The Keyword Content template expects 1000 per page -- how important is that? My first KW page is sitting around 650, and I can see another hundred words or so, but I don't see geting it to 1,000 just by filling or stretching.
What's the community's experience?

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accad Premium
To the readers they don't count what they read, they are just interest of the points you want to deliver. When they get what they wanted to know that fully satisfies them. Just feel you are the reader as you write.
Melissa901 Premium
It really depends on what your niche is. But it also depends to make sure that you fully have your topic covered. The more the better but as long as you got it all out then it should be fine.
JamesJB Premium
As Jeannine rightly said, there are different opinions on this. It seems that Google likes really long articles much more than shorter ones.

If you are in a very competitive niche, a short article doesn't stand much hope of ranking with the heavies.

Stuffing words to make your article longer can backfire as it might not offer quality content for your readers...
JerryMcCoy Premium Plus
I do 1000 or more every time
JeannineC Premium
There are some differing opinions on this. I don't see a value in forcing other words into a post just to increase the word count.

Are there any other points you can elaborate on? Any definitions to explain? Any relationships to other keywords you can tuck in?

If not, I wouldn't stuff words if it was my post.
tobocrs Premium
Good suggestions, Jeannine. Thanks