Today I read somewhere on the WWW that it would be better to host your site in the country where you live in.The page would load faster and it would be better for a higher ranking.

Do you agree with this opinion? Or is it complete nonsense?

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Seomaster Premium
The speed and responsivness has nothing to do with the country your site is hosted in. WA provides quick and responsive hosting.
MarionBlack Premium
Absolute BS. You website will appear all over the world and you can't have it hosted in every country.
Yenomym Premium
I host with WA. Haven't had a problem so far.
ElwinDutton Premium
Hi Warner, I think it depends on how good your website is optimized.If your images are to big and you have to many plugin that could be an issue.That's what I think anyway.
KatieMac Premium
I am not sure about that I host with WA and have had no problems