What's needed to become a 'Herd-Leader' instead of just a 'Herd-member'?

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MPerron Premium
Because it is much easier to follow, then to lead!
It is much easier to blend in, then to risk standing out.
It is much easier to do nothing, than start something!
Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

It's a personal choice to exist in the status quo, but they are always resisting the flow of change, instead of going with the flow of chaos.
I say embrace growth and change and risk being an instrument of change, instead of a tool for someone else's machine.
dickw Premium
Hi Wally,
I think that for the most part our subconscious has been programmed from day one and largely by age eight. If we become aware of this there is a ton of information on reprogramming our minds. The difference is that some will seek out the solutions and some will not......Dick
wb5yjs Premium
- A person's current circumstances exist because of what is already in their Subconscious as the TRUTH. And more of the same will be attracted & accepted. Thus the future is determined by the present.

- For a change to occur, the mental fact which is responsible for the current Results must be identified & modified.

- It is the conscious knowledge of this TRUTH which will produce the Desired change.

- By holding perfect Ideals in mind, perfect conditions can be manifested. Train the mind to see & realize only the perfect TRUTH.

- Thought is creative & the TRUTH is the highest & most perfect thought anyone can think. This will eliminate undesirable conditions.

- The current Subconscious may contain falsehoods from the past which are perceived to be the TRUTH. These falsehoods must be modified, eliminated & replaced with the TRUTH.

- Become aware of previous inheritances. Fix any that are not your TRUTH.
Larry_T Premium
To tell the truth, building a website is a hobby for me. If it becomes a good business, that is just icing on the cake. I know a lot of folks here at WA will frown on that but so be it.
TheCatherine Premium
It's your life Larry and no one not even wealthy affiliate's members have the right to judge it!
TheCatherine Premium
I guess it's not important to most people. Let's not forget we are here to create a successful business, changing the world comes way down the list
Kipps Premium
1. Lack of s1elf-confidence may be one reason. This could be overcome by ceaselessly learning, researching on WA platform and asking continuously inside the WA Community. The more knowledge you aquire tha more answers you receive from online business experts at the WA you will gain more and more self-confidence.
wb5yjs Premium
Hi Kipps. That is a very good answer & I agree with what you said.

Another possible answer may be that 'They' let others do their Thinking for them. And 'They' just follow the Thoughts of the Leaders.

Maybe, becoming a Leader, requires having Thoughts that others may follow.

Every Thought produces an Impression within the Subconscious. Every Impression forms a Tendency to attract other similar Thoughts. This process produces a 'Crop' that can be harvested.

Thought is the creative activity behind every constructive enterprise.

What you have to give may be Thoughts, Ideals, Skills, Goods or whatever you can Offer. The more you give, the more you will receive.

The average person is void of any deep thinking. He accepts the ideas of others & repeats them. This allows a few deep thinkers all the avenues of power & success.

What do you think? ANY THOUGHTS?
Kipps Premium
Thanks wb5yjs for your piece. Below is my 2 pence.
2. Lack of passion maybe another reason.
Passion generate thoughts. Yes, you emphasize on thoughts and the lack of deep thinking of the average person. But thoughts won’t come from thin air. A person with no passion will always be unable to come up with any good thinking.
SOLUTION: Maybe for those who lack passion and have already joined the WA, I would advice them to make WA their passion. That’s the easiest thing for WA members to do, I think. Reapeat the word “WA is my hobby, WA is my passion” every day again and again and make it real. WA is already rich with knowledge. Just read through all topics in WA or do the search on whatever topic you wish to learn in the search box of WA. As one continuously read through all the postings in WA, ones passion will become stronger. The more we learn from others and the more we see what others are doing, ideas or thoughts will start to generate in our minds. You also mentioned “Thought” as “the creative activity”. Here the word “creativity” comes to the fore. In this age of information, where information and knowledge could be acquired free of charge on the Internet there is a level play ground for everyone surfing the Net. But only those with “creativity” will be able to stand out among the many. “Creativity” should be taught to school children for them to be able to survive in the 21st century. How can we help our fellow Wa-ers to become more creative? Is there any genius out there or in here in the WA, who can teach us and guide us to become more creative? Please help! We all will appreciate it.
wb5yjs Premium
- Difficulties arise from confused ideas & ignorance of true interest & purpose.

- Discover the needed adjustment for clear thinking & insight.

- The keener the thoughts, the more acute the judgment, intelligence, aspirations, & gratifications.

- Study the best that has been thought for supreme pleasure.

- Keen thought provides progress & accomplishment.

- Thought concentrated on a positive definite purpose will manifest the desired result.

- The two modes of mental activity are: Conscious & Subconscious.

- Ease & automation occur when the subconscious takes over.

- The subconscious is the seat of memory and controls vital processes plus is our warning system.

- The roll of the conscious mind is reasoning, discrimination, will and impressing the subconscious.

- The character & make-up of the subconscious is the result of what the conscious has fed it.

- Impressions are constantly being made on the subconscious by the conscious.

- A result can be obtained if the conscious can imprint a desire upon the subconscious that is in harmony with what already exists.

- The current mental environment reflects the predominant mental attitude that has resulted from historical interactions between the conscious & subconscious.

- 'The-Law-of-Attraction' is a result of this current mental environment.

- Harmonious-Conscious-Thought can produce Creative-Manifestations if accepted by the Subconscious.

- All 'Thoughts' are subjected to our power of reasoning. When the 'Objective-Mind' is satisfied that the Thought is true, the Thought is sent to the 'Subjective-Mind'. When the Thought passes through 'The-Gate-Keeper', it is no longer susceptible to argument. The Subconscious cannot argue; it only acts. It accepts the conclusions of the Conscious as final.

- The Conscious-Mind is dependent upon the Subconscious-Mind for vitality to support its Thoughts.

- The Subconscious Mind has the duty to carry out the plans & ideas of the Conscious Mind.

- It is the attitude of the Conscious Mind which determines our experiences.

- Doubt, hesitation, fear & all things negative must be avoided.

- Mental-Continuous-Concentrate of your desire is needed to impress the Desire upon the Subconscious.

- Our predominate mental attitude determines the Results.

- The Conscious Mind communicates the Desired Result to the Subconscious but not HOW to obtain it.

- It only requires recognition by the Subconscious to set the 'Cause' in motion which will bring about Results in accordance with Desire.

- Most folks limit themselves to Effects & ignore or misunderstand Cause. Reverse this process & only concentrates on Cause.

- Focus ONLY on harmonious, constructive Cause. Ignore Effects.