable Income Via the Internet.

The best business decision I ever made..........

Thank You Wealthy Affiliate.
forpat123 Premium
I Love your post. It is true when you come across so many scams you get skeptical about what the truth is and what is not the truth, but when you do learn a little bit more about being an affiliate marketerer you automatically know a con when you see one and wealthy affiliate is not one. When I came back to this site and became premium not only did I learn what I already knew, but I also learned stuff that I had no idea that was out there available for us so this in itself is a win win situation. Good luck to you and have a wonderful day.
HaroldLngfrd Premium
Hey Pat,

Thank you. My skepticism was in full beast mode and wasn't quite sure how to handle what WA was offering me. But I'm glad to be here and like you, there were things I knew from past experiences and some new things I was not familiar with. I hope to fulfill my dreams of making a decent living on the internet with some perseverance and the right mindset. Good luck with all of your future endeavors with WA.

Best regards, Harold
jsmith205 Premium
I am looking for this venture to create a stream, a river of income. For once in my life I would for money not to be of importance. Stay lifted up!
forpat123 Premium
I first discovered wealthy affiliate back in 2013 but could not become a full premium member until this year July 2016. It tells you how much I think about this site to come back to it after being away from it for 3 years.. This website got me interested in doing affiliate marketing in the first place and you never forget about the person who got you started.

I have been here for three months now and the things that I find hard for new members is the fact that you get overwhelmed when you first start.

The welcoming part is very refreshing and it makes you feel good and gives you the motivation to continue on.

The difficult part is trying to interact in all of the discussions, the commenting, interacting with the community becomes overwhelming because it takes away from you doing your work.

I also found it hard to ask a question because my questions were being answered by new members instead of members who know what they are talking about.

New members are learning just like me so how can they answer my questions. Also, the part that just made me so frustrated and caused me to not participate anymore was the comment section.

People would ask you to leave a comment and then they would turn on you after you left the comment. Nobody seems to have a clear understanding about this comment leaving situation and it needs to be clarified. Other than that I am so happy about what I have accomplished so far here.

I will not let anything stop me from accomplishing what I set out to accomplish here. Yes, these lessons are hard and yes you can get overwhelmed, but when this happens you have to take a break recoup and get back to the task at hand.
IAnum Premium
Hi, its a very good idea for w.a to continue seeking reviews from members:

the idea of w.a being for beginners is okay but there are a lot of subjects for advanced members that do come up from time to time. it will be good to add or label some of the topics as 'advanced'

2. the system should be changed so that a member returning after a month should not be welcomed as if he is completely new; his previous records should be synched with his new entry. there could be a flag or notification for members that Mr or Ms X is returning after a month. however those who've been away for a year and over could be welcome anew.

3. it would be good to have input i.e posts on various subjects from the popular seasoned marketers that one could always refer to. as it is we do a lot of reading and research on our own- it is not easy for new members to teach others who are as new as themselves.

4. alternatively qualified staff could be brought on board to help members with some of the answers. most members tend to want to concentrate on building their businesses as well help with the community here. it will also be appropriate to know other staff and what they do behind the scene

5. it should be made easy for members to pay monthly or yearly, whichever is desired. members should be made aware of problems with payments systems, if any. at times it appears as if going yearly is the only option

6. members can be given a certificate of participation upon completing all the modules.

Hope some of the above changes will be put in place asap.
I have been a premium member for just over a month now and absolutely love it. I have been with other programs and they have always left me disappointed with confusing tutorials and hard to follow steps but especially with the support. Sometimes I would be waiting forever, not so here. I get answers in the Live Chat room within minutes. The training available is huge, Video classes are invaluable but what I love the most is the WA community. Everyone is so eager to help and support each other. I have written a review which I posted last night, its already at the "Number 3 spot on Google" for the keyword "Wealthy Affiliate Review" I got there just by following the Certification Course and the Affiliate Bootcamp. This was all due to the A Class Tutorials which I followed step by step, I consider myself to be an internet dummy but am really getting the hang of this. I can't believe that I've only been with WA for a little over 6 weeks and yet this has produced more results than the last 12 years with other programs. I already have paying referrals even tho they did say it could take a few months before you start seeing any money coming in. I will be sticking with WA for a long long time.
Thanks Kyle & Carson
I Love you guys and the WA platform.
It Rocks!
Milton Kadler (aka Kadlak)
New Zealand
Greetings Milton, I'm a beginner and I HUMBLY REQUEST? Can you be one of my coaches to help me to BIGGER THINGS?!?
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janaP Premium
I have been a premium member since the end of July 2016 I love Wealthy Affiliate it is the #1 choice in my opinion you have all the support and tools you need to be successful right here at Wealthy Affiliate, I recommend this program to anyone who wants to become successful with Affiliate Marketing you have come to the right place!!! Here is my link to my review on Wealthy Affiliate: