Hello, everybody. I am thoroughly enjoying building my website here on WA. My worst problem at the moment, other than lack of time to work on it as much as I would like is in driving traffic. If you have a few moments, please take a look around my website, www.ilovefloridaislands.com. If it doesn't interest you, I understand, that's why it's called a niche, lol. But, if it is a topic of interest to you, I would love to see comments, questions, and suggestions on my pages. I will answer them and work on the suggestions as time permits. I would love to see more traffic, and more comments to help me narrow down my focus on affiliate links, blogs, etc. I appreciate all of you!-Julie

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mrswareagle Premium
Oops, sorry. I will go ask the proper way. Thanks for telling me...I didn't realize.
MarionBlack Premium
You can ask for feedback on this thread
ToLiNoLi Premium
Thank you for helping out here Marion. A+ as always. :))
ToLiNoLi Premium
Please remove your link in this blog, it is against WA regulations. You can add your website in your profile on the bottom right and refer to it in your blog.

Thank You.

(you risk being defined as a spammer and you could get blocked because of it.)

See this posting about regulations here: