Hi Folks,

I was wondering what's the point from Action 4 in Lesson 2 of the Online Entrepreneur Certification: "Comment on at least two people's money goals".

As a beginner with no clue whether I'll make money at all, I have no advice to give to any body.

What are your thoughts?

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jghwebbrand Premium
Great question. here is our perspective.

The training is getting you into the mindset that you will want people to respond to your post content on your website. You will want to encourage people to respond. Interaction plays a big role in building your website audience.

In this case the training is helping you to discover how vast this community, there are members like you learning how to make money online, and it also gets you into the mind set of commenting on what others say in the WA forum blog posts.

A word of encouragement always works when one doesn't know what to say.

We wish you much success..
MaxiMos Premium
Hi AmeenD

Basically as you enter into more and more of WA... it encourages your thought process, just like now.

This helps people break out of their shell and become more interactive because business is all about interacting with people or companies of people.

So wish them success in their goals section.
A simple (hope everthing works out for you) is enough.

Also the algorithm within WA will notice you're interacting on the site and with the passage of time your WA rankings and skills will improve along with confidence and much more.

Every step in this website platform WA is a lesson even if it seems insignificant and pointless, its teaching you something.

Hope you enjoy the ride!
AmeenD Premium
Thanks! Your answer makes sense.

There is a social aspect to WA that seems to be highlighted quite strongly and repeatedly.
MaxiMos Premium
Yes you're right.

All the best.
And you're welcome.

Most of us here in WA started without any idea, but like I said, with time things become clearer.

Know this... this platform and community is awesome!

If you get stuck with anything no matter how small or large, reach out to the community here on WA there'll always be someone to help steer you in the right direction.
AbieAJ Premium Plus

Really excellent question.

I'd follow my instincts and discretion, and share away!

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