I have an exisiting domain at namecheap. What are the benefits of moving this domain to WA in lace of keeping it at namecheap and just refer to WA with DNS?

And where can i find the transfer code if i would decide to move to WA?


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LauraFuller Premium
I am not familiar with Namecheap, so I don't know the comparisons.

I suggest you look at what WA offers for hosting compared to what Namecheap offers.

Also, you are premium and pay for the monthly fee already. If you pay for Namecheap, it will save you money to move it to WA.Go to your dashboard and click view all websites at the top right. Then click on details at the bottom right of a current site hosted by WA, provided you have one with WA now.

If you do not, then, please PM me and I will send you a screenshot.

Johan1974 Premium
Are domain registrations included in the monthly fee or will this be added to the fee. Otherwise i do not see the benefits of having a domain with WA in place of refer to your own provider.

Maybe i am missing something i would like to hear.