Okay, I've got a VERY rough draft of my first site up and running. I decided to start with a WA affiliate site so I can blog my WA experience over the next year. What better way to promote the program than to let people publicly watch me use it? I'd love some feedback on the first page and also the first blog entry:


Feel free to be brutal! I've been in business for a long time, so I welcome harsh criticism as a road to improvement.

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r2ims Premium
Neat looking site.
I am very impressed. You "nailed" it!
Internetgranny Premium
Your 'VERY rough draft' seems to me about as perfect as it can get. As Beverley says, your writing experience and your building websites experience shows both in the speed of building and the quality of the site.
micinqld Premium
Well done!
Like the look and flow.
You have captured the essence of what we all are attempting.
BIS Premium
Barb - You have so much experience and that is so evident from the start.. Love your style of writing - very approachable. I'm sure this site is going to be a big hit and lots of people will enjoy watching it as it progresses.