Hi I still can not log into my webmail . I get this message Server responded: -ERR Login failed. I sent in 2 support tickets on this already and nothing has cleared this issue even though I was told that it was checked and was working, Also it shows that the webmail address is not secure. This log in issue is creating a problem for me because I have a pinterest account that I can`t get into for the needed information for my account and it is creating a mess. So again what is wrong with the server that I keep getting the failed log in error and is there anything else that I can try,

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feigner Premium
the main problem a lot of people have is double clicking to copy the password - i did it to start with an got the error message.
what happens is that an extra character is added - so hte password is wrong.
count the number of dots in the pasted password.
if you click on the smtp settings button and double click on the top password - pasting that one will get you in.
good luck, i hope you get pinterest sorted.