I tried to search for a .ca domain name on WA and it said it was unsupported. I've gone to GoDaddy and see that the domain name that I want is available. Will it integrate with WA if I buy it and point the DNS servers to WA?

I just want to ensure that the .ca domain will work with the WA website I create. Thank you.

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keishalina9 Premium
hey hi Laura & welcome to Wealthy Affiliate Premium!

Good question and all questions are good ones here!

Here's a discussion thread with a definitive reply by Kyle

"As stated, although you cannot purchase .ca domains here, you can absolutely host them here. Simply update your DNS (nameserver) settings as mentioned above within the place that you purchase domains, and you will be good to go."

and also a helpful instruction by Marion, in setting your DNS settings: All the best to you for every Success, cheerio .... :)