Hi Guys and Gals, I had to get a new debit card this past week. My Oct. payment for my monthly premium had already cleared on my old card. I recently got a new one with a new number. I have already updated my payment method here at WA. So I should be good to go for WA to withdraw my monthly premium out each month on my new debit card.
When I bought my domain here at WA, I set it up for autopayment each year for my yearly domain fee. That was set up on my old debit card. Since I have updated with my new debit card, will my yearly domain come out on the new card?

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VictorF22 Premium
Yes, I believe it will be taken from that new card. As long as you bought your domain through WA, you shouldn't worry about it.
You will get emails as you approach the year anyway.
Good luck!
johnnyfaulk1 Premium
Hi Victor, that is what I was thinking, but just wanted to make sure. Thanks for your help, johnny