Being focused on your goals and daily routines is one of the ways that leads you to success. I want to be more focus on my WA project, ideas and daily routines.

I did a quick look on the internet to find a simple and good free app. There was a lot of apps, but I'd like to know what do you recommend. I know depends what kind of person you are.

So, I'm looking for a simple free app where I will manage all my goals, daily routines and improve my habits.

Thank you for your help.

Have a great weekend!


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Jayne62 Premium
Hi Ziatan, I have tried a few different apps, free and paid, but now I use an online site, though its not technically a goal setting app, it has really helped me as it tracks time I spend on different projects. I have set my goals as projects, then I also set tasks and then I track how much time I spend on each - it has helped me stop just wasting time online and actually get tasks done and goals(projects) completed. Its really simple to use. its called
I'll be interested to see what other people use as well.
Zlatan Premium
Thanks! I will try with your recommendation. Yes I'd like to see what kind of apps othes people use.