I just read your profile again and have three questions:
1) You mention the reader adding you to our buddy list. I could not find a buddy list area. Is this no longer a feature on the WA site?
2) What is a buddytalk?
3) I created a profile before becoming premium here and really did not get very detailed with it. I am wondering if I can edit my profile?

Thanks for all of your help!

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glycogen Premium
I AM part of your "buddylist" because you are following me and I am following you!. Does that explain it enough?
mackiejw Premium
The people you follow and follow your back is 'your buddy list'. Access it by clicking on the BLUE dingy, 5 over from your image, next to the airplane.

To edit your profile, click on the little white arrow below your image. You can figure out the rest, I surmise

Rich908 Premium
Never heard of the buddy list but there is the follow me members
pahr53 Premium
Thanks Rich,
Fitmomuv3 answered my question below. They used to have a buddy chat but did away with it to adopt the blogging communications and messages below to replace the old way. Kyle still mentions it in his profile and when I read that I tried to figure out how to communicate with him via that method.
Best wishes,
booklover2 Premium
click on your pic in the upper right corner and go to settings and you can edit your profile there, scroll down to edit pic or profile message and click there
fitmomuv3 Premium
Paula, Likely his profile was written when these were used here. I suspect with the growth of the site, they had to make adjustments. Now you follow peoples profiles, and can always send them a private message. There are so many people here who can answer questions, you often don't need to go to K or C.
Now Kyle, time to update that profile! :) S
pahr53 Premium
Thank you so much for that answer!