A big hello to all,

1. Introduction. I followed the step by step instructions up to the end of lesson 2 level 2, where I got stuck with a problem I cant solve by myself, neither with the help of a few other kind members of the community. I now ask again to see if someone can possibly lend a helping hand.

2. Quick background :
a. I first created the initial 3 pages in the previous lessons (Home, about me and privacy), plus content for about me and privacy as told.
b. In further lessons, I created a few more pages, and re-organized my menu as told.
c. I then created some content for the other pages, of which only one page was populated with the content, but the others not. ( I repeatedly clicked the update button, but no luck)
d. Currently, I cannot get the content to appear on my home page, plus 2 other pages (When clicked on them, it says "Nothing Found").
e. I think I have followed all the prescribed steps, but maybe I slipped up somewhere ?

f. I tried creating a support ticket, but that page (in my case) does not allow enough space to pose my whole question... it does not expand further down)

3. Request : Please be kind enough to inform me of the following :
a. Is there another way to open a support ticket ?
b. If not, can you put me in touch with someone I can contact direct to explain my problem ?

c. Are there maybe some of you out there that can offer a solution or some suggestions please ?
d. If all else fails, should I delete everything, and start right from scratch again ??

4. Relevant info :
a. Site URL : http://howtobuildyourowngardenshed.siterubix.com/

Thank you very much.


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AngelaSmith1 Premium
You can send a pm to Kyle/Carson.
jiran777 Premium
Hi Theuns! can you go the Pages section again in your dashboard? then on the left side you can see the pages you created. can you put a check on the box where the missing page is found then click add. now that you have duplicate of the two, please remove the old one. after removing, update it then check your site. please check in your end. =))
solidbase Premium
Hi Jiran, Thanks for the advice. I will go do that right now. Many thanks.... I will report back here after I have tried it.
solidbase Premium
Jiran, Here's what I did :
a. In WP dashboard, clicked on "pages" and was presented with a page showing all my pages. (See screenshot 1)
b. Looked for the "add" button you mentioned, but did not see anything, except "add new" at the top.
c. When I click "add new" it just opens the page where you have to create the whole new page from scratch.
What am I doing wrong ?
Thank you
jiran777 Premium
HI Theuns. You are not doing anythng wrong =)) Now try going to Appearance then to Menu then follow everything I i told you from my previous reply. Please check in your end. Update me =))
solidbase Premium
Hi Jiran,
Thanks buddy, it worked !!
Some comments :
a. Previously the "main page" which was empty until now, was called "home".
b. I have not yet deleted it.
c. Is it wrong to have my main page labeled as "home" ?
d. If I need to delete it, where and how do I do it ?

I am now going to try your steps with the other pages that have the same problem.
Many thanks and I will stay in touch to report back.
jiran777 Premium
Hi Theuns! =))

Depends on your taste but personally, i think you may want to customize the name instead of the default 'Home'. You can do that by going to the Page section and click quick edit. Hope it helps. Update me =))