I signed up to affiliate programs and disappointed that my accounts suddenly closed by Amazon, Rakuten, pepperjam networks!
I spoke to my personal coach and was given great advice and moving forward would you just sign up to other affiliate programs and try reopening accounts later?
Has this happened to anyone? Is my website a little thin? what's the best thing to do here? It's very off putting...

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DianeScorpio Premium
Hello from Nottingham! Are you saying your application was initially approved and then terminated? Or were you not actually approved in the first place?

Typically, most affiliate programs will inspect your site and expect to see lots of content, (at least 15 posts), everything original, (nothing copied and pasted), and an Affiliate Disclosure in place.

Amazon are the exception and usually accept all new sites.
Farah20 Premium
Hello from Glasgow! I was not actually approved in the first place... I only have around 8 posts in my website so I think I just signed up to early and I do not have an affiliate disclosure in place yet, I have not done the training for this part.
Oh well I'll Just carry on with content writing.
I still think Amazon should've approved my site.
Thanks for confirming Diane!
Speak soon.