So while logging I saw that WA provides 2 free profit ready websites, but I haven't seen any of that, could anyone tell me where can I find this or is this just a marketing gimmick from WA

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magistudios Premium Featured Comment
Hey Ankit,

As someone who has been a member since May 12, 2016 (You) I would imagine you would be aware of this but I am happy to explain.

'2 free profit ready websites' represent the 2 complimentary siterubix websites that are offered to starter members.

This has since been updated to one profit ready websites to ensure new starter members don't get too overwhelmed and can stay focused on just one site.

Is this a marketing gimmick?
Again.. as someone who has been a member of WA for 1,601 days (YOU), I am confident that you are aware that there are no gimmicks here in WA and that profit ready represents that starter members are getting a websites that they can profit from.

Kind Regards,
Hi there, I think it must be an old log before it was changed, as as a starter you get 1 but as a premium member you get 10 sites available to you. This makes sense as you joined as a starter in 2016 . If you are asking about profit ready well I guess they are set up and ready to go you just need to begin adding content so you are not starting from scratch so you now have 10 to create available although that is not advised. I hope that helps. Phil
ankitkanna00 Premium
this is that