Is this business only fit for people who stay in the United States, because I come from Uganda?

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Carloeze Premium
It's for everyone regardless of your nation of origin or skin color. You can access it from Uganda. Hope to see you join soon.

AlexEvans Premium
Hi Mazune, WA is a global organization, there are people here from all over the world.

To do business all we need is an internet connection.

We can market world wide.

Being able to reach out like that given the current situation, is unique.

Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate and best wishes as you explore the WA opportunity.
JackTomon Premium
See WA as online business tool and opportunity, which comes at a minimal fee, with abundant wealth of knowledge and support to build your very own online.
And WA is trusted community and use by many worldwide.
And you are the main beneficiary. Hope this help and all the best WA
Hamish58 Premium
You have access gloabally to 2-3 billion potential customers on line, with over 300 million products at your disposal.
It is your business so you are the chief beneficiary if you follow the training and structure your business effectively Mazune🧐
Irishredrose Premium
No! People here are from all over the world! You are most welcome!